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  1. Have to trust you on that! You seem like a decent bloke ...hope all the home fans who'll be sitting around me and me mates on Saturday will be like that 👍😉😁
  2. Really wouldn't look to keep Hussey...aged plodder.
  3. No,Wayne's. She's where quality and value meet!
  4. You would likely be retired in the Bahamas
  5. It's not hate for Hussey and Benning at all but they are just shagged out journeymen.
  6. Does Andy Porter have children? Any sex will do as long as they have Dad's dna
  7. Totally agree with you...and we need to win in a big way to boost gd cause that could make all the difference
  8. If we don't get shut of the old guard now we can look to 3 more years of regression. Anderson and Broad are yesterday's men,FFS look to a future and forget old player's egos.
  9. Is that the only time Dave got on the end of a corner?
  10. A lot of the gaps in the railway stand in the area towards the Hamil are because of the stantions that obscure anyone's view. There's a circle around the area to the left of where I sit every match.
  11. You make him sound like pope when he was on his way out!
  12. They seem so irrelevant these days,a club going nowhere and spending millions to get nothing back. Their fan club on radio Stoke are pure comedy gold to me, deluded as was mentioned earlier.
  13. A very mature approach, level headed, reassuring.
  14. I lived in Sandyford for most of the 90's and the phone box was where the only action was!😉😁
  15. Me and my mate regularly make a joke about it not working.... this time, this is it, this is the one....
  16. Reckon your glass could be half full of 90% loopy juice!😆👍
  17. How the hell can you compare Carol to our previous owners?!? I hope you are speaking in temper and disappointment, otherwise you need to get a grip. Stupid overreaction.
  18. And we sound tired already, in several senses sadly.
  19. No need to worry about today; using hi-tech scientific methods here. Have been ill with COVID but today I've had two negative results,hence,turn negative into the positive and hey presto..2-0 to the Vale!! Goooo ahhnnn!!! UTV
  20. Unbelievable...what an arrogant sh!t of a man.
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