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  1. They can be very personal, must lead very sad lives creating friction amongst fellow supporters & making hurtful comments about their players, I dont know maybe they aren't supporters and just like stirring things up. Maybe every true supporter should ignore their feeds?
  2. Popey actually said Askey is a nice guy and no1 wants to see ppl lose their job!!!!
  3. Dont comment on here much as it's the same as the social media groups, people who dont like certain staff/players insult them. Staff/players they like are praised or exempt of any negative feedback. Fans moan for lack of communication then moan when the owner and a vale legend and true supporter of the club accept a local radio interview and tell it how it is. Popey clearly felt a bit low at not being able to play and try get 3pts for his beloved club, said that due to lack of playing time felt the captaincy should be for a 'regular'. Nothing he said was derogatory to anyone, he simply put his
  4. I think Joyce tackle was a red, no need to go in there. Definite foul on Popey for their goal & bemused when he gave tranmere a penalty, havent a clue what he saw?? Also 6 mins, really???? Suppose another apology letter is on its way!!!!
  5. My code wouldn't work I was exchanging emails with efl Monday night but still wouldn't register. I wonder if this means I wont get a free pass for the Newport game???
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