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  1. If Swindon were in the Hamil it would have probably kicked off outside. It's safer this way around.

    If we don't sort this out I want a meeting called.
    It was great. Didn't see one Swindon fan on the Hamil after. Much better.
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  2. I suppose you have couple of days to give your season ticket to somebody who can queue. ?  Good luck.
    If I can find someone, never actually lived in Stoke and originally from Wales!! I'll find someone, somehow. Cheers
  3. I purposely didn't mention the manager. Excellent man management? "You have no future with the club, go and train with the youth team until you find another club" "Oh, I am short of players, will you come back in the squad" Top notch man management. 
    Which player have impressed you so far this season RZ?
  4. I expect most sensible players understand that it is not prudent to say anything negative about your manager if you want to play. The same as in most employment situations. 
    Do you agree that DC has done incredibly well to win 2 manager of the month awards in a row?
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  5. 18 points from 10 games is a great start. Especially with the fixtures we've had. Just a reminder though, that after 10 games last season, we were on 19 points!
    Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Brilliant win today that will live long in the memory. UTV
    Last season, it was the Tranmere game that broke our season.
  6. Not at all, I just question the need for so many changes, not to help me identify the players but to provide continuity and team spirit. It is rare for a manager to be given so much scope to make wholesale changes in a squad and I am not convinced it is that beneficial to the team. Guess we will find out by May. 
    Who would've you have kept and why?
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