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  1. Possibly, the thing that is a cut and paste special, is your usual teenage dramatic rubbish. You've managed to produce 6k posts of it.
  2. Silly comment about Askey. Firstly, Surfwaite provided a bigger budget so cheap wasn't necessarily everything in this appointment. Secondly, his rescue mission was superb. Thirdly, despite the budget, we were the in-form team as the pandemic hit, heading towards the playoffs. Fourthly, we are competitive this year with a solid squad. There's lots of reasons for keeping the faith. Some on here don't understand how difficult football is. There are 20 odd other teams in this division all thinking they have a divine right to win it, too. By laws of averages, we are not suppose
  3. Some of you need to get a grip. Saturday, we threw the game away after Joyce stupidity. Tonight, a few decisions go our way and we win by a landslide. We have a solid team without many super heroes but that pays off over a full season. If you've ever been involved with football, you understand that. Don't expect to win every week. Be competitive and with a decent squad and solid manager, good things happen.
  4. Bang average? A big improvement over most of the teams we've fielded in recent years. Glad you're throwing a tantrum about improvement. Think how much you'll get excited when we're back challenging at the end of the season.
  5. You're not a Vale fan at all. I call you out as a Potter if ever there was one. Not going anywhere? Where have you been for the last decade? We're in miles better shape than we have been in years.
  6. I think you are very confused and trying to dig your way out. The players clearly ARE on board with what the manager is trying to do. Your posts are rambling drivel of someone, who like the rest of us, is frustrated and looking for a reason. Unfortunately, you're shooting one of our own without having ANY evidence for it.
  7. This board is on the verge of a meltdown tonight. Shows the progress we have made. Most of the last decade we've been losing every week. We now have a manager, team and fans that are used to winning. Ah well, when we've got over the disaster that it feels like, we'll be OK. Disappointing but to keep 2nd guessing the guy who has got us winning again is a little silly.
  8. Askey? Well, I know where we were when he arrived. I know where we've been for the last 6 or 7 years and I know I'm feeling better now than I was then. We haven't finished higher than our current 8th position for some time so I'm willing to assume that he knows better than I do. A full season needs the use of a full squad. He has procured one where we have genuine competition at every spot. That will pay off in February, March and April. We sill suffer through some tough games just like we have. So what! We are definitely going in the right direction. Get behind him.
  9. We're all armchair managers when we lose. We will have ups and downs. We were on a roll when we locked down. The manager made changes all last season and knew it was a marathon. I trust him. We might not like losing but we need to keep our heads. This is a much better start than we had for a number of seasons despite 2 lackluster performances.
  10. No chance we keep him next year. Name me a Leicester pro on less money than ours! Cracking player. Enjoy him while he's here.
  11. Reasonable ratings in most cases. 5 for Askey is stupendously harsh. Had he thrown players forward and we lost, would you rate him higher or lower? The way you get promotion is to build momentum. Winning is preferable but throwing abandon is not likely to win more than we lose. A point yesterday is still progress despite it feeling like a loss by the end of it. I trust the manager knows more than I, or you for that matter. You're not dealing with someone who is green. He has been around professional football for about 50 years. Nearly every situation has provided success. Do y
  12. Anyone booing players shouldn't be surprised when the whole thing spirals downwards. Rely upon the manager to substitute or drop where possible, if it is attitude that is a problem. If it is just ability, why destroy someone who the club clearly needs to play. Very little gained.
  13. I love this thread IC but you know when the run eventually comes to an end it'll be because JA doesn't know what he's doing; makes the wrong subs and too late; made rubbish signings; has not made any progress; should never have signed Lloyd; has no experience; etc. etc. Important we enjoy looking up the league instead of down for a while and accept that proper, sustainable growth happens over time. Accept it and enjoy having our own people running the club in all departments. How many clubs can say that these days?
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