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  1. Row Z everyday of the week, out of play and safe.
  2. Brisley is good enough starting eleven for a team looking to be promoted.
  3. It took him three seasons score that many at Morecambe. He’s never been prolific, simply having the season of his career. No surprise neither that Cambridge have been awarded more penalties than anybody else in League Two this season. I wonder who their penalty taker is???
  4. Whoever thought it was a good idea to banish Legge from the starting eleven needs slinging in Broadmoor.
  5. She’s had Colin Garlick alongside her since she got the keys. He’s got plenty of experience.
  6. Just a pity it's all a bit too late.
  7. Half an hour in and I switched it off. Utter garbage.
  8. The similarities between Clarke and the Cowley's are uncanny apart from the Cowley's brief spell in the Championship with Huddersfield. Clarke had great success at lower levels with Salisbury whilst the Cowley's did at Concord and Braintree. Clarke then led Bristol Rovers from the Conference to League One which the Cowley's mirrored with Lincoln City. Quite how anybody can be disappointed with this appointment is bizarre.
  9. Legge sat on the bench twiddling his thumbs whilst Smith and Crookes imitate being centre halves is bordering on lunacy.
  10. We must have nearly conceded as many goals as we've given away free meals by now. Not to worry, you take your time Carol, whilst Rome burns and all that.
  11. We'll do well to get Postman Pat before the window shuts. The clubs a shambles, no leadership and no direction whatsoever.
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