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  1. China will not be our biggest investor no matter what. Our biggest investor will likely continue to be the EU as a block. China hardly invests in developed countries. Sub-Saharan Africa, South America and South East Asia are where China looks for value. Britains Trade Policy for the last 25 years has been to allow external investment in return for giving the source nation of that investment accessible to the FTA through Britain. When we leave what are we offering? Lowering corporation tax has worked until now. You can't keep financial services from doing to Frankfurt, Paris and Dublin like they are right now if you haven't got passporting rights.
  2. And this is prettying much why Brexit is quite pointless and self harming. We're willing to drop 53 Free Trade Agreements that the EU brings us right now and go away to negotiate far less than that, at a far less value. Our civil service at full clap probably has the capacity to negotiate and sort out maybe 2 agreements at a time, if it's a bigger one like the US probably just one. These will take years, each. Keep what you have and work from their. There is no point putting hard work in the bin to work even harder to get nowhere near it again.
  3. In 5 years? Brexit will take a generation to sort out, it won't be completed in 2 years, we'll Serb years of bilateral agreements signed (Much the relationship the EU have with Switzerland who've been signing them since 1974). In 5 years we won't be much further down the line of saying "We've left but we don't know what relationship with the EU we want". The main reason for this is it's never been done beforehand and A50 is pretty vague as a technical document, another reason which we've seen of late is the EU are willing for us to stay, imagine a change of Government if their is another GE this year that has different negotiating priorities. We will leave the EU, we won't know what it means to us fully for a decade at least. But we could leave tomorrow on WTO terms couldn't we? No. It's not that simple of straight forward. The WTO is very complicated for Britain, because of our own amazingly complex layers of Bureaucracy.
  4. I don't think Labour failed alone, I think all parties failed together in a weird political suicide pact. The Torys should have walked it. The LibDems should have picked up more than they did because of their commitment to a second referendum, Labour were starting from death bed and had they been remotely competent for the last 2 years as an opposition, given the way the election went, they'd have walked this. They commited a weird suicide between them precisely because between all of them, they don't know what they want and they sure as hell don't know what we want either, they've all failed to commit to solid, sensible, popular policies that would attract voters.
  5. I really don't think you understand what a Manifesto is. A Manifesto is a document that sets out policies for the Parliament ahead, should a party win it means they are to set those Policies outlined in the Manifesto to Parliament to have a look at. I think you've suffered from a reading and understanding difficulty, granted you can read, it understanding isn't your bag. Show me where, in the link that I has to provide you because you willfully made an outright lie about about Labours manifesto, where it says Labours it to explicitly policy is to stay in the customs union? I'll tell you what, this might come as a shock to you, but you can use any number of internet search engines to find out for yourself why Labour sacked some front benchers last night, as I'm not a member, Labour voter or part of the party's hierarchy it would be disingenuous at best for me to have a stab at it.
  6. Can you let me know what page of the Labour manifesto is says they are in favour of leaving the Customs Union and it's something they'd do? Oh yeah, they never put that in their manifesto. If you link this link and go down as far as the third paragraph (http://www.labour.org.uk/index.php/manifesto2017/brexit) you'll see what was actually included in the manifesto. Who'd have thought a claim such as that would be so easy to disprove just by a simple Google Search. The basic thing that Labour did was not to throw away the Leave voters, the Torys have all but thrown away Remainers. Labour made broad non-commital statements on Brexit to ensure they captured as many people as possible and because nobody, absolutely nobody, knows how Brexit will end up. Great tactical game. Just so you know, this Tory government have broken more Manifesto promises than any other in the history of represntitive democracy in the U.K. We're only 2 weeks into this Government by the way.
  7. I'm not here to protect your feelings, snowflake.
  8. 10/10 for absolutely not understanding what I've just said. Absolutely brilliant sir, I doff my cap at how out of your depth you've just come across.
  9. Yeah. We know. It's a plan to increase further EU nationals social freedoms. Reform their own political process. Create a greater external trading block with the like and if America, China and a collective block of South American Countries. They actually announce all of these things, it's probably on their own website, I know crazy isn't it? Imagine having a political agenda and telling everyone about it? It's almost novel compared to this Brexit in their pocket game our Government are playing.
  10. What Brexit as a political process did was unique. It engaged everybody and split them down the middle, Yes or No, In Or Out. It also allowed people to make flip a coin decisions because they didn't really know what they were voting for (Thats not to disparage anyone, thats the truth), it also gave a lot of people who read newspapers, watch TV news, listen to talk radio stations that opportunity to vote on something that has been prevalent in the press for 25 years and more but something that they never thought they had a voice for or with, when MEP elections take place they often took place at the same time as council elections, and who the hell votes in those? Nobody, so nobody voted for their MEP in any sort of great number. What this left us with was several groups of people who didn't fully understand what it was they were doing when they went into the ballot booth. Working class areas like Sunderland heavily voted to leave, not realising a lot of jobs depended on an EU funded car plant. Cornwall voted heavily to leave not realising that most of their tourist infrastructure was paid for by the EU, steel working areas of South Wales did the same. They didn't realise that there jobs depended on being in the EU to some degree, Nissan up there in Sunderland have done a deal with the Government, but Nissan are Japanese you say, yeah, 50% owned by Renault Or Peugeot (I forget which one). Voting remain was the safe hobsons choice thing that should have happened if people had been bothered to engage into European Politics for the last 2-3 decades, but they didn't they just let Newspapers, TV, and Radio inform them, a lot of people let someone tell them to jump off a cliff, and they only went and bloody did it.
  11. YEEEERRRRSSS! YOU TELL THEM BRO! Them Do Gooders aswell, how bloody dare they go around doing good. Thats a disgrace. Having a good deed done upon to one is a privilage not a right. The Do Gooders, we'll deport them aswell.
  12. The thing about France, is, that sexual preference aren't something they have hangs up about like other nations, such as the UK, this is because France is a socially more developed country than the UK, probably because there are fewer people like you living their, which in many ways is unfortunate for the rest of us, but hey, we like having someone who is so stupid that he doesn't realise he's stupid. Certainly makes me have a higher opinion of myself. Secondly, as Macron was gaining traction in the election he was hit with a massive cyber attack the day before the 2nd round of voting, lots of internal party documents were released to the public, the people who committed the hack, oh yeah, the Russians. So you could say their was an attempt to rig and influence the election afterall. Just not in the way that the conspiracy in your head would like it to have been.
  13. I don't see his point. Why should other people fund a loss making business? There are a lot of clubs out there that need to get real and live within their means. It's up to him to put his business in a position where it can survive on its own, if it can't he needs to cut back. It's a solidarity payment, not a hand out,the Premier League don;t have to do it but they feel they have a duty to do it, which is entirely up to them. The Premier Leagues response was insensitive and whoever made it should be bounced down the road, but the point stands that it is up to Football League Chairman/Owners to sort themselves out.
  14. A petition? This isn't a bus route or a council tip. Jesus Christ.
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