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  1. I said exactly the same. It's my fault, I must have cursed it, oh and same Hamil end. Daren' check the time of goal.
  2. No Ray, I meant your last paragraph about Grimsby and Southend.
  3. Shows what an utter mess we're in if that's a positive for us.
  4. If only that typical jinking dribble and curling shot against Sjoke had gone in, instead of coming back off the inside of the post in to Ronnie Sinclair's hands. It would have been one of the best and most memorable goals ever to be scored at Vale Park Thanks for the memories JJ Thoughts are with your family at this time.
  5. May be so mate. I just recall the GK blunder, or as we all thought a foul on him, and the fact we lost again.
  6. Yeh. That's the one alright. Talking about FA cup games at Fellows Park. Our goalkeeping scurge continued when, only a short few years later, didn't Jim Arnold drop one in from a corner, which saw us lose yet again 1-0 this time? Oh and that Alan Buckley - doesn't matter as a player or manager, he always seemed to do us.
  7. I remember John Connaughton in goal, Hamil End. Not sure if it was a cup or league game, late 70's or early 80's. I said to my mate, following a very innocuous looking back pass, "I'll laugh if he lets this in" He did, I didn't laugh
  8. I remember the one in 1976 for our Centenary. As ever, they were a horrible bunch of and occupied a section of the Bycars.
  9. If a football club was run by a fans forum, within three years they would surely sweep through the leagues, win the FA Cup and Champions league. They would only sign the best players and be tactical masters. Can't think for the life of me why it hasn't happened yet.
  10. I cringe whenever Brian from Weston Coyney comes on. For years he's only rang in to announce the impending financial demise of the Vale. Never calls about the game, good or bad, just that we've only got 12 to 18 months before we're gonners and any investment that we do have, is withdrawn. He must be gutted how we we manage to keep going, year after year, despite his fiscal knowledge and logic
  11. No room for sentiment on here Joe. Re Colin and John Askey
  12. An interestingly compiled post. I too have been around for a while and delivered coaching sessions on parent child transactional analysis within the workplace, which much of this wording reminds me of. Whether there is any substance in the"knifegate" theory can only be confirmed by the provision of cold evidence, or absolute statement of fact. I.e "I was in the dressing room at the time " or have it as a sworn statement from someone that was. In the absence of either, then we are left with what a forum is all about and that is opinion and opinion is what everyone is entitled to
  13. This is why I can't get my head round why so many seem to know who we should or shouldn't have. It's like saying Carol should appoint the next manager based on the majority opinions of fans on here and stuff the professionally structured interviews, though the thought of Holloway does frighten me to death, based on the Grimsby fans comments. Look, even I'm doing it now!
  14. A perfect response that could apply apply to so many of the simplistic default reactions on here.
  15. We despised the Cowleys's antics as opposition managers, but would welcome them with open arms if we could get them, as unlikely as it would seem. I'm just glad that I don't have to pick the next manager because football doesn't come with guarantees. That's why it's great, as a fan to be have an opinion, as long as it's not rammed down other peoples' throat who may have a differing view. The simple question that Carol and Co. have is, who can we appoint, within our realistic means, who can guarantee to bring us a least one, ideally two, promotions? The obvious answer is .........
  16. Unspectacularly efficient today. Three goals and a clean sheet, from limited chances and three vital points. Pre requisite effort from players who earn a wage for doing so, shouldn't be over lauded, but acknowledged even so. Still, a win is a win, so no complaints here. Plenty of hoofball resulting in conceding possession to a very poor side, which must be improved upon, however, work rate over quality carried us through. Returning players made an overall difference, particularly in the first half, complemented by the the ever improving Hurst.
  17. Is there any such thing, by definition as "big" league 2 club? We've got a big ground but don't usually 25% fill it and haven't constantly half filled it for 65 years, but we can always be eternal optimists, though I do think that if someone was able to somehow get us in to the Championship, that our crowds would be bigger than when we were there in the 90's. Before the dreaming gets out of hand, there's the small matter of being able to crack League 2
  18. A lovely post here, with some heartfelt words that most Vale fans would second. I'll differ slightly with some of the managerial replacement opinions, but I guess that we're all entitled to that in the interest of encouraging healthy fans debate. Carol needs to, and surely will take advice, because choosing a football manager is a totally different challenge to appointing a general manager than in any other business, where normal rules of corporate selection don't apply.
  19. Every single successful football manager, and I mean successful, not just alright, demonstrate certain requisite characteristics. They're not clones of one another, but all prove themselves at sometime, at their respected levels and are the right person at the right time. Notwithstanding the fact that they also know a bit about the game. Have a presence of authority and credibility Are inspirational leaders Great psychologists Adapts to, and drives change Knows his players Demands both individual and team work ethic Has clear disciplinary exp
  20. Totally agree. Such a pond life post, worthy to be so offensive that they and and anyone endorsing it should be removed from any civilised forum. Nothing to do with free speech either, just totally inappropriate and an uncalled for cheap snipe of the lowest kind.
  21. I, like many, really wanted John to do well and certainly wasn't one of those who critised his appointment. Unfortunately it hasn't worked out and shows no sign that things will turn around, so I'm afraid that it appears that his time is up. I believe that he's put everything in to the club, but ultimately has fallen short in a number of areas and as such a I can no longer defend his arse sat in the manager's seat. He clearly believes in his convictions, but like so many failing managers, cannot, or are willing to admit that they need to change their approach. The biggest
  22. Psychology damaged me, he was that bad. Still have hideous flashbacks. Now look what you've done 😠
  23. I hope that fortune changes soon for him with regard to the effort and quality that he is producing in creating some superb scoring opportunities. By that I mean imagine his confidence if even 1 in 3 of these opportunities were converted, but unfortunately we have no notable end product quality in the team to stick them away. Seems a promising lad who is capable of terrorising full backs the more he plays.
  24. Apologies for re-posting this following the Stevenage game. Some didn't think that it would happen at the time, let's hope that it doesn't. Last year when our very own Doha had is own thread of the Bloatcake I saw a toxic little thread mocking The Vale concerning our bright new dawn under Carol and Kevin. I thought that only the most bitter and jealous Lard could have produced such a nasty piece of work, prophesying a cycle of how our exuberance would be short lived before we turn on our owners, manager and ourselves. - Why? He said because we always do His spiteful post w
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