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  1. [emoji106][emoji106] I take that on the chin Yukon.
  2. Ha ha I like that! But a bit of advice it’s always better to have the favour owed for when you may be in a more dire situation than smurf And another one might be to keep it to yourself Ze valls av earz comrade
  3. Well explained Robf and I fully understand and appreciate all the great work you put in for our sake My thread was a bit tongue in cheek tbf not meant to be a cheap jibe so apologies mate All the best and thanks for the ovf site
  4. Yes but still......only got so much patience y’know
  5. No mate. It’s made using ovf tonight unenjoyable
  6. If this forum carry’s on the way it is with missing posts etc then it’ll be going same way as Vale at the minute....down the pan! I’ve had them many posts go missing today I’ve lost count, shocking!
  7. Not all of them as I say pope and worrall do try every game
  8. I agree they aren’t very good really. Believe it or not I respect your views but I have my thoughts also
  9. Already been done for a long time Earle, porter, beckford, Walker, aspin, guppy, macarthy , Ian Taylor to name a few they gave you something back every game not one in bloody five games. It’s a joke what we’re watching if me or you did it consistently badly like this lot we’d be sacked
  10. I’m paying for a season ticket. They get paid to entertain. Ha ha funny thought you knew everything? Obviously not.
  11. Mate tried lift them week in week out and a few away games. So obviously that doesn’t work with this lot
  12. What one game in five? Not good enough really
  13. No I don’t and neither does any other Vale fan The players need to sit down and watch old Vale 90’s videos and see real passion there’s none in today’s young players. Vale means a hell of a lot to me and it’s horrible times at the minute to see our demise Scum like smurf and nearly all the tripe we have playing for us are bringing us down
  14. They aren’t motivated because they got nowt in them to get motivated they’re tripe end of name me a player apart from pope and worrall who show any guts so don’t pick on my fu@@in post I’ll say what I like and to me my reply was why not? Sticking up for the poster who had why? Thrown at them it was his or hers view so I respect how they feel about Vale at the minute Sorry if you don’t like it but I’m not that bothered tbh
  15. Don’t think so. Smurf will have that 1-1 very soon
  16. He may Be our main threat as far as when you look at the goals he’s scored 16. But the system aspin asks him to play he is about as much use as me and I’m 53! When he has his op which is inevitable so we may aswell do it sooner rather than later because it’s doing us no good atall to have him on the pitch in that state So let’s see how good aspin is at changing the system to play say forrester/turner or whoever but atleast we’ll have a bit of speed if nowt else. Give Popey his op and a rest he deserves it. Let the others step up to the plate The only bad thing is it’s pope who’s injured and not one of Tonge or Pugh
  17. I think if aspin and rudge keep us up after all the lies off smurf then they may just jump ship They would’ve done their job and kept us in this dog@hit league against all the odds with a squad full of garbage so called footballers so why stay and listen to ********** lies I wouldn’t be surprised if they walked I would
  18. I’d go forrester/turner not Barnett only as a sub
  19. I put a comment on earlier today on this just a question to the big men who run this , where’s it gone?
  20. Micky ADAMS top Man!! Thanks boss [emoji106]
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