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  1. Deserves a place on the bench at the very very least
  2. Well if it was a short trial he did look quite impressive and he deserved a longer stay, he’s certainly better that what we have, so what’s the problem I wonder
  3. Signed until the end of the season I believe, seems a bit strange that he hasn’t featured unless he’s injured of course
  4. Not featured in the squad in the last two games with no explanation is he injured or is there some other reason?
  5. If Hughes were to to take the Wales job, Could we see him back at Sjoke I wonder?
  6. When I started this thread I didn't expect everyone to agree although most do, but what I didn't expect was so much disrespect from a minority few towards the great man himself, I truly believe that if he were to be a part of the club again in any capacity it can only be a good thing and it would genuinely give everyone a lift. I just hope he doesn't get to read some of the awful comments that have been posted Sent from my iPad using the onevalefan mobile app
  7. Do us all a favour and never post again
  8. A thousand years old ? He's only two years older than Harry Redknapp & Roy Hodgson
  9. Rudgie told radio Stoke this evening that he would gladly help the club in any way he can, he has recently left Hull City and is available, surely if Norman is looking for a man upstairs, there's no better man than him, go on Norman give him a ring Sent from my iPad using the onevalefan mobile app
  10. Welcome Rob lainton signed on a free from Bury
  11. No one could ever replace the great Sean Connery as 007 and he proved that
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