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  1. A clone of Boom Boom John Mcombe would be ideal if scientifically available
  2. How long before rooney comes up with an excuse to jump ship? He won't see this kind of trouble through,will he.
  3. Why do you feel you have to call someone a snowflake or a meldrew,why be rude and disrespectful when you are aware that people don't necessarily like it? Do you interact like this in your workplace or in your family? Maybe you are accustomed to it,but it detracts from your often excellent views on the Vale.
  4. Oldham's defending is of no concern to me but our defending is.
  5. An accurate summation imo...how bloody depressing it is.
  6. He made a run back to cover just after and pulled up in obvious pain
  7. We've been a bit spoiled lately haven't we ? 😁
  8. When we had a throw on his wing he wasn't even looking at the thrower he was facing the other direction. Not switched on or disinterested,either way an amateurs mistake.
  9. He a damn sight more mobile and keen than bloody Rodney who has no brain for football.
  10. I just want to say that I thought Amoo worked harder today than ever I've seen before, really proud of him and Wilson in particular, though yet again no one had a bad day. Strength in depth! Well done to all xxx
  11. Hope you enjoy your stick of Rick! Been a Wakeman fan for long?
  12. Lotta fans wanted him here before the Dazzler, which I think makes this a fascinating tie, can't wait utv
  13. Would love to see that kind of sportsmanship these days.
  14. Think it would be a slap rather than a punch... Ooh ducky!
  15. Totally agree if we look at who's agreed with your post...
  16. As someone who regularly agrees with a high percentage of your posts,I think you should stop knocking on the doors of empty houses... debate will never change a thing with conservative minded people.
  17. The title brings back memories of some glorious old chants...Come in a taxi...the Addam's Family theme...does your mother know you're here... contemptuous wit lol
  18. Seems to be working, doesn't it. We've figured out that there's more second half noise at the south end of the Railway than Bycars.
  19. Bowers is a nice guy suited for local radio,DC is a pro ...big difference. Still, I'd take Bowers over that pathetic blakeman anytime.
  20. It's not because they're provocative, it's because they're so bland and lazy. DC is a sharp guy.
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