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  1. On the debate between experience and rookies, the Cowleys had little track record before taking Lincoln front non league to league one. And Ainsworth the same at Wycombe, Currently the longest serving manager in the leagues and in the championship. Every experienced manager started somewhere. Its a gamble which ever way we turn.
  2. It will be interesting to see if its the management that they fell out with, or some of the other players, causing a rift. Both capable players, but both have contributed nothing.
  3. Are Robinson and Mckirdy still on their merry way, or have we gained two new players with clean slates and a point to prove? Be interesting to see how things pan out under the new regime??
  4. We've not had a passionate manager since micky left. I don't know who's more monotone Askey, Brown or Aspin. Can we get someone with a bit of fire in his gut please.
  5. He's got to go tonight. How can the players become so bad so quickly. It only points to the manager the motivation and the tactics. He's got to go tonight.
  6. Looked like he wanted to get sent off. Disgrace to the shirt
  7. Apart from the interesting line that she won't shy away from difficult decisions, she makes them everyday. Still think at the moment though they think the squad is strong enough to turn things around. I tend to agree, this season is far from over.
  8. Amazing how many players are "injured " just before a transfer window. Worrall linked with a move, suddenly injured, Colon linked with a move and he has to isolate , I hope were not losing either of them.
  9. You"d of thought so, were 6 points off, which shows how poor this league is.
  10. A point away from home is never a bad result and probably what we needed, but jeez that was a hard watch. Clean sheet is a positive, hope we can build on it now.
  11. Industrious performance so far. Were doing ok, even though we haven't really threatened going forward. Hopefully start the second half solid, and try to nick something.
  12. Might aswell have given them a game today [emoji848]
  13. I'm off take the dog for a walk, im going stand and vent at these Jokers when they come out. One man and his dog...
  14. Don't think there will be much of a queue for season ticket renewals either.
  15. Crookes actually playing as a centre back is good to see, he's hardly been given a chance to play in his natural role. Hope he gets a run of games and not just judged on today.
  16. On a yellow and getting skinned everytime, subbing him would make sense.
  17. Unfortunately, a very accurate assessment, wouldn't be shocked at all should this happen . Its like watching a film with a terrible ending, you know how its ends, but you still watch it over and over.
  18. So frustrating!@@@ had enough chances tonight to win 3 games. We desperately need a striker, but the most disappointing thing is, another long ball over the top and bang an equalizer. After I've calmed down I will realise that that was a good performance against one of the best teams in the league, but it feels like another 2 points thrown away. We look like a very good league 2 team, just the final piece of the jigsaw is missing.
  19. Fair play Joe, your opinions or how how you defend them wasnt an issue [emoji106]
  20. Most arrogant post ever. Do all people who read books regularly have a superior opinions to everyone else? Maybe you should provide a booklist for people so they can share your views Joe. Personally I'm fully behind any players that want to take a knee, but if some people are against it, thats their right to say so. But reading books doesn't make anybodies options more valid, they vary widely in content.
  21. Gareth Southgate watching the Manchester Derby, is there a need for him to be there?
  22. Pitch looks good, can't remember us having it cut in circles or anything other than straight lines before. Speedy must be feeling inspired. Going for a 3-0 win today, Smith, Rodney and Mckirdy off the bench.
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