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  1. It looks nice but plays like a pudding. It doesn't lend itself to crisp passing systems that we might think we'd like to watch.
  2. Pointless? You seem to have all the answers. You made it about you with your scathing criticism. Get that application in. I'm sure you have all the answers.
  3. Didn't progress? The in-form club pre-lockdown. Edge of the playoffs. That WAS progress. This year has been a backward step. Undeniable. Criticise by all means but keep it sensible.
  4. Which club have you managed? Remind me. You seem to think that being 15th is rubbish. You certainly paint a bleak picture. I'd be left to assume that we're that awful that we'd be bottom, but we're not. I can only assume you know no more than anyone else or that perhaps football works on some other measurable that you've omitted. I trust you've got your application in so Carol can save thousands and many hours by just appointing you.
  5. Can't argue with that. We've been competitively rubbish, too. We won't go down. You couldn't say that when he arrived. Aspin had a much bigger budget, too.
  6. We are 15th. We will not be going down. There's only one match where we have been hammered. By the very definition of competitive, we can compete. Certainly the club is in a lot better position than we were before he arrived.
  7. Sadly, I don't feel we are as stable any more. The rubbish that Carol has come out with since the sacking. The lack of stability, publicly, during the run. The interview on RS. The cutting of the budget, which we have all given her a free ride on. I've lost some faith. I don't like criticising but she is looking like she doesn't really know what she is doing at the moment. She is learning and I am still glad that she is here. We could have been more patient with JA. I honestly do not see some great hero walking in here with this budget. We will not get someone proven. Would we ever?
  8. Because we are. It would be better, injuries, form, etc....we'll be fine in the end just as we would always have been.
  9. You'll see how awful he was in coming months. So will I. I contend that he was better than Flitcroft. I also think that he did a very solid job. Other clubs did not panic when they went on awful runs and are coming through it. I didn't enjoy the run but I could see we are in a much better position than when he joined and that includes the budget being tightened compared to previous seasons and compared to the division. You keep feeling good about where we are at. I think that is because of where he put us and what we could move on to. I don't think Flitcroft is the answer and I
  10. If we've lost Askey for Flitcroft, I'll be very disappointed. Actually,in truth, I'm already very disappointed in the board's recent populist decisions.
  11. I don't like taking a pop at our 'own' and I consider all three: Carol, TP and JA as our 'own'. All I can say is that since the recent departure, I'm not impressed with the PR our club is seemingly chasing. Carol's interview raised more questions about our club than I could have imagined. I am now genuinely concerned. I console myself that matters can't get worse than a few years ago, can they?
  12. In a way, perhaps. The very big difference was that Askey's team won the title and by a long way. What happened to Hurst's side? Win it all, did they?
  13. No, it wasn't. He did not have any idea the players would be as good as they were. It's called football.
  14. Why? Apart from one season where he got lucky with loans.
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