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  1. Possibly the greatest day of my Vale life.
  2. Surely someone creative can do a DC/AC T shirt in an AC/DC style. Shame Hull aren’t going down as could have been the highway to hull album.
  3. Game on. I’m with you. Hopefully a great reset. That said I have no faith in Boris any longer.
  4. Boris is a clown. I had high hopes for him but he’s become a disaster. No whatsboutery here but just shows the need for competent opposition in a two party system. Clearly raises the PR issue again which would not be a bad thing. if a general election was called next month… who wins? I still think the tories would get back in and there lies the issue imo.
  5. But he’s not signing a contract isn’t he? Also Bolton manager saying if he’s not starting for us he gets nowhere near Bolton first team. If I were DC I wouldn’t start him till Window to recall him has shut. Long game.
  6. Dont think Brentford will fancy it either.
  7. Oops. Got carried away in my haste. Of course you are right.
  8. Let’s get a Robbie Earle style fundraiser to buy politic. I’ll start it with a Hawaii 5-0
  9. It’s a lways been a privilege to be a vale fan, now it’s fun too. I’m especially enjoying the sh1thousery that we now have. A ruthless streak that’s imo never been there since Aspin and Swanny.
  10. Jeff on sky gving vale a big up. What a time to be alive
  11. Agree. Looking at the form, first 4 games, FGR 12 points, us 3. Last 10 game, FGR 18, us 22. Long way to go but mighty whites hitting their straps now.
  12. I’m gonna keep throwing a fiver at it 33/40 to 1. Value imo. We play col u 33 times we out 5 past them at least once.
  13. Would have taken 2 draws so in my mind we are a point up. Onwards.
  14. It’s a proper rollercoaster being a vale fan…. And I fckn loves it.
  15. Someone very soon is going to get an absolute towelling once we convert a few of these chances. The build up play is beautiful at times. UTV
  16. I remember Canvey fondly. Some guy standing near me on the phone to the wife..”I’m standing in a bus shelter”
  17. 10th?? bet victor used to be on the ball with their football book. Don’t disagree that next season will be more settled, but this season does not look or feel like a transitional one to me. Maybe transitioning to L1. https://blog.betvictor.com/en-gb/sports/football/league-two/league-two-2021-22-season-preview-1-24/?btagid=90987169&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=bvblog&utm_campaign=sutton&utm_term=content&utm_content=football_leaguetwo&twclid=11420493993947942917
  18. Hope Covolan is up to the pressure of being our man.
  19. Last man in going to be like Rodney in Chain Gang. #OFAH
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