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  1. Jeez, since the game ended all I've seen on here is childish bickering. Some on here need to grow up. A decent point away, I'm happy with that.
  2. My boyhood hero. Passion for the club. Never gave up. R.I.P. Jesse.
  3. Not sure they have, it's a 7:45 kick off. Still playing mate.
  4. Dayle Grubb would be worth a look. Signed for FGR from a poor Weston super mare side. Didn't get much of a look in at rovers but scored for fun at WSM. Would be cheap as well.
  5. Wouldn't a better solution to playing playoff games that clubs can't afford, Cheltenham already bleating about it, to just promote the top 3 and relegate the bottom 3 from league 1. Less whinging all round and no clubs go out of business.
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