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  1. loving the blackout away kit
  2. I know Mansfield didn't do well last season but that seemed to be an exception to the rule, usually at this level if you chuck a bit of money around you seem to do well. Can hardly go pricing them up at 33/1 or bigger, same with Salford its not totally to do with money placed, whilst that is a factor, pricing mistakes would always be punished, so the initial market has to be in the ballpark, Cheltenham aren't a big club but you couldn't be putting them at large odds just because you don't expect a mad rush of money for them the bigger firms will run simulations of a season based on s
  3. whilst I sympathise with Tranmere - and nobody could have foreseen this coming - their transfer strategy has come back to bite them in the arse they go cheap in the summer then supplement if needed in January - have done this 3 years on the trot and it was working too. Won their last 3 before the lockdown. Won't get a chance to see if they could win any more. But you can argue on whats been played so far they are the 3rd worst team. They've had advantages at times too - they played Boltons kids, not every team had that luxury. I've seen their fans argue their FA Cup run has lef
  4. I see League 1 are on about extending their playoffs down to 9th. We should be all over trying to get the same for us
  5. thought Carol spoke very well there and from the heart we are all hurting. I hope she went down fighting our corner though and didn't just give in. Nobody else is going to fight Vale's corner for us so we do need a voice whether this decision was right or not
  6. disgusting. To not even get a chance to play... we'd have got in that top 7. We may have even finished above them lot down the road - they had a tough run in and had to come to Vale Park yet we miss out while they get promoted. Missing out a load of games against the top half. A stroke of luck that all their games before the lockdown was against your Macclesfields and your Morecambes
  7. I've decided based on that that I don't care what happens, I just want Peterborough to get done over. Another one who is only bothered about saving/making money than the actual sporting part
  8. The EFL needs to grow a set of balls and stop waiting for the Prem while it dithers over money. There's clubs going to go to the wall needlessly when they could have already made a decision
  9. whilst this is true there may be some fans hard up for cash themselves who might welcome the £50 or so that they are owed
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