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  1. Agree with you’re points regarding safety and AJ was in front, but this is heavyweight boxing and ONE punch can win you the bout. But, as said, I do agree with you’re points.
  2. Didn’t see the fight last night, but sounds like another controversial end. Sounds like Takem was taking some punishment but seemed to have his wits about him so perhaps should have been allowed to carry on.
  3. Reports say Pulev v Joshua to take place on October 28th in Cardiff. Eddie Hearn to hold press conference tomorrow and is expected to confirm the bout. Does the Bulgarian have a realistic chance ?
  4. Difficult to see how anyone can "learn" to box in such a short space of time. Mayweather may have lost some of his old spark, but surely not the ring craft to get caught by what is in effect a slugger. Mayweather in 5 for me.
  5. Top post ! Sent from my GT-I9195I using the onevalefan mobile app
  6. He's taking on Pulis ? That's James Beattie surely ? But will they have a big enough shower in Caesars Palace ? Sent from my GT-I9195I using the onevalefan mobile app
  7. Paul, now the Klitchsko fight is a no go, is AJ likely to take a lesser fight first, or straight in with one of the three mentioned above ? If it's the latter, would Vegas still be on, or is it back to the O2 ? Is AJ "Box Office" enough yet for U.S. fight fans ? What do you think ? Sent from my GT-I9195I using the onevalefan mobile app
  8. Maori Joseph Parker maybe ? Sent from my GT-I9195I using the onevalefan mobile app
  9. Thanks for your more educated insight.
  10. On a different note, but will it ever be possible to go back to the old days when every weight division has ONE champion ? Nowadays I'm a passive boxing fan and with so many different "councils" it's difficult to know who the "real" champions actually are. Occasionally the divisions are unified, but rarely.
  11. Just read that Pacquiao has had his fight against Horn rescored by WBO judges "who reached the same result" Hardly likely to disagree are they ? Boxing, sometimes ,doesn't half shoot itself in the foot with uneccessary decisions and comments like this.
  12. Any news on Joshua v klitchko in L.A. ? Went to LA 2 years ago and my daughter who works in the Hotel industry blagged us into Caesars Palace to see Celine Dion. Not my bag, but this fight there or the MGM Grand would be amazing. PS anyone who has not been to L.A., put it on your bucket list !
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