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  1. Yet another forgettable Vale shirt
  2. I hope you are right Rory. Many will have purchased tickets they would not have because they had little choice at the time of the opening offer(s). The sellers know what they are doing while the buyers are (by and large) inexperienced and will have taken what was available at the time.
  3. Maybe they think we're a stupid lot who will accept what they're given. I live in Shropshire. I've booked my return train journey but I won't purchase a match ticket until we are given the choice we would expect, which we obviously need to complain to get.
  4. Ticketmaster will be doing what they are told. The Wembley Stadium Company (or whatever they are called) will be calling the shots. I've been to Wembley Stadium many times. I don't want to sit behind the goal or in a cluster of seats around a corner flag. I (and I imagine many) will want to sit somewhere toward the half way line and high enough to get a worthwhile view of the whole field. The arrangements must be the decision of an organisation who have no interest in us as Port Vale supporters and are motivated by the hosting authority in their efforts to save a few quid.
  5. It doesn't take an Einstein sized brain to work out that Wembley Stadium are attempting to restrict the number of sections open for the game. However, they are not Wembley's tickets, they are Vale's. Thousands of supporters will watch from behind the goal when they will have preferred to have viewed from the side and /or higher up in the stands. Where we sit is being dictated by Wembley's profit. They are our tickets! Wembley must release all of our allocation. Would you accept a ticket in the Bycars because it was unprofitable to open the Railway? You wouldn't because Vale would never make such a decision. We rarely visit our national stadium and it's being spoiled by an organisation who have no interest who is there on 28th May.
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