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  1. Knock-on idea Doha, I've just reached out to the Hubb Foundation to get the ball rolling. Now let's get jabs in arms and butts in stands!!!
  2. Hello from across the pond, I've been knocking this idea around in my head for a little. I think the one thing the modern Vale embodies is community - this was and has once again become a community club focused on the fans. As you can imagine from the States, I don't get to watch the Vale nearly as much as I'd like to (especially in person). That being said, if possible, I'd happily pay to sponsor two season tickets for the community at-large for the upcoming season to make sure some well-deserved Vale fans can bring the passion I wish I could to Vale Park. I know its not much, but who knows, maybe there are others like me out there. If someone knows who I can reach out to to make this happen, please let me know. UTV, Vale til I die, and here's to 2021-22. Cheers, Quakervale
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