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  1. Just got home. Rubbish evening, waste of a journey, typical Vale… 😆 <ovf censored> me sideways and call me daddy, that’s all
  2. Will be leaving around 3:30 from Oxfordshire... will be nervously checking Google Maps traffic all day!! The M40 is usually a breeze and the M6 Toll will work a treat 🤞 FWIW a couple of Swindon mates aren't happy with some of the comments being given out by fellow fans on social media (i.e. mostly fake/nameless accounts or a minority's attempt at 'banter') and those comments from a Swindon player (they admit the Conroy quotes come across as extremely arrogant and damn right condescending). Most fans of every club are decent people who get as nervous as each other when big games come around...
  3. I know you're talking more on this weekend's game here - but for a wider point on the play offs, too, see Northampton 2020. Went into the POs ahead of Vale on PPG, in average form, comfortably beaten in the first leg by a much better Cheltenham side: 0-2. Turn up at the away leg 4 days later, Cobblers win 0-3. They then went to Wembley and completely dismantled Exeter: 4-0. (In the long run, for this example, you could argue Cheltenham and Exeter have come off better, so there is another conclusion to draw here - but that's immeasurable.) It can, does and has happened when teams who just look down and out turn up out of nowhere in a PO situation. Almost like a complete reset of the season. No pressure in terms of points or other team's results. I'm not saying Vale will do it, or even make the POs at this stage, I don't really know what I think after the last 3 games tbh, but like you say to think we are 'out of it' is utter rubbish.
  4. Top post, in the past if we’ve been on a decent run it would’ve been a ‘typical Vale, get a big crowd and then flop’ sort of expectation but I don’t actually think that will happen. We might not win today but whichever way we’re definitely onto something. On a one off game, this side beats the previous promotion team for me, a striker in his absolute prime, a very good winger in JMW and possibly the goalkeeper aside, the current team is better in every other department IMO. We had some really good players for a time in L1; Grant, M O’Connor, Alnwick, Foley, Lines, but they never felt like our own somehow… Whereas to me it feels as if guys like Pett or Garrity have played for us for years?? Best bunch for a very long time.
  5. Wolves the following season was bigger still. But yes the point stands that it’s a very long time since we’ve been even close to hitting 10k
  6. Yes think that's correct, just before DC got us going in that mad run we went on at the end of the season?? Curle's first game in charge of Oldham at the time I think... Hammered them and somehow ended 0-0, play like that tomorrow and Proc and Willo have a hattrick each🤣
  7. And back on topic! 2-1 Vale. Can see Oldham getting one somewhere along the line but I honestly feel if we play anywhere close to the standard we have recently set then Vale will come out on top. Really hope they stay up after however, decent club who I think all Vale fans should have some sympathy with at the moment. We also owe them one for earlier in the season. Revenge against Sutton is complete, revenge against Salford is complete, revenge against Oldham pending. Proctor and Worrall. UTV
  8. I agree! Advance apols, might be going off topic here, but sod it, Vale fans/attendances need some defence sometimes. For balance, I think it can frustrate when history tells us there is some substantial latent support for Vale out there that aren't (for X Y Z reasons) at Vale Park for a lot of games. Not just talking about the Rudge-Horton years but even more recent history shows this... some of the crowds in MA's first spell (Shrews on a Tues night come to mind), the 13/14 year back in L1 and in 12/13 obviously. Any team that is consistently winning attracts inflated numbers so that's no slight on the extra thousands that turned up against Burton or Northampton or Wolves or Coventry, but it does show that they exist somewhere. That said, we are averaging about 5,600 so far this season, which is, give or take 100 odd, bang in line with 12/13 - which had the two large crowds towards the end of the season. There is a very high chance this season's average will be higher than 12/13 when accounting for an expected big crowd tomorrow plus a probable 10k+ v Rovers and maybe the same v Newport dependent on how the next 4 games go. I agree that Vale have some ridiculously loyal support. Not only does Port Vale share a city with a bigger club who have just had a 10-year glory period of top division football, a cup final and European trips, it is the smallest city in England with two professional teams. Put into even more context, Vale are probably exiting what has a very strong claim to being the worst period of the club's history - the only era of the club's history I personally have known (I'm 25). Two relegations, two administrations, two horrendous ownerships in a row (arguably three if Miller/Deakin are separated from the initial Bratt/MOLD) and most recently a consistent battle with bottom division relegation. I don't necessarily like this stat since it's skewed (it includes a significant period of time when Vale were a very solid second tier club plus some other relative successes along the way), but the truth remains that Port Vale have only had one top 6 finish since 1993. The fact that Vale have/are coming out of that period with away day sell outs and the 5th highest average home attendance in the league is sort of mad. I vividly remember being quite depressed about the club's future in Dec '18. We drew to Cheltenham 2-2 with a last gasp Antony Kay header, it was a Saturday afternoon (albeit shocking weather and Christmas time) and there was less than 3000 Vale fans in the ground. The club was dying, the fans were on life support. It's down to the Shanahans why it didn't. Vale is a healing job and it's working, no matter how this season ends, we're on our way back, and frankly I'm grateful for anyone that keeps on turning up despite what we have been through. NB I have lived between Exeter and Oxford my entire life meaning I have constantly struggled to get to games, so I'm one of those would love to be at every game but realistically can't be!!
  9. I said to myself at half time that Josh Green could have a field day here if we win…
  10. Long time reader, hardly ever post, but how can I scroll past without saying something tonight😅 Absolutely outstanding performance from The Vale tonight… Every single one of them, Benning sticks out, Willo with another insane shift, Proctor, Wozza, Charsley (goal obvs but also for the running), Stone made a couple of decent and then one absolutely class save. Garrity I thought worked ridiculously hard, as we now expect from him, but some of what he tried didn’t completely come off for him - to no detriment of the team, though. But Smith, Martin, Walker and Hall collectively formed a mountain range. Those 4 tonight were the difference between being bullied or being 3 pts clear in 3rd spot. Immense. IMO the team’s best all round performance of the season, especially considering the importance of the game, albeit Salford were a horrible hoofball side educated by the Pulis school of rugby. I hope DC managed to raise a glass tonight. The whole club & fanbase are behind him, Crosby and the team. We might just be on the cusp of doing something quite special here. UTV
  11. Honestly don't know Rob. I'm aware of archive.today though (a site which effectively screenshots a webpage and allows the viewer to see it whether behind a paywall or not.) Follow the below and you should be able to see the article. 1. Go to Archive.Today. 2. Paste the UK Times article URL in the space provided under "My url is alive and I want to archive its content." 3. Next click the "save" button. 4. Then wait.... 5. Once it has finishing archiving, you can view the complete article. 6. That's all.
  12. Henry Winter of The Times also has written a fantastic piece in today's paper. Full long read interview with DC which goes quite deep into his history & upbringing - of which is interesting for, unfortunately, lots of bad reasons. It's an incredible insight into the man. Link here for anyone with a subscription..! Darrell Clarke: My dad was a disgrace of a man. I never regretted cutting him off WWW.THETIMES.CO.UK
  13. Surely got to look at the sell-on value for the 3 to keep?? Conlon, Rodney and Politic for me based on that...
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