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  1. I agree . Salford Lost . To the vale . . Just source grapes . Who Does He think He is . Good Luck to the Vale .for tomorrow night . Come on the vale .
  2. I Do agree with Rob . Phil Bowers is. a true vale fan . And I do think. He says what he see’s . I do enjoy Listening to Phil . On Radio sJoke .
  3. I agree . Well said man in the Pub . Good Luck for Tuesday night . VALE .I hope for another win . I know it will be a Difficult game . Come on the vale . 3 more points . Please .
  4. Well Done Brown . Come on the Vale . Just wish vale could get a GOAL ..
  5. It will be a Hard game on Saturday Vale . Please give it all you have got . And give our vale Fan . Some thing to be proud of .(( Come the Vale ))
  6. Well said .from man in the pub .
  7. I DO agree , with everything that ELDERBEZZA is saying .
  8. Come on the Vale . Good Luck for tomorrow’s game . We need 3 points.
  9. Congratulations.well done . Carol you are a wonderful kind Lady. In every thing you do .you put your kindness and Heart in Port vale . And the Hub . If any one deserved an OBE it is you Carol . Brilliant Thank you. You make us feel so so proud.. of you . 👏👏👏👏
  10. Ho No . We need all our players . To be injure free . for Saturday. Vale need that Goal Last Saturday.
  11. I Do agree . Phil His a true Vale fan and always has been . I enjoy Listening toPhil on Radio stoke . Good Luck for to night . Phil .keep up the good work . And I do hope Vale play a Lot Better to night .
  12. I agree . Phil . Is a Vale True vale fan . I enjoy Listening to Him on the Radio Stoke . Phil tells Us how it is . Keep up the Good work Phil .
  13. Come on Vale . We need 2 Goals Now . Please Vale keep Trying .
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