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  1. Collecting season ticket seats which are saved until 15th and away tickets in Brown Envelopes. What was to queue for?
  2. Have I read somewhere Jurassic Park closes at 7 tonight?
  3. Port Vale + Tickets = Absolute shambles as per
  4. Add to that the 50 to 60 odd put to one side every match for the official coach travellers. As for the beam back, how I’m feeling tonight the club can shove it up its arse.
  5. The last game I missed home and away in the league and all cup comps was the televised Walsall game away in December 2015 due to a holiday. I was about ten people away in the queue when it was announced that the game had sold out. A complete waste of a morning but at least it gave me the chance to see a few people happily buying tickets that I hadn’t seen since Brighton in 94. Which is quite a coincidence as 1994 is around about the last time our prehistoric shambles of a ticketing system was updated.
  6. Bank Holiday Weekend... but I guess you knew that
  7. There's got to be some irony with Smith having his shirt pulled!! He's got more arms than an Octopus when defending.
  8. How mamys times has he been sent off prior to Vale? Our best run of form was when he was in goal. Everything about his game is far better than other two a country mile
  9. Covalan starts for me tomorrow. Head and shoulders above Holy and Stone. His bans up, he's learned from it, move on and get him in the nets.
  10. The Bycars is just as bad.. the railway paddock/stand are crumbling away and the Lorne Street offers about as much protection from the elements as a colander. The lot wants skittling.
  11. Clarkes coments on Askey last season are coming back to bite him on his arse.
  12. You do realise Hussey is thirty three? The proper recruitment team that brought Ryan Johnson? Brad Walker? Both goalkeepers are being questioned on here although personally I think they're both fine. It's been hit and miss let's be honest.
  13. Are you suggesting we'll replace Gibbo and Dennis with better then?
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