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  1. I expect the same, although the defence has been leaking like a culinder all season, the midfield hasn't done its job of protecting them neither. Maybe Oyeleke or Burgess sat alongside Joyce to stiffen our resolve. Getting clean sheets is going to be the main priority, rather than chasing games all the time. It will be interesting to see who DC plays in that defensive midfield role. Fancy us to stink the place out tomorrow, park the bus and hit them on the break late on. And if that's the case il be delighted, we need some grubby one nil smash n grabs to get us clear of the bottom.
  2. I agree, irrelevant to some degree, 18 games left, our last 18 games we have been woeful and got 13 points. 13 points from the remaining fixtures would be enough (45pts) for us to survive. But really we should be looking at a much better return and finish comfortably in the middle. He's stuck with the cards he's been dealt until the summer, but even so, its about getting the best out of who we have. I'm still gullible enough to think we have a decent squad already, but for whatever reason it just hasn't clicked this season. A half decent manager can get out squad motivated and organised and climbing the table. Next season is the real test.
  3. I still reckon legges sending off at Mansfield was deliberate, either that or absolute stupidity. He hasn't made an appearance since.
  4. Nowt as fickle as football fans. Win Saturday and the majority will want danny until the end of the season, lose and this forum will explode with, we need a manager in asap!! I see it like this, its less than a week since Carol said they were starting an interview process, she also said it won't be Danny, and also gave a breif summary of whats she's looking for from the new boss. I'm not doubting her word for a single minute. He may be announced before Saturday and sit in the stand and let Danny do his thing, it maybe early next week before we hear anything. Either way we are getting a new manager, I have no reason to doubt her whatsoever. Maybe we should show a little bit of patience, and see what unfolds. Carols at the wheel UTV
  5. Apart from a rumour on Facebook, does anybody actually know we are haggling over wages? That wasn't a dig, just a genuine question. Maybe the shortlist is being worked right now. Does anybody actually know Flitcroft was a done deal, or is it just assumed because of the bookies odds? Too many people claiming their in the know, when in reality, they've heard a rumour. I don't mind Pugh carrying on until we get the right man, speed not haste.
  6. Unless its Mitch clark on a permanent, im going to be very underwhelmed.
  7. Very happy tonight, great all round performance by the lads. Gibbo made a huge difference for me. Few contenders for mom, obviously Rodney for one, but I thought Guthrie was mustard today, great hold up play and chased everything, just needed a goal to top off a great performance. There will be tougher opponents for us, but well happy with that display.
  8. Worrying that poor teams are beating us, we're in big trouble.
  9. I'd question his sanity if he agreed to join our sinking ship.
  10. Well said mate, I was expecting it and bemused it didn't happen.
  11. Browns howler aside, that wasn't bad at all. I'd like to see Hurst and Burgess on for the last half hour and get at these.
  12. I'd say Guthrie already looks like an upgrade on Robinson with that small cameo, won headers brought team mates into the game.
  13. Smash and grabbed a point there. Far from spectacular, but a point away at one of the leaders is not to be sniffed at. Definitely something to build on.
  14. Exactly, Colchester fans rate Theo, but he's done nowt here, and Scott Quigley looked a different player than the one I remember. As long as Guthrie puts a shift in, the fans will back him..Oh and scores a few goals..
  15. So it did happen then? I'm sure they actually played, love to know who the vale fan was.
  16. Can anybody back me up here. Chatting at work, nobody remembers this but me, im starting to doubt my memory. In a friendly at the Victoria ground back in the early 80's, did the sentinel run a competition for fans, with the winners playing in the match? I'm positive the two winners came on as subs in the second half. Am I going mad?
  17. Is gibbo anywhere near coming in yet? Anybody heard?
  18. My point being, anybody in their first role would stand alot more chance with decent owners.
  19. A couple of comments on here about Micheal Brown, please remember the situation he was in is completely different to the one Danny Pugh is in. Browny had Norman to deal with, and was expected to shop at poundland with 76 pence in his pocket. Also didnt get to pick who he wanted, somebody else was sorting that for him. Yes ultimately he failed and was hounded out, but could it of been different for him under good owners who backed him 100 %? We will never know. I probably slated him aswell on here because I'm a fickle football fan, but in highsight,i feel sorry for the bloke, tried his best with his hands tied behind his back. Any manager coming into the hot seat now, will have much more support and backing. Aspin for that matter had the same to deal with. That's why when you hear Danny Cowley saying they want to move somewhere with good owners, you can understand why. The owners are vital to a manager succeeding.
  20. 442 interesting, good to have worral and hurst sending balls into front 2. Problem is you take a man out of the the center. Conlon needs to be a busy boy today. Be interesting to see how much the full backs push on in this system. It has the flexibility to revert to 3 in the middle, with Rodney dropping deeper if were getting overun in the middle. Come on Vale, cheer me up with 3 points please.
  21. Nick cowley on sky doing the lincoln match.
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