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  1. People talk about legends. Here IS one ;
  2. In that 86 quarter final,for the non hand of god goal Fenwick wasn't even quick enough to kick him and he ran past Reid like he had cement in his boots. Mind you, I still say that it was an own goal by Butcher. But what a player and what a talent.
  3. Brook has not been the fighter he was for a few years now, mainly due to the injuries. But the night he beat undefeated Shawn Porter in Vegas was one of the finest displays I can remember from a Brit on the other side of the pond. Nothing was in his favour that night, apart from having a heart like a lion and a steely Sheffield determination to win. As mentioned above, the time is now probably right to hang up the gloves.
  4. Been back in Stoke for a few days, but "Mr Personality" Mark Drakeford (does he ever wear a shirt that fits) is not keen on me crossing his border. Well me and Wilko Johnson have a cunning plan ;
  5. Overall, I don't believe that ref's do indeed make game changing decisions. Players make far more mistakes in one game than a ref' makes in a season which may result in a different result. Players miss penalties, 'keepers drop crosses, someone misses an open goal etc etc. These types of mistake change the result of the match far more than any perceived indiscretion by the "merry whistle-blower" But are they themselves indicted? As I have said on numerous occasions, the referee is the only honest man on the pitch. More emphasis should be placed on players cheating (and I make no apologies for the phrase) than referee's occasional mistakes which, contrary to popular belief, are not as common as is led to believe. And even then, it is down to interpretation as whether the man in black was wrong or not.
  6. We will obviously either win, lose, or possibly even draw, but whatever happens will not be because of the referee. Too much emphasise is placed on a referee's performance. Our result will depend on our own display, not that of the much maligned "man in black"
  7. I hear what both sides of the discussion say, ie his hold up play is good, or he has no pace etc etc. But very few people actually acknowledge that he is by far the best finisher we have had for quite a while. If he finds himself with a chance in the box, he invariably finishes it with either his head or foot. He's not just a heading machine. Sometimes there is too much talk from the inteligente about his attributes, or indeed lack of. Pope is a goalscorer. Realise that, as Adams did, and then you get the best out of him.
  8. Just in case any younger posters wondered what us OVF dinosaurs did for entertainment in the days of Gordo Lee, take a look at this - and cringe!
  9. The first revolution is when you change your mind. 

    Gil Scott Heron

  10. Leave it a few weeks and pick it up in some charity shop for 10 bob. Even then it will be over priced.
  11. Seeing as there's no Vale at the moment, this seems quite appropriate! I just love the simplicity and innocence of the video! Oh, and the great song! From an ex punk, thanks Pete Shelley for the great music! R. I. P.
  12. Just looking through the card for tomorrow's opening day of the Cambridgeshire meeting at Newmarket and noticed a familiar name running in the 3.35. MILDENBERGER! To the more longstanding fight fan, Karl will be remembered as one of very few German heavyweights to grace the ring. A rustic fighter who held the European Heavyweight title in the 60's who allegedly hurt Ali in their World title fight. Think I'll have a tenner on it, even if just for old times sake!
  13. Horton has had a decent career in football, of that there is no doubt. There is also no doubt that he was a top player, even at the highest national level. However, his management skills left a lot to be desired. He was the catalyst to our fall from relative grace, yet he still finds other reasons for our demise under his leadership. I might suggest that playing Liam Burns at centre forward (albeit late in the game) one Friday night near Xmas at Boundary Park and a similar move with Sagi Burton at Northampton may have had more to do with our fall. I loved the guy as a player for us. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about his Vale managership tenure. To me, he was completely nuts and those wild eyes were something to behold - unless they were transfixed on you..
  14. In the words of Mandy Rice Davies, “he would wouldn’t he” ?
  15. On a similar tack, wasn’t Johnny Nelson rumoured to be coming out of retirement ? Thankfully, nothing seems to have come of it. Whilst on the subject of Johnny Nelson, I have to say what an excellent show he and Adam Smith have on Sky. Top drawer stuff !
  16. Sad to hear of the passing of former middleweight world champion Alan Minter. Minter became an household name in 1972 when winning a bronze medal at the Munich Olympics, which were made famous by American swimmer Mark Spitz’s 7 golds. Minter went on to become World Middleweight Champion, but his reign was brief after being destroyed by “Marvellous” Marvin Hagler in only his second defence in 1980. Maybe not the most talented British boxing champ, but a dedicated pro who made the most of his attributes. Another sporting hero from my youth, who is sadly no longer with us.
  17. When the FA Cup was treated with the respect it deserved, 1st Division (now Premier) Burnley’s 1975 home defeat to then non league Wimbledon was a huge shock. Premier league Burnley then of course lost again to non league Lincoln in the same competition a few seasons ago. Once is unlucky. Twice is careless !
  18. Perhaps the biggest upset and certainly the most controversial victory in sport was the USA v USSR 1972 Olympic Basketball Final. The USA had won all 7 previous Olympic titles dating back to the Jesse Owens games of 1936. Then this happened ! Now that’s controversy!
  19. Becker winning Wimbledon as an unseeded 17 year old in 1985 crossed my mind, as did 22 year old unseeded qualifier Sean Murphy winning the 2005 World Snooker Championship. For the older generation, Foinavon winning the 1967 Grand National was historic, but only at odds of 100/1. But it WAS the Grand National.
  20. Irish horse He Knows No Fear beat odds of 300-1 today when landing a maidens mile race at Leopardstown, making him the longest odds winner in racing history ! In his only other start he was sent off at 250-1 before finishing 12th of 14 ! What other sporting upsets can beat this ?
  21. In the words of Mandy Rice Davies “he would wouldn’t he ?”
  22. Just come across this article (granted from a few years ago) where Stefan Edberg shares his views on this subject. As an ex Wimbledon singles champion, I think it’s fair to say he knows the game. Hot on the heels of another ex Wimbledon champ Pat Cash saying “women’s tennis is trash” here’s what the Swede had to say. http://stefanstennis.free.fr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1641:qwomens-tennis-of-poor-qualityq&catid=8:mix&Itemid=36
  23. I have no problem with women’s sport of any description. Let me make that quite clear. However, the standard of women’s football is not of the quality to justify all the media attention and especially TV coverage that it is afforded. In reality the BBC only started covering it because they had so little sport to show with all the sporting rights being lost to satellite companies such as Sky and BT. So of course I wholly endorse female sporting participation, but certainly in football terms the quality on show does not justify the media hype which surrounds it.
  24. Could listen to this guy all night !
  25. Keith Hill will leave Bolton at the end of the season and be replaced by Barrow’s Ian Evatt. Elsewhere, Sol Campbell leaves Roots Hall by “mutual consent”. Shock, horror ! With the situations at both clubs in August, what was either manager expected to do ? I’m no particular fan of Campbell’s, but for him to cop the flack for a disastrous season at one of this years basket case clubs is ridiculous. Last summer Bolton didn’t know if they would exist come the opening day. Plus calling off matches for lack of players and then playing the youth team as the firs XI, it’s a wonder Hill managed to get any draws let alone wins during his short tenure. Hill will be in work come the start of the season (maybe Barrow ?) but Campbell’s future I would suggest is less clear. However, good luck to both of them.
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