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  1. By the same token, don't write the team off after 6 games Did you? I don't think I did. Don't count your chickens and don't get carried away with hyperbole like other teams will be more concerned with us because that is just silly talk.
  2. Exactly the points I'm trying to make. We might yet turn out well.....but let's not get above ourselves.....yet.
  3. More mindful of us? Don't be silly. Everyone loves a 'homer' but we need to be sensible. We are not a great team, as things stand, and we could yet again find ourselves fighting for our lives.
  4. I think this game is set up perfectly for us. They'll come at us with high expectations and play right into our stubborn path. Proverbial 'Banana Skin'. Bring it on. Play without fear and without the expectation of a big home crowd to keep happy.
  5. You think he's been honest? It's a funny world where someone can blatantly make a statement counter to facts and it be deemed honest. Remarkable but I hold people to a higher standard. If they fail it then I can ignore almost everything they say. He's full of BS. Bottom line is that we are close to being decent. We are also close to being awful. I'm content with mid-table as I understand where who we are but I'm not content will idiotic spin. The problem, for me, is that good teams find a way of winning when in the race. If they don't get that habit then we may end up struggling.
  6. You are right, his interviews are not as important as results. The culture of a club, however, feeds off its leaders. I am not impressed with him.
  7. He wasn't my choice either. I think Carol has been duped and is paying a very expensive price for this organisational set-up. That has to be balanced somewhere. What do I know? Tbf, Carol is no idiot in business. I hope her sense is better than mine here, too.
  8. We all get things wrong. Winning cures all evils. Anyone who doesn't want us to win isn't really a Vale fan, as far as I'm concerned. When we aren't winning, it irritates me even more.
  9. I don't think anyone could seriously be wanting them sacked, as we stand. My issue is that DC has come out with some astonishing rubbish, blaming everyone else but himself. I found his excuses last year laughable and fit only for children or people who have never really been involved with football. This season, he has spoken more. I see through his rubbish. It irritates me that others drink it up. All managers/coaches spin to some extent. His is classless and shameless blame shifting.
  10. You'd know Tone. You would know better than anyone.
  11. They speak right to you. Lap it up and enjoy it,
  12. An excellent comment. I always enjoy your thoughts, you're always level-headed and fair. I'm always a little harsh when we lose or appear to struggle. Like everything, winning cures all!
  13. If you look at what I've said, I can't stand his BS and I've not believed a word of it since he arrived. I don't want him sacked. I want him to succeed!!!! I'd just like him to have some class and not treat us like idiots.
  14. I agree. To barrack our own players/staff so early on is pretty despicable. I don't care who it is, if they are trying, then get behind them. Even DC, who I am thoroughly unimpressed with, I do not and will never barrack at a match. Hopefully, he'll work out well for us. He now has no excuses left to give. He has had time. He has had immense flexibility with the squad. It is his time to shine. Let's hope he does.
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