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  1. I’m pretty sure the Bratt Pack installed them.
  2. Banter? A lot of it was personal abuse and bang out of order. Didn't paint the club in a good light at all.
  3. I would've thought we'd sell more today than tomorrow. I think we're looking at around 3400.
  4. Looked to me like both shirts have black sleeves.
  5. So you agree their squad is bad then? Signing players from Cambridge United doesn't particular excite me. I'm almost certain the feeling is mutual.
  6. I wonder how Cambridge United finished below us last season with all these great players?
  7. Manchester, East Midlands or Birmingham International???
  8. Spot on, hence why Dan Turner will end up signing for The Knave
  9. Absolute utter poppycock. He'd have been a regular last season with his legs tide together and blindfolded.
  10. A forward who can score would be a good start im sure you'd agree?
  11. Proof right there that some Vale fans are happy with any old signings [emoji38]
  12. Should fit in a treat, another forward who can't score. First one mention Sodje wins a price, t&c's apply.
  13. It’s ever likely we’re targeting Ryan Lloyd.
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