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  1. I really enjoyed them too. So much so that I've tried to go back and listen to a few of the old ones. Don't know if its just an apple podcasts issue, but they only have the most recent 100 podcasts available to listen to. I don't know if it's possible for the lads to set the ex player interviews to always be part of the 100 podcasts available, replacing some of the old match preview/reviews?
  2. The past few games I've seen teams pressing us a lot more. This seems to stifle us going forward, not because we're unconfident on the ball when being pressed, but because the players in our system (our wing backs) who would be able to exploit the space that is created by the opposition pressing, are the ones being pressed.
  3. Another good couple of pods - cheers! Only Brown, Clark, Monty and Worrall and Crookes to an extent had OK games. We played like when you turn on a match halfway through, think one team are struggling a bit and then realise that team has a man sent off and are playing with 10.
  4. Enjoyed listening to it - looking forward to the next one.
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