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    the 3

    How have you got that from the thread title and opening post?! If it is that, Jones, Worrall and Proctor for me. All 3 play vital roles in the squad and are not easily replaced We're in such a good state at the minute that we've so many players we can choose from.
  2. Aguar61

    the 3

    I reckon we're just being asked to tick a box for each of the 3 players we feel are most important to the squad ie. Conlan,Worrall and Smith for my tuppence worth.
  3. At 60 I'd have got a start before that pair of has beens!
  4. Only people who are resiliently racist would boo anyone taking a knee... simple as that.
  5. To be honest,five of us sitting together all felt that he looked knackered,he needed to get off.
  6. Still haven't come back down to earth after that one...what an incredible atmosphere in those last five minutes. Life affirming stuff,cheers to everyone involved at the club.
  7. Agree,we haven't seen anything to judge him by... could have been brought in as no more than cover but there's no evidence at all that he's top notch.....takes me back to Achille Campion.
  8. Really glad to hear that it was so few 👏
  9. It's democracy in action, plain and simple,have the strength to applaud when others boo.
  10. Ok,he could have caused a lot of damage...the copper caused death. The whole thing is tragic. The dealers are as guilty as anyone,they just kill people in a slower way.
  11. Why not? Modest in victory, praise for his players and a balanced and sensible approach, love him.
  12. It's all about a working class man who's life was judged as irrelevant by an irresponsible policeman as he slowly killed another human. Surely taking a knee for that is worthy of respect.
  13. Not worth considering,ta-ta now mind the roads....
  14. Good on ya Breadwinner and all the rest of ya....been getting things wrong since I turned down The Beatles when I worked for Decca......UTV.....humble pie for tea(again)!👏👍😃
  15. Glad to be so wrong 😁 Just going to check on my Betamax and V2001 shares!
  16. Hope you are right and I'm wrong...time will show the wiser.....
  17. I'm more afraid,3-0, I'm afraid. Be chuffed at owt better but fear this is DC's wake up call. Hope I'm wrong and all can rub my nose in it ... I also predict Ronaldo to totally mess things up at man.u with his monster ego upsetting th'apple cart.
  18. True words,sir...can be a cynical world can't it?
  19. Worried about missing out on the IPL gravy train. Money ruining sport and standards yet again,sadly.
  20. I suspect that a lot of it may be directed towards DC and his tactics? He's still very much Marmite for some people who are 40 years loyal fans. Just a thought.
  21. It was her own counselling that inspired my eldest daughter to become a support officer. It also was massively helpful to my wife after double bereavement. To quote a wise man," no man is an island,entire of itself". Shared experience is a true bond-why else do we all communicate on this excellent website.
  22. Admiration to both you and WV for your strength in posting your feelings. My kids work as a carer for Mencap, a student support officer and a trainee social worker. I'm so proud of them all doing work to help others. Love and support are the key things in our world if we want to live humanely. Wish you both the best.
  23. Sums up the experience of us Vale fans so succinctly 😁👍
  24. So Rory,are you in Ambridge, Oxbridge or Ireland?
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