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  1. He turned down the Leeds United job when at Bristol Rovers. So if he's somewhere where he's happy he's committed alright.
  2. Yes, yes I think so Tony. He thinks he's good and he really isn't in the slightest.
  3. I'd rather listen to nails down a blackboard than Bowers. He talks right through his arse and then some at the best of times
  4. I'd stick him behind the Hot Dog stand, best place for him.
  5. Wrexham and Stockport are far from little teams.
  6. .... and Sunderland, Tranmere, Carlisle and Stevenage.
  7. I'd love to know where the goals are going to come from to finish fourth or fifth??
  8. No loyalty my arse, he was like a rat up a drainpipe when Bury offered 30 pieces of silver
  9. You don't need a pocket calculator, just your two hands will do.
  10. No black????? Another shocker and another £40 saved.
  11. An old Window Cleaners rag would look better than last seasons abomination.
  12. Johnny Jeffers was unplayable that night. If his shot that hit the post had gone in after his mazy run the roof of the Bycars would've come off that night.
  13. It'll be for Hanley Town in the FA Cup if he does.
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