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  1. Yes I agree . It would be very interesting to hear what is going on With Rodney . In stead of all the Rumours that are going around .
  2. I am so sorry . It’s a Day you will never forget. .
  3. I agree , vale do have a better team now . But the injuries just keep coming thick and fast .
  4. Well done . It’s a long way to travel. Have a safe return .
  5. I wish Wozza was on the Bench . If not playing . Or is wozza injured .
  6. Yes I do agree . Vale need to win on Saturday . And get back on Track . Some thing as gone wrong. Vale have just given up .
  7. Yes that is true . But good Luck to him for his future .
  8. Yes I do agree . Well said.
  9. Well said. Yes I do agree.
  10. Yes I agree . Well said. Up the Vale . Happy Christmas to everyone.
  11. I do wish, a very Happy Christmas To all Vale fans . Health and Happiness In 2022 . It would be Brilliant for Port Vale to get Promotion this season . And make all the vale fans so very Happy . Come on the vale .
  12. Well Done . It was a very cold wet and windy night . A big thank you ,to all the True vale fan that went tonight . Proud of you .
  13. Yes I agree . Yessssss Well said . Come on the vale .
  14. Yes it is . Just hope it’s not to Long now .before vale can get some of our players fit again .
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