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  1. Not as bad as some of the things that have been forced on some unfortunates at Crewe!
  2. That would be a match thrown into a match...?..?..
  3. No, we're still good value for 40p...😆😂
  4. Such an "educated man"....T.A.P.S.
  5. Really pissed off,two Monday games that I'll miss through being on an 8-4shift! How many of us have to miss out because we work in retail/service industries...fukov sky!!!
  6. Can't see how we can fail from here, momentum in swing, coming back early from holiday for Saturday,bring it all on !!!
  7. Technique applied to perfection. Made my heart soar that did.
  8. No matter how many times you go back...sigh....
  9. Looking at your photo I can tell that you're into static and feedback,Mr. Randy California...
  10. I myself was surprised to hear "Germ free adolescent" by X ray spex played at halftime,a real belter from 1978....I welcome such incongruity and look forward to some classics by Swell Maps and Wire at future games...love it!
  11. How can you be so disrespectful to pig <ovf censored>?!?!
  12. You are a card our Denry😉
  13. Totally agree. Stevenage bringing 74 fans yesterday was laughable.
  14. Absolutely love Gibbo,such commitment and grit,touch and skill...our standout player right now. Ten more with his determination,wow, that'd make all of us and the gaffer proud.
  15. And the worst form of capitalist is,inevitably,a fascist.
  16. Heartfelt thoughts,Rob. Miss my dad something rotten.... Keep strong.
  17. Craziest selection I've ever seen,love it , who's your dealer?
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