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  1. Can hear the slow water drops from here...
  2. As we used to say in the 70s,"they've more coaches than Stonier's"!
  3. Wanted to hear a mid-field confrontation between Mueller and Rice.....
  4. I'm eating humble pie for tea...I know it's not a particularly good German team but I thought the team selection was wrong... instead I was wrong. Well done, keep on proving me wrong and make me happy at the same time 😁😁
  5. The selection of a scared manager imo
  6. If we can get stuck in like the Czech team did today.... attitude is everything, forget history!
  7. Suppose it's regionalist or nationalistic,but he has got the right idea and good on him
  8. That's what I wanna hear, let's have it.....
  9. Let's hope we go in brave and bold. Want to see us strong,not cautious. Have we got the players to do that? Hope so....
  10. Speak for yourself duck!😁
  11. There's a difference between bigotry and rivalry,huge difference.
  12. It's because some of us are fans of the sport and don't want to match bigotry with bigotry.
  13. As ever with the sleaze bucket Tories,give em enough rope and they'll hang themselves...self serving scum and so many Brexit Dumbo's rushed to vote them in... England continues to slide down,down,down...well done bigots
  14. Below point 3,think you've put persist instead of desist. Apologies for the pedantry,cheers
  15. Aguar61

    Joke thread

    Not a joke,just saw the other day that the gatehouse in Clayton has a string of flags out for the Euros... Can anyone enlighten me as to which part of Europe I can find Brazil?!
  16. A thoroughly enjoyable read thanks,Rob. My memory needs a lot more prompting these days so this is a perfect one stop reference place,cheers.
  17. Thanks,Jean. In all seriousness I understand how it works,but I can see how much credit a manager deserves for taking on the whole load.
  18. Then who on earth wrote the other manager's notes? Kit man, turnstile op or fan? How we have moved on, thankfully.
  19. Glad to see refs showing the card to blatant diving in this tournament. May it continue into the domestic season,it's ruining our game is cheating-all this crap about "winning fouls and penalties",for goodness sake, let's have one area of modern life where honesty is important,or am I being an old snowflake?
  20. What an achievement,proud of you top man.
  21. Enjoyable match this. Looking forward to Friday!
  22. Strongly agree with you. We will also be missing Shaw's value for crossing/assists. Especially puzzling as this decision has not been made through injury or worries about lack of experience. Baffling
  23. And who would benefit from this?
  24. How on earth does he get away with what he does? This is a forked-up country if there ever was one. The cause? Simple, inherent racism,euro-sceptisism and little Englander mentality. Too many voted for him out of ignorance but we all have to suffer the actions of the sheep mentality. Ashamed to be British in these times.
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