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  1. I do feel sorry for John Askey (and his Dad, who must be hurting too). He's a decent man, but for whatever reason, his management isn't working. It must be his worst nightmare. I hope we can find a dignified way forward for him - and sort out whatever it is that has supposed to have deflected his attention in recent weeks. We need to have all hands to the pump to turn things around on the pitch this month. If he's lost the players, the players need to do it for themselves, because when the ridout does come, some of them will be out of work as league players too.
  2. I disagree with you on your comments TJH - there's no reason why the 2 things can't go hand in hand. Carol is a businesswoman and she knows that the team has to perform first. She is a fan, and that in my book is a huge plus. I think it is wrong that there is negativity towards her after she saved the club, although like others on here I think she is about to make another really important call. It may be that losing gate revenue and paying of Smurf is a double whammy that is hurting the club, but I don't see her as using the vale to promote her community ethic. I think she wants us to be successful on the pitch, but bought a club at an inflated price from a shyster at a very bad time for football and the country. We should be right behind her, not questioning her motives, in my humble opinion.
  3. What I don't get is how this team that was going well earlier in the season has suddenly fallen off a cliff? I know the spine of the squad is ageing, I know we've had injuries etc, but we are making poor teams look very good. if it is a collective loss of nerve, confidence, bottle call it what you will, we have to get in fresh faces, manager included, and a new way of playing. Everyone seems to have worked us out now - "get at them early, and they won't come back at you" or "don't worry if they go ahead against you, keep passing it, they will run out of steam /discipline /both". I can't see anything else but a change of management and some fresh faces in January - a pacy central defender who can keep up would help. We look appalling defensively.
  4. BBC analysis says no shots on target. I guess the upside is that we haven't conceded either.
  5. Any news on how we are doing - is it a scintillating 0 - 0, or would we be better watching paint dry?
  6. A great shame. Lovely bloke, and one of the intelligent managers that improved the game with his ideas. RIP Gerard.
  7. What a wonderful set of pictures from an era long gone - a real slice of history there with Sir Stanley at the helm.
  8. The last 16 play in January, and there are not many League 2 sides left in it - anyone know when the draw is?
  9. Good to have another win after Saturday - and more money in the coffers.
  10. The opinion that I was starting a rumour was wrong - I was merely asking a question. No offence taken.
  11. Not at all guys - I'm just baffled as to why people on here say "he is all over the place" - read my post again. Surely he isn't being told to play wherever he wants? And it wasn't a rumour, just a question - that's why I put a question mark at the end of my comment, to garner opinion. Thanks for yours, but you're wrong. Why wouldn't I like McKirdy if he is playing his heart out for the team I love?
  12. In the previous game McKirdy played, someone on here used the same "all over the place" comment for his positional discipline. Maybe that's why he isn't being picked? It must make the manager's blood boil when he gives a player specific instructions and they just don't follow them and expose team mates? It seems odd that he roves when he should be holding a position?
  13. "When our backs are against the wall we crumble." That's what bothers me most - big physical teams intimidate us, yet never seem to get a man sent off. We do. There is no fight. I mean, just scrap it out lads, have some pride in the shirt! I wouldn't mind if this was a low point after which we turned things around, but looking across the team, I just can't see it. Can't work out if it is the players, the system, fitness, but we don't seem to have it at present. I guess another season of dented dreams.
  14. I'm just off to get some fresh air and have a walk round the block. Can't be witness to this any more. Let's hope home advantage on Saturday, plus the return of some key players, will arrest the decline. Really starting to worry about our lack of creativity.
  15. ...but what baffles me is how we were 5th not so long ago? have we just been lucky, or is this division really that gash?
  16. Tyler, I would argue that even if the management is limp (and I don't know his character, or if he is a cup thrower in the dressing room), the players ought to have enough about them to fight as well. It shouldn't be a case of "these are the tactics, they are not working, but we'll panic and stick to them". Professional players should be able to see what is going wrong and do something about it, rather than just hoof, lose it, repeat. Try something different?
  17. It seems to be a collective decline though? We keep pointing at individual players, and Brown owes us nothing after the way he has played for us, so I'm not pointing the finger at him, but where were the defence? If the midfield are being bypassed and not feeding the strikers, the defenders are in for a long night of pressure. So frustrating.
  18. Just signed in to find us in meltdown again. Not happy. I think the point about leadership on the pitch is important - a goal down against a struggling team needs some strong hearts and clear minds. Can't understand why this squad has plummeted so horribly of late. A flukey goal off someone's shin would suffice right now. We simply can't be losing this on top of recent results.
  19. "I should know as that’s when I started going Vale regularly it was after a cup tie v Liverpool lost 5-2 (Foyle 2 )" When did Liverpool beat Vale 5 - 2? Don't recall that happening in 50 years of watching Vale. Do you mean the cup tie v Manchester United in the League Cup in 1986? Foyle wan't a Vale player in those days.... I get your point about big games bringing in new fans, but which game was this?
  20. Rest in peace Old Sage - this forum alone was evidence of how much you loved this club. Sadly missed.
  21. The album Been Around by A Girl called Eddy. Released in January by the singer songwriter Erin Moran, as a follow up to her first album - all of 16 years ago! Shades of the Pretenders, Tracy Watt, Danny Wilson and Burt Bacharach. Beautiful voice and classy music - can't find a weak track on there.
  22. The last will and testament of Jake Thackray. Brilliant.
  23. Yep, Karen Carpenter - such a wonderful voice. She always made it look effortless. Thanks for the link to "Close to You" - got all misty eyed listening to that and being reminded of my first girlfriend...:)
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