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  1. It almost seems we are the Crewe of League two football wise !!
  2. Don't think he'll be missed to be honest,just put Amoo in his place !!
  3. Will the Tinkerman tinker again that is the question??
  4. Well done the Vale !!.....and well done the Manager !!
  5. Get shut of the spin masters... Utter garbage Clarke and Flitcroft!!
  6. Clarkes definitely not the answer that's for sure!!
  7. Lol..... 3 goals in 42 games!! Bring back Popey all is forgiven!!
  8. Wonder whose going to be the scapegoat this season and how long will it take to identify him ??[emoji23]
  9. Sound of Silence is absolutely brilliant !!
  10. Free and Bad Company !! Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  11. Disturbed !! Sent from my LG-V400 using Tapatalk
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