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  1. You do realise the consumption of alcohol on a coach travelling to and from a football match is an offence. Not wise to post it on a forum for all and sundry to read!
  2. I'd heard it had been held up due to Burys appeal
  3. Swapping Warwick Davis for Amoo has got to be the best piece of transfer business in the clubs entire history.
  4. Oh the irony.... beef flap telling snow flakes to harden up!! You couldn't write it, this from a poster who's toys come out the pram and dishes out blocks on posters who have a different opinion to his own.
  5. Dont disagree at all, had Kevin and Carol been at the helm last season, no doubt we would have been in a position to invest a few quid in the last January window. However, you stated they hadn't splashed the cash, spending half a million pounds on one player for Burton Albion is clearly splashing cash.
  6. I'd have said paying half a million quid on your striker is splashing it.
  7. I’ll expand on this now Beef Curtain has blocked me. We’ve huffed and puffed to yet another failure to win at home with all but Amoo in the starting eleven than last season. If you don’t like pastry, you’ll starve should you like anything to eat. Add to that my season ticket failed to work and was revoked.
  8. Is PVO back yet? It’ll save me reading this inane, squabbling nonsense.
  9. Pre-season friendly or not that was a very troubling ninty minutes.
  10. I'd be worried if it was, we've been absolute garbage and then some.
  11. The Likes of Kevin, Carol and Andy Holt at Accrington are a breath of fresh air for the game. Genuine supporters of their respected clubs, simply wanting what’s sensibly best and achievable. No overspending, no risks, no pipe dreams, just open, honest and engaging. We don’t know how lucky we are.
  12. I'm just surprised the bubble lasted as long as it did.
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