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  1. Could listen to this guy all night !
  2. Encouraging news on the vaccination front ! Coronavirus: Oxford vaccine triggers immune response https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53469839
  3. Interesting article about how the virus is mutating - and the possible consequences. Coronavirus: Are mutations making it more infectious? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-53325771
  4. We’re all in this together ? Well apparently not. Coronavirus: Russian spies target Covid-19 vaccine research https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-53429506
  5. Remember this story ? What has happened to the report into Priti Patel? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-53422019 Something else Boris wants to brush under the carpet.
  6. Keith Hill will leave Bolton at the end of the season and be replaced by Barrow’s Ian Evatt. Elsewhere, Sol Campbell leaves Roots Hall by “mutual consent”. Shock, horror ! With the situations at both clubs in August, what was either manager expected to do ? I’m no particular fan of Campbell’s, but for him to cop the flack for a disastrous season at one of this years basket case clubs is ridiculous. Last summer Bolton didn’t know if they would exist come the opening day. Plus calling off matches for lack of players and then playing the youth team as the firs XI, it’s a wonder Hill managed to get any draws let alone wins during his short tenure. Hill will be in work come the start of the season (maybe Barrow ?) but Campbell’s future I would suggest is less clear. However, good luck to both of them.
  7. Spain & Italy were the two European countries who suffered the brunt of the COVID crisis before it bore its brunt on the UK. However, Italy have now been recording double figure deaths since the start of June (yesterday just 6 deaths) while Spain have been recording new infections of only around the 300 mark for the same period. Meanwhile, the UK is still recording three figure deaths and new infections around the 1,000 mark daily. So if as reported Spain & Italy’s woes were down to health systems being unable to cope, what excuse does the UK have seeing as we have coped admirably in this respect ? Is it due to government ineptitude or the general public’s lack of respect for the disease itself ? Both I suspect.
  8. ONS figures released yesterday for the two weeks to June 21st suggested that 1 in 1100 in the community had the virus during that period. The previous week figures for the fortnight to the 14th June suggested this was 1 in 1700. As the advert says “you do the maths”.
  9. So, after 3 months of updates the government had seen fit to end these daily briefings. No more bumblings from Boris or towing of the party line from any of his inept cabinet. I have to say that on the whole I personally have found them quite informative, albeit that anything interesting came from the sidekick scientists as opposed to government ministers themselves. But in the long run, I wonder how much damage these briefings will cause to the reputations of the ministers (and ultimately government) who have fronted these broadcasts ? Previously the only opportunity the electorate would have had of witnessing these elected members in action would have been in Parliament, which I doubt few would have seen. However, having their ineptitude broadcast into our living rooms on a regular basis cannot but convince even the most loyal Tory of the lack of ability to take charge of a crisis by any of Boris’ inner sanctum. What will I do now at 5pm on a weekday ? Back to Garden Rescue I suppose !
  10. The continued season is only one game in and it already has its first managerial casualty. Out goes Jonathon Woodgate to be replaced at the Riverside by everyone’s friend Neil Warnock. Warnock, who has the best ever anagram of Colin W*nker, just refuses to retire !
  11. If, as often quoted, the government is guided by the science, does this then mean that all the mistakes that have clearly been made are the fault SAGE as opposed to Boris & Co ? Just a thought.
  12. It’s all to do with money isn’t it ? Holiday destinations are simply trying to recoup as much as they can from the remainder of the season. When money is concerned, it’s amazing how people can find ways to justify their actions. Do we as a society want profits or to really try and beat this virus ? It seems to me that as it stands it has to be one or the other, as balancing the two does not seem to work.
  13. I find it a bit disconcerting that new infections have remained around the 1,200 confirmed cases a day for about the last week and a half or so. If the “R” IS genuinely below 1 as is being reported, then surely these new infections would be expected to continue to decline, not to simply level out. I would have hoped that by now these figures would have been into three figures daily, but sadly this does not seem to be the case for the immediate future. 🙏🏻
  14. ONS figures released today suggest that 0.06% of the population had the virus between 25/5 and 7/6. This equates to about 33,000 infected people or 1 in 1,700 of the population over the two week period. Last weeks figure suggested 1 in 1,000 people carrying the virus and the previous week was 1 in 400. If these figures are to be believed ( and I have no reason to doubt them) the infection rate would genuinely appear to be shrinking which has to be excellent news.
  15. Appalling performance from Sharma at today’s Downing Street briefing. I don’t think he attempted to answer a single question either directly or even indirectly, except to continually quote the now much used “we will keep it under review” line. No minister has come out of these briefings with flying colours, but Sharma’s efforts at fronting such have been particularly poor. Today’s effort did not contradict that view.
  16. Lockdown boredom set in again, so just took another look at the famous “rope a dope” bout again. Two things I had forgotten about this classic ; 1. Despite Ali’s approach, he was still ahead on all 3 judges cards and 2 What a finish from Ali !
  17. As new infections have now fell continually over a number of days, could it be that the consistent hot weather is a factor after all ?
  18. On March 16th the Prime Minister stood in front of the BBC camera’s in Downing St to give the first daily coronavirus update. How he must now sorely regret that decision. Daily since, we have seen a plethora of ministers being hung out to dry behind the wooden lectern hosting this agonising briefing. Names we had heard, but new little about. How the PM must wish this had remained so. I’m no political animal by any means, but have watched these updates regularly if only to learn what has happened regarding the crisis. However, all I have learned is what a bunch of completely useless tools we have running the country. The Keele University educated Pritti Patel is worthy of special praise. She could argue in an empty room whilst never answering any question posed. When all this is over we need another “night of the long knives” in honour of Harold Macmillan who famously sacked seven members of his incompetent cabinet overnight in 1962. But any sympathy people may have had towards Johnson and the situation he found himself in must surely have evaporated like labour’s presence in Stoke On Trent. I thought that Sir Alec Douglas Home’s thankfully short and uninspired premiership could not be replicated, but Mr Johnson has taken incompetency to a completely new level. Lord help us.
  19. Cummings was due on stage at 4pm. He didn’t make his curtain call till circa 4.30pm .According to the TV correspondent, the BBC received the reviewed statement from Durham Police at 4.01pm. I would suggest that Johnson/Cummings got wind of the new police statement and decided it may be wise to see what it said before putting the other foot in it.
  20. I think that the real worrying part of all this is that Boris might actually believe him. Scary.
  21. The Prime Minister clarifies the Dominic Cummings confusion ;
  22. Good luck to the poor sap who’s fronting tomorrow’s Pravda briefing at 4pm !
  23. I like the story that when Halifax (who was once quoted by his friend Chips Channon as saying that the Nazi regime was “absolutely fantastic”) was despatched to Germany to meet with the German leadership he reportedly handed his coat to Hitler believing him to be a “bell hop” Oops ! Another apology for going off topic. But a great story !
  24. Checked out the stats for that 1st round. Hagler landed 50 from 82 and Hearns 56 from 83 ! First time I remember seeing “Marvellous Marvin” was sometime in the mid 70’s when he dismantled Alan Minter to claim the Brits WBA & WBC titles. Excellent at the dark arts of the game and one tough cookie !
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