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  1. I watch vale loads and Macc also and I think he is very suited to us. He would strip every bit of the club back and smash it
  2. On the 2nd lowest budget in the league and with a squad of 18 . Even some matches not having enough subs to fill The bench
  3. John would be a fantastic choice what he had done at Macc is unbelievable and let's be honest there's not much difference in top end conference and league 2. He works miracles and gets the very best out of players. Great choice
  4. John Askey for me he has done amazing at Macclesfield and is a local guy and ex player and knows the club v well.
  5. The norm is when a manager goes the team win however I can't see this. So I'm going for a 1-0 Yeovil win
  6. Not the owner but from ned and morgs trust me they don't want the job and will be gone by mid week
  7. You take me the **** highest paid player and he can't score and can't move. Forget the fact he was once brilliant as now he isn't. He is terrible and if he was called John smith he would be slated
  8. What I don't understand is as a backroom we promised if one goes we all go. Very shocked morgs and Ned who may I say is the biggest problem as no player wants to play for ned (FACT)
  9. Ned and morgs will go by Tuesday 100% I know they will go as bed has been to 2 interviews else where since being at vale. They also said many times if one goes we all go.
  10. Pope is not on a pay per play contract he is on £2500 per week and is our highest paid player. Rem Streete wanted the same and they said no I wonder how many would change that now.
  11. 2-1 fgr today lots of trouble after and brown to then resign.
  12. He drives a black Mercedes or a Range Rover
  13. Brown will resign after tonight's match I guarantee. From a very good source within the club.
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