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  1. Set up a fanzone for away fans.
  2. It was great. Didn't see one Swindon fan on the Hamil after. Much better.
  3. I'm adding Liverpool away too.
  4. Mansfield 2022 Everton 1996 Brighton 1994 Stoke fa cup Stoke 1989 away
  5. Leaving Matlock at 17.30. Just to make sure I get there in time!!
  6. If I can find someone, never actually lived in Stoke and originally from Wales!! I'll find someone, somehow. Cheers
  7. Away. Home games easy enough with online sales.
  8. How would I get a ticket? I have a season ticket but work full time and live in Derbyshire.
  9. Which player have impressed you so far this season RZ?
  10. Do you agree that DC has done incredibly well to win 2 manager of the month awards in a row?
  11. Last season, it was the Tranmere game that broke our season.
  12. Leyton Orient deserved that result today. Vale should've had been 2 or 3 up by half time. Second half Vale didn't get going. Orient were sh*thouses, pulling shirts, dragging players down etc.
  13. Long term memory. Keep Bob Hazel, he was recognisable. Grew, his 'tache was recognisable. Should've kept those two in the squad.
  14. So, how far can you remember? Rudge years? What can't you remember? Make some sense in your posts please.
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