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  1. Stung has just spent the last hour or so reading the town end forum ,stung has read many opposition forums but never before found one so arrogant,delusional and unbalanced ,in complete denial are the Swindon fans .
  2. Stung thinks letting Taylor go will not be to the club an advantage
  3. Stung is still delaying the purchase of 4 season tickets , this move must happen
  4. Stung notes that judging by the response from the people who attended the Swindon game ,both regular and occasional fans ,that there would be an increase in season ticket sales if the switch was made . For the handful who dig their heels in can the club invest in a tardis? Extra revenue from extra sales would outweigh the time travel machine . Stung notes that many of the people who took part in my albeit small survey suggest that one of the main reasons they want to move is based around it being far more family friendly , their purchase of season ticket depends on the move, diehards will buy regardless but this floating can market must be tapped into ( like at EVERY other club )
  5. Stung thinks change in home ends is an absolute no brainer , stungs eyes have been opened and stung doesn't want to go back to the dark ages and medieval facilities
  6. Stung was getting down to renewing the season tickets but felt the need to hang fire , stung was wondering if there and been any movement on the hamil issue? Anyone know anything ?
  7. Negativity,it follows you around thinks stung .
  8. Stung thinks 345,000 Swindon fans would beg to differ😆😆
  9. Stung reports that our batch of tickets has just arrived in stungs mailbox
  10. Stung has just secured 6 tickets in block 126
  11. Stung agrees with the majority that the hamil must become the new home end as there's no way people will return to the stone age railway and bycars
  12. Stung thinks differently , I hope the pyro dogs bring their A game and these pyro wanabee thugs are denied entry, plastic hardmen
  13. Stung thinks something's amiss here, tickets still available overlooking the tunnel in Lorne street ,...............
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