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  1. Well said . Good Luck on Tuesday night, come on the vale . 3 points please.
  2. Yes .i do hope so . Good Luck for Saturday . Come on the vale .
  3. We do hope not . Vale are doing so well at the moment.
  4. I think DF will be thinking, if it's the only way and we really don't want most of our midfield (which I wouldn't be surprised at one bit), maybe it's worth Carol biting the bullet for 1 season and not including those players not wanted in the squad list. They will still get paid to the end of their contracts obviously, but the removal of the salary cap has made that a perfectly viable option, so long as Carol agrees with it and will/can fund it. Obvious danger with this is negative effect by those players on the dressing room
  5. Dear Manny . Thank you .for all your hard work at Port Vale . You played well. For The Vale . . With Best wishes .for your Future.
  6. I also wish we could have had P&G as you have said .man in the pub .. 6 .wins . And What a Game today . Come on the vale . Vale are very safe now . Thank goodness . said.
  7. Yes He Does.. need to work A Lot Harder . .
  8. Please please Vale . Keep them out . Vale need a quick goal now .
  9. I think vale . Are working hard to . Come on the vale .. .
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