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  1. I wd really like to see DJ Jona back, I thought thro august to october he was the best signing of the summer. Hs crossfield passing to winger Wozza (not full back Wozza) was a joy together with his missile throws both were a real danger to the opposition & yes we scored 3, 4, 5 goals.
  2. Going be a tough cpl wks 5 games in 15 days, 4 away
  3. Not sure who the 'loyalty' refers to?The majority of fans appreciate & know what Tom as done for his beloved club, most of whom have been calling for Tom to either start games or come on as a sub (not last 10mins either!!) watching Vale over the last 2yrs. JA seemed to 'phase' Popey out for whateva reason. He has been the best striker at the club & wasn't being played!!!!
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