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  1. Although I echo your points, no one admitted to supporting the formation of the Premier League in 1992. But it happened (and was allowed to happen) yet years later the egotistical amongst us claim that it is the best league in the world when previously despising its conception. Anyone who thinks that football and football owners care about its supporters (I will exclude Carol from this comment) really needs to look at themselves in the mirror. Owners at any level have never cared about fans and never will. Divide and conquer, yet again, is the order of the day. And, sadly, will continue to be the case.
  2. The word maverick could have been invented for Frank. A hugely talented player, he was a joy to watch, even in his early days at Huddersfield. He looked more like a biker than a footballer and his attraction for the opposite sex was well documented. Too many players today are sanitised at an early age to be media friendly. Fans want to relate to their hero's, not hear the now too often well rehearsed soundbites. Fans could relate to Frank. He lived in their world. The real world, unlike today's footballers parallel world. Goodbye Frank and thanks for the sparkling entertainment.
  3. I don't get the anti Salford deal. Yes, they spend more than they take in and are bankrolled by a rich owner. Tell me one club who doesn't and isn't.
  4. UK exports to the EU fall by 40% in January says ONS. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/business-56370690
  5. Most people will only know the Stereophonics version, but the original by the vastly underrated Chris Farlowe does justice to this Mike D'Abo number.
  6. In the bleakest of bleak mid winters we could all do with a bit of sun. Even if it is only a paper one. Joss sticks at the ready!
  7. That's assuming of course that he knows what day it is.
  8. People talk about legends. Here IS one ;
  9. Brook has not been the fighter he was for a few years now, mainly due to the injuries. But the night he beat undefeated Shawn Porter in Vegas was one of the finest displays I can remember from a Brit on the other side of the pond. Nothing was in his favour that night, apart from having a heart like a lion and a steely Sheffield determination to win. As mentioned above, the time is now probably right to hang up the gloves.
  10. Been back in Stoke for a few days, but "Mr Personality" Mark Drakeford (does he ever wear a shirt that fits) is not keen on me crossing his border. Well me and Wilko Johnson have a cunning plan ;
  11. Just in case any younger posters wondered what us OVF dinosaurs did for entertainment in the days of Gordo Lee, take a look at this - and cringe!
  12. Only the gravy variety.
  13. The first revolution is when you change your mind. 

    Gil Scott Heron

  14. Seeing as there's no Vale at the moment, this seems quite appropriate! I just love the simplicity and innocence of the video! Oh, and the great song! From an ex punk, thanks Pete Shelley for the great music! R. I. P.
  15. Just looking through the card for tomorrow's opening day of the Cambridgeshire meeting at Newmarket and noticed a familiar name running in the 3.35. MILDENBERGER! To the more longstanding fight fan, Karl will be remembered as one of very few German heavyweights to grace the ring. A rustic fighter who held the European Heavyweight title in the 60's who allegedly hurt Ali in their World title fight. Think I'll have a tenner on it, even if just for old times sake!
  16. PA, you stole my thunder ! But you are clearly correct !
  17. Perhaps the most surprising entrant is the appalling Vanessa Feltz. Her reported 405,000 a year could be more understandable if it was in lira’s as opposed to pounds sterling. Terrible, talentless, irksome woman. Consequently, she fits in quite well at Aunty Beeb.
  18. On a similar tack, wasn’t Johnny Nelson rumoured to be coming out of retirement ? Thankfully, nothing seems to have come of it. Whilst on the subject of Johnny Nelson, I have to say what an excellent show he and Adam Smith have on Sky. Top drawer stuff !
  19. Sad to hear of the passing of former middleweight world champion Alan Minter. Minter became an household name in 1972 when winning a bronze medal at the Munich Olympics, which were made famous by American swimmer Mark Spitz’s 7 golds. Minter went on to become World Middleweight Champion, but his reign was brief after being destroyed by “Marvellous” Marvin Hagler in only his second defence in 1980. Maybe not the most talented British boxing champ, but a dedicated pro who made the most of his attributes. Another sporting hero from my youth, who is sadly no longer with us.
  20. Could listen to this guy all night !
  21. Encouraging news on the vaccination front ! Coronavirus: Oxford vaccine triggers immune response https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53469839
  22. Interesting article about how the virus is mutating - and the possible consequences. Coronavirus: Are mutations making it more infectious? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-53325771
  23. We’re all in this together ? Well apparently not. Coronavirus: Russian spies target Covid-19 vaccine research https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-53429506
  24. Keith Hill will leave Bolton at the end of the season and be replaced by Barrow’s Ian Evatt. Elsewhere, Sol Campbell leaves Roots Hall by “mutual consent”. Shock, horror ! With the situations at both clubs in August, what was either manager expected to do ? I’m no particular fan of Campbell’s, but for him to cop the flack for a disastrous season at one of this years basket case clubs is ridiculous. Last summer Bolton didn’t know if they would exist come the opening day. Plus calling off matches for lack of players and then playing the youth team as the firs XI, it’s a wonder Hill managed to get any draws let alone wins during his short tenure. Hill will be in work come the start of the season (maybe Barrow ?) but Campbell’s future I would suggest is less clear. However, good luck to both of them.
  25. Spain & Italy were the two European countries who suffered the brunt of the COVID crisis before it bore its brunt on the UK. However, Italy have now been recording double figure deaths since the start of June (yesterday just 6 deaths) while Spain have been recording new infections of only around the 300 mark for the same period. Meanwhile, the UK is still recording three figure deaths and new infections around the 1,000 mark daily. So if as reported Spain & Italy’s woes were down to health systems being unable to cope, what excuse does the UK have seeing as we have coped admirably in this respect ? Is it due to government ineptitude or the general public’s lack of respect for the disease itself ? Both I suspect.
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