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  1. Would have taken 2 draws so in my mind we are a point up. Onwards.
  2. It’s a proper rollercoaster being a vale fan…. And I fckn loves it.
  3. Someone very soon is going to get an absolute towelling once we convert a few of these chances. The build up play is beautiful at times. UTV
  4. I remember Canvey fondly. Some guy standing near me on the phone to the wife..”I’m standing in a bus shelter”
  5. 10th?? bet victor used to be on the ball with their football book. Don’t disagree that next season will be more settled, but this season does not look or feel like a transitional one to me. Maybe transitioning to L1. https://blog.betvictor.com/en-gb/sports/football/league-two/league-two-2021-22-season-preview-1-24/?btagid=90987169&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=bvblog&utm_campaign=sutton&utm_term=content&utm_content=football_leaguetwo&twclid=11420493993947942917
  6. Any update who we got in the end?
  7. Hope Covolan is up to the pressure of being our man.
  8. Last man in going to be like Rodney in Chain Gang. #OFAH
  9. Im fully expecting to get back any outlay from the Coates family in 46 games time. UTV. Great initiative btw rob. Never done anything like this before as cost way too much for me. Great to be part of it.
  10. Hi @Robf Happy to put in another £10 for the away sponsorship too. Don’t want to take anyone’s place though so drop me a line if you’re a bit short when it ends. Cheers pal
  11. Magic. Cheers Rob. I’m hoping she’s a future valiant. Good times ahead VTID
  12. I’m in Rob on behalf of my daughter.. Got confused and put her name in the box, don’t want to start a rumour that we’ve signed someone called Iris. Any player will do for us. Cheers
  13. Thought the Germany shirt last night was class.
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