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  1. Talking of which, I wonder if Joan Whalley still attends?
  2. Dunno werritt. Old Bozzer will be in The Crown for a lock down lock in.
  3. https://www.stagsnet.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=40195&start=50#p952483 Gotta watch this
  4. Just checked the viewer out. Looking out, it looks like the Swindon contingent are already there.
  5. At the beginning of the season and for most of it, I had great admiration for Swindon, but during the build up to the play offs and their subsequent self entitlement comments afterwards, I really can't abide them and will never wish any well to them again. They really should concentrate on their own abject failure and the reasons for it. When they've done that, take a long look in their glass house mirror and try to learn about handling defeat and also pose the question 'why are all our fans angels'? We know the situation with some of our morons, but do confront it, unlike their sickly, sour attitude, led by their commander in chief Garner, who makes Steve Evans look like a thoroughly decent chap. The prat was even moaning because Speedy hadn't watered the pitch -And? As far as the night itself, it ranks with beating Everton, Stoke in the monsoon and weirdly for me, the draw against Northampton when we actually achieved promotion. The noise we made was immense and the players responded as if their lives depended on it. On to Wembley for what hopefully will also be a memorable day, but out of respect to Mansfield, as much as I know we can beat them, I'm not going to belittle them as the hate filled Swndon club and associates have done with us, because as they've just found out, a swift kick in the jewellery can make your eyes water Super vale away, at home and hopefully Wemberley!!
  6. Calm down, take a deep breath and read the second and third lines and cut the unnecessary pontificating out.
  7. Good evening fellow Valiants. Please allow me some artistic license before scorning me for getting carried away or counting my chickens. It's just that how fantastic it would be if all this was written in the stars, that our Dame Carol be granted the opportunity to highlight our brilliant club at the National stadium and all the that comes with it? As amazing as clinching automatic promotion would have been, surely the chance of achieving it in front of our massed fans at Wembley would not only be fitting national recognition for the club and Carol and Kevin, but would create lifelong memories for Vale the many fans who have never had the opportunity to go to Wembley and may not ever have the chance again. We can but dream, but we are Vale, if only it could happen! UTV
  8. Great result, well done lads. Don't want to hear any what if downers. What's happened has gone. Look forward to the job that's now in hand and get 100% behind the lads for the next two massive games. UTV
  9. Problem with new grounds in the same location, or even in selling the current site to raise money to aquire a new one, is that often means ground sharing while the new one is being built. We don't have any teams that near who would likely agree to that, though I don't suppose that the Shunters are completely out of the question. Also, although probably not remotely cost effective, or even practical, but I wonder if the ground was turned 45 degrees, if it would free up more space for development or even improve the parking logistics?
  10. I'm not going to totally re-post what I said pre Bristol Rovers, but while speaking to an official at the ground, it was noted that we could do with another ground, so I wasn't sure what to read in to that, if anything.
  11. Same story for me also. Went to pay for 2 tickets with my card that was already registered and used before with Ticketmaster, then had an Oops message, saying that there was a problem with the details on the card. So I registered another card and got the Verisign security message to authorise the payment which then linked me back to Ticketmaster, only for the page to reload and tickets gone. No more available
  12. Add to that list, the likes of Cheltenham, Cambridge, Morcambe Fleetwood and Burton. They all found there own"Process" And some wonder why we express sheer disappointment at events such as the last three games
  13. Taylor played against Bristol Rovers and was subbed after performing like a school boy. Not saying bin him, just that he can't be relied upon to be the player we hoped he'd be after a stop, start season.
  14. Agree with Politic being a game changer, but had a few average games when he was on from the start. At the moment, we have no game changer but up to three games ago, we didn't need one.
  15. Here's an idea. Let's take the failure on the chin, close the forum and all have a Horlicks and go to bed. I think I will , night night. 😌
  16. How could those responsible get the next three games so wrong? Abject failure by all concerned, in front of amazing support. No excuses!
  17. Agreed, but on a forum, I'm entitled to it - Correct?
  18. Easy to see which players are lacking the quality required to perform to the end of the season. Whatever happens now, there are players who we should be looking to replace. No one wears his heart on his sleeve more than Nathan Smith, but as a footballer the lad is inept. Worrall has now become an expert in hitting his defender when trying to cross a ball and has forgotten how to beat a man. Time up David, I'm sorry to say. Benning and Hussey served a purpose, but ultimately faded in a desperate way. Neither should be with us next season No real alternative if the strikers are not fireing and a midfield that is bereft of steel and creativity. The impact that Amoo has made this season is next to zero, again time unfortunately up for another David. Still have an unconvincing goalkeeping situation Finally, too many aver teams have played sharper, passing based football than us this season, especially at Vale Park. Let's just hope that all this can be addressed by the "process" so that we can have another go next season, because right now, I'm too deflated to think about a positive outcome to what happens next, playoffs or no playoffs.
  19. May be a cynical view and way off the mark, especially when considering people's safety, but we are dealing with our friends, STOKE-on Trent City Council.
  20. I bought a couple of hospitality tickets for the Brizzie game and was treated to an unexpected, but wonderful, mini tour of the Lorne Street development when I went to pay. Despite expressing how impressed we were with what was happening around VP, the person who showed us around, frustratingly sighed that we could do with (or need) a new ground. I know that its been mooted for years, but I wondered whether its a proposition that may being given a more serious consideration, now that C & K Shanahan are at the helm?
  21. The Yam Yams will be queuing up to buy those shirts. No doubt they'll expect 50p discount though. Really cheered me up, this has, after what happened last week 😅
  22. Just about sums them up. Sometimes, stereotypes are spot on. Ignorant, arrogant, though I don't know why, spiteful, horrible lot!
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