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  1. I believe he is still involved with Port Vale. I am sure I read that he was given clearance to buy Bury despite the fact he had financial ties with Port Vale for the next three years.
  2. Probably same and/or lifted from link. .https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/sport/football/football-news/norman-smurthwaite-nuneaton-borough-fc-16861944 Is he calling bluff to get a bigger return? Is he interested in actually owning the club?
  3. WRT to relegation if Bury and/or Bolton go to the wall. Its not unusual in non-league football (happened twice to Nuneaton), and I don't think there has been any exceptions. Less teams will be relegated, and no extra ones for promotion. If both go, then just 2 relegated, and none from League-2. This has a knock on effect all the way down, but gets complicated when regional football comes in. Then it tends to be the club with highest points from equivalent leagues that are saved...... and that often results in legal challenges.
  4. David James came on as a striker (Pearce as manager) when they had a striker on the bench. (off topic) - last 4 games Nuneaton have had so few subs the sub keeper (brother of the keeper and son of assistant manager) has come on as an outfield substitute in all of them!!!!!!!
  5. No - two keepers have been sent off and he took over in goal. Nuneaton have had a mere 13 or 14 players sent off this season. I would actually say the Conference-North is far more physical. As I said, the bar has been very low (I think only four players have been at the club all season). These awards are really due to his consistency rather than outstanding performances. It will be interesting to see how his career progresses but this stay has done his CV and experience no harm at all.
  6. Whilst the bar was low (very low for a club that has played nearly 50 players this season)... Nuneaton Borough End of Season Awards. Managers player of the year: Rhys Sharpe Supporters player of the year: Mike Calveley Players player of the year: Miles Addison BISC player or the year: Mike Calveley BISC Away player of the year: Mike Calveley Rex Spencer memorial Trophy - Mike Calverley For a youth loan to achieve this in a tough mans league is a credit to the lad. Played in every position (including 2 spells in goal).
  7. Rumour at Nuneaton is Angus about to be sold by Vale (Chorley and Flyde being mentioned). Calveley about to be released by Vale and to sign for Nuneaton (probably till end of season)
  8. i was being flippant. trying to explain how angry I was (without actually doing) :)
  9. I also think he has picked the wrong club to pick a fight with. Nuneaton may be a hard up, struggling level 6 (soon to be 7) club but there is fight and he is risking a hell of a lot more.
  10. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/port-vale-nuneaton-borough-smurthwaite-2263486 Does this forum have a policy on profane and/or foul language? because I don't want to be banned. Nuneaton Borough have loaned two players from Port Vale. The agreement was whatever it was (how much wages/expenses to be paid). If this agreement has been broken by Nuneaton Borough, then fair enough. I honestly do not believe there is any criteria to whether players are full-time or part-time. In fact, non-league clubs (irrespective of being full-time or part-time) often loan players who train with their parent club. Nothing to stop PV ensuring their H&S is taken into account by having them train with PV and just turn up on match days.
  11. Both loanees played in FA Trophy against Brackley today.
  12. From Facebook - Smurf worried about the health and safety of the players. He never mentioned that to the nuneaton chairman. for all you vale fans - club together and buy him a copy of the league and FA rule book. The book may be free, but I suspect you will have to pay someone to read it to him.
  13. this is what Nuneaton goal-keeper had to say Also - in a reproduced text convo with Nuneaton owner - Smurf said (this on facebook) "Money not showing pulling Players as stated will not feature again"
  14. players can only be recalled from long-term loans (those over 93 days) if being recalled to be sold to a different club. he may be landlord at Nuneaton but he is chair at Port Vale. .
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