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  1. With not much action on the horizon due to the current situation I was trawling YouTube and come across this fantastic opening round from the ‘85 Hagler v Hearns fight. Wow ! Slugfest at its best !
  2. Very subjective, but I defy anyone not to be moved by this live performance ;
  3. I have no real political leanings any longer so please accept this question for what it is. When Italy was having a torrid time death wise, it was said that this was due in part to their health system being over run and unable to cope. As Hancock & Co keep reminding us that the NHS capacity has never been breached and that we are also supposedly two weeks behind Italy in the pandemic, how come our deaths have now almost exceeded theirs ? Since mortality figures for the U.K. have crept nearer to our European counterparts, we have constantly heard from the daily Pravda update that we cannot make accurate comparisons with other countries. Possibly not, but if that is so why keep producing figures on such ?
  4. Back in Newcastle today so I thought I’d get into the Geordie spirit ; Short and sweet so I’ll throw this one in also ; Great band !
  5. How many brothers and sisters will he have ?
  6. Currently on my way to Middlesbrough, so this one seems quite appropriate ; And for the connoisseur, here’s their live version at Woodstock ; Brilliant !
  7. Strolling (socially distancing of course) outside The Sage in Gateshead today and came across the street art below. Which then reminded me of this ;
  8. You do realise Paul that this music was the start of what has now led to two total knee replacements ! As a Wolstanton lad my haunt was the Placemate and two things have always confused me. Firstly, who thought it would be a good idea to put a pond in a disco and secondly how in God’s name did the goldfish survive ? Just two of life’s mysteries.
  9. Here’s one for any Place or Sammi Belle’s veterans out there ! I’ll bet even Jacko danced around her handbag to this ! 🤣🤣🤣
  10. An interesting article from CNN looking at Iceland’s approach to the pandemic. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/04/01/europe/iceland-testing-coronavirus-intl/?iid=ob_mobile_article_footer_expansion
  11. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200323-coronavirus-will-hot-weather-kill-covid-19 An interesting article on whether the summer heat will be our saviour in this crisis - or not.
  12. Brilliant ! But remind me never to upset her !
  13. An interesting article on the BBC website today looking at coronavirus figures in more detail. Coronavirus: How to understand the death toll https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51979654
  14. Currently on a deserted A1 making my way to Middlesbrough listening to one of my favourite acts. Check out the tall guy in white pumps. He must be the only bloke who!s a worse dancer than me ! Or is that the idea ?
  15. Prince Charles confirmed to have contracted the virus. now if he can get it.......
  16. Ditto from the Rowdy’s.
  17. Bet he wouldn’t sell any to Norman Hunter though. Not even the second hand one’s.
  18. The problem with a temporary suspension of fixtures is when do the games restart ? Early talk is of a two week suspension to take us up to the international break. But as confirmed cases rise steeply, it’s difficult to see how the powers that be can see fit to suspend games in the current climate yet sanction their return when figures will undoubtably be much higher than now. I don’t think abandoning the season is the answer, but now that players are testing positive for this virus, that scenario has to be a distinct possibility.
  19. Apologies immediately for going off tack, but this subject I find quite fascinating, Quite a number of years ago (about 15 ish), I watched a TV programme about an American gay guy who had dated several other gays who he later found out were all HIV+. He then thought that he should go and get tested for the virus himself because of the sheer number of times he had unprotected sex with these numerous HIV+ blokes. To his amazement, he tested negative and because of this the scientists became aware of him. These scientists then took several samples of his blood and tried to infect it with HIV. All attempts failed. His blood was still negative. So the boffins thought that they had stumbled, completely by accident, on the holy grail to finding a vaccine against HIV. All they had to do was to analyse these blood samples and find out how it destroyed the virus and “hey ho” they had a cure. Wrong ! None of the greatest scientists in this complex field could figure out how this could have had happened ! I don’t know whether this helped towards today’s advancement in treatment for this terrible disease, but I find this story incredible ! Isn’t science fascinating !
  20. But at least the Undertaking business will be on the up. Forget the falling Stock Exchange, get your money into embalming fluid.
  21. According to official government figures, as of 9am this morning the number of confirmed cases in Stoke On Trent was, err, none. Even in Staffordshire as a whole the figure was only four. Who knows how all this will turn out, but the current hysteria is driving me crackers. At the end of the day, we’re all going to die from something. And it’s highly unlikely to be from coronavirus.
  22. Only just discovered this Samantha Fish, but she’s blew my mind away ! Posted one earlier, but just had to share this one.Apologies if people are already aware of her, but wow !
  23. There’s just something about good music and short skirts isn’t there ?
  24. Let’s put this into some sort of perspective. Last figures I can find from Cancer Research UK (2014-16) say that 1 in 2 Britons will develop some sort of cancer in their lives. Around 363,000 new cancer cases are diagnosed every year, of which 40% are avoidable. Of those new diagnoses, some 47,000 are lung cancer cases caused in the main by smoking. 35,000 of those cases result in death, of which around 10% is attributed to passive smoking. So around 3,500 UK citizens who chose not to smoke die every year because someone else chooses to smoke around them. We currently have 85 ( yes 85 ) coronavirus cases in the UK of which very few ( if indeed any) will result in death. So what’s my point ? The whole of the country is in lockdown over something that in all probability is not going to cause anything more than an inconvenience, but we don’t seem to have a problem with smokers pumping s••t into non smokers lungs against their will. But overall, around 145,000 new cancer cases every single year are completely avoidable and here we are worrying about less than 100 coronavirus cases, Crazy.
  25. I don’t necessarily think that the media is rotten, but it is perhaps more to do with the fact that the general public show a staggering inability to think for themselves. I was, perhaps surprisingly, in the local overhearing punters saying that they would not go into the nearby Chinese Takeaway until all this was over. I too would not go into the place, but that is more to do with the poor fare on offer as opposed to any potential coronavirus health issues. Oh, and the rats.
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