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  1. Hope they at least let us keep the full gate money, now they're in the PL and all that
  2. Yes, could have been much worse and it's good to take the positives, but it doesn't mean that it's not a crap draw, because if we're really honest, we know it is.
  3. Vale have not been as resilient as this since the mid 90's. Don't agree with the easy tie in the next round bit because whoever we get, Vale don't do easy ties Having said that, if we could scrape to round 4, we should have either or both Wilson and Dr. Proctor back. Then we could take anyone, home or away
  4. Stockport went out 1-0 last night against Rotherham youth
  5. The BBC stats are just as ridiculous with 86% possession, 64 shots with 31 on target as opposed to 0 shots at all for Latvia. I can only think that Latvias 14% came mainly from the fact that they had to kick off 21 times.
  6. Ray Kennedy was my favourite player when I was a lad. He was playing for Arsenal then, establishing himself as a brilliant young striker alongside John Radford. In those days you did your own tv commentary while playing a game of nogger with your mates. R.I.P Ray and condolences to your family at this sad time.
  7. Just wow!! From both DF'andDC's perspective of their personal lives. This is why they 100% endorse everything that is happening on the community, fan connection side. Loved the Guardian line when Clarke invites the bloke for a coffee. RZ should educate himself on these articles. Apologies for lowering the tone there. Just shows what amazing people we have at our club, not the plastic pigs that are awash through the game elsewhere. This whole setup is something else. Another very proud Vale fan.
  8. Didn't you say earlier in the season, something along the lines of, that you have nothing against him as a person? Why not have a go at being objective about our current state of affairs based on fact, instead of your emotionally subjectivity which is diven by nothing more than your now admitted personal dislike for an individual? Though to be subjective is, as you correctly point out, is your opinion and you have a perfect right to it.
  9. Good job he didn't have to come up against the huggable Mr Shawcross every week.
  10. Dunna worry Joe,he's got enough on his shoulders for everyone.
  11. After Colemans comments, if we do play them next season, we will take the maximum allocation
  12. Or to put it another way " your boys took a helluva beating "
  13. That famous Scouse wit and humour eh? Well renowned for giving it, but doesn't travel well on the reverse journey.
  14. No doubt his players are going to have nice and gentle "never mind lads, you didn't do anything wrong, we were just a bit unlucky" team debrief on Monday morning.
  15. Over recent years, most of the teams who eventually got promoted, never looked any great shakes when we played them, yet they still managed to win enough games to secure a promotion spot. Looking like that could be us judging by some of the opposition after match comments, bar a few notable and gracious exceptions
  16. Additionally, we had a striker a cut above who could actually score and defenders who can defend. Yes ,I agree with the possession bit, but in a passage of play in the 1st half, they must have put 30 passes together without us having a touch, ultimately that 30th pass was back in their own half. Their possession stats didn't mean a jot because of the. tremendous work of our team, so after the first 25 mins it was little more than benign keep ball. If he wants to celebrate that, then let him
  17. On the Accrington forum one said he hoped that Coley didn't blame the ref and most were bemoaning their lack of defensive qualities. Seemed to accept they got a pasting.
  18. Just opened my new pack of Coleman grapes. Couldn't eat them though. They were all twisted, bitter and very sour
  19. He won't be far away, just waiting for the door to be left slightly ajar and he'll be in as quick as a flash.
  20. What the clown seems to overlook that if we do gain promotion, we'll strengthen even further. He's just out Artell'd Artell in one interview.
  21. Anyone who moans at our home support should check out Bradfords attendance today. We get just over 4600. Now we all know that Bradford virtually give their season tickets away and can pull in around 15,000 a game, so because they've got to pay for a game, manage to attractant a very impressive 3236
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