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  1. I think that in the position we are currently in and were in when Askey left Gannon or Glover could keep us up. We are not that bad, we have some of our players back that have been out injured. I think we got rid of the manger too soon but can understand why we did. I think it was a big mistake to do so without a plan but I am impressed that the owners have put their hands in their pockets and brought a dof in to ensure that that sort of thing doesn't happen in the future. The football hasn't been good but we had a busier fixture schedule than most in the first half of the season and suffere
  2. If you are going to say that you have to take into account that 2 of the 8 games since he has left have been against Southend and Grimsby.
  3. I think one of the reasons the 3 centre backs played well tonight was because we had 3 yes 3 of them against Stevenage. We played in a way that our spare man was a centre half whilst we were overun in midfield. I don't think any of the midfielders could hold their heads high after tonight's performance but there was probably a reason for that.
  4. It's probably at least as entertaining as most of the games we have played against stevenage over the last few years. That says more about the previous games than this one though. It was awful.
  5. Tbf to him neither striker was in a position where he could find them and to beat the keeper from the angle he was at it would have taken something special. All he had on was to hit it as hard as possible and hope that he got it right. Still a horrific effort.
  6. Smith needs to move across to cover gibbo more. We are playing more of an offset 442 rather than the 352 we are going for with Taylor having to cover right wing and monty playing as a deep winger. Best 2 on the pitch for me have been Crookes and Monty.
  7. I can remember 3 attempts at crosses in the half. 1 was blocked, 1 cleared everyone and went out for a gk and 1 went to Worrall and was about an inch too high for him to head it on target. Even at the top level 1 in 5 is an acceptable standard for sucessful crosses.
  8. I agree. He has held it up well a couple of times and lost it quite badly that once. They underhit a backpass at one point and if he had bust a gut he could have been slightly late on their keeper but left a little bit on him. Later in the half their keeper had to come out to left back to clear and he did the same casual chase down. If he had left a bit on the keeper the time before he would have thought twice about coming out to clear.
  9. I was very critical of Crookes yesterday, and whilst I feel he was poor for their first 2 goals, I think this was perhaps unfair. He is a centre half who has played 10-15 professional games in his preferred position. When you look at Crewe and see the way they do things with developing their younger players we don't have their patience. Its often a 4 or 5 year cycle. Crewe tend to have a good year then lose most of their team due to a few sales and contracts expiring. The following season they bring in a load of young players and are awful and being relegated from league 1, often then g
  10. Are the youth team allowed to train at the moment? I thought it was elite sport only.
  11. Was Vaughan's touch that good? I thought he put the ball exactly where you would expect him to put it and crookes went charging in like a steam train without thinking, leaving him with a free shot on goal.
  12. Maybe following a football team, especially one in league 2 isn't a good option for you. Have you ever thought of taking up dressage?
  13. I would say the question is more can you see where Southend and Grimsby are going to get the points from to suck us into a relegation fight.
  14. Mills has had a lot of criticism and whilst he hasn't been great other than the bad pass before their second I don't think he has been the worst on the pitch for us. He certainly has in other games. I think this may be the last we see of crookes just let their lad run through for the first and sold himself for the second. If it isn't it should be. Until his goal all Taylor had done was kill attacks with short/hospital passes. I'm not sure what Guthrie offers other than a presence up top. I don't see much difference between him and Reggie. I would have never thought Otis Khan would mak
  15. They are horrendous but you can always mute it. It's not like you miss out on the crowd noise.
  16. We may have had to test our squad depth more than a lot of teams in the league having played more games than most and only having started to claw some back through January. We also missed out on players through Covid where some other clubs had games abandoned. Perhaps due to better protocols at our club than others. I'm not arguing that this is the reason behind our poor form but the benefit of missing just a few midweek games is not something to be ignored but is often forgotten. Our defence has suffered this year. Our defenders were often the ones who played in both the league and cup
  17. I think they all do OK. They aren't great but it is a difficult job. One thing I wish they would do though is get a laptop, tablet or phone and get an ifollow subscription. I would imagine its behind play anyway if not set it back 10 seconds. Then when the ball is out of play they could tell us what actually happened rather than keep telling us they don't have a replay or spend 10 minutes telling us the wrong goalscorer.
  18. I agree that he is a cracking footballer and great goalscorer for us. I would also say he fits your criteria of "personality genuinely turns my stomach" more than the vast majority of footballers and managers I can think of.
  19. What are your thoughts on Pope?
  20. You could suggest that they couldn't have anticipated that last season wouldn't finish but it was always a possibility for this season. You could also argue that the club decided to sack and pay off the manager despite the current situation affecting finances. I bought my season ticket last February before Covid affected the season and whilst I won't ask for or take a refund I would expect to be offered one once the club know how many games if any I will be able to attend. I'm fortunate in that I have been able to work throughout the pandemic but if I had say lost my job access to 23 games
  21. To encourage attacking play I would like goals scored to be used again as the decider if points tallies are equal. Whilst good defensive play is a key part of the game we are gonna score more than you games are much more exciting. Also maybe awarding a bonus point for every 5 goals scored over 80 in a season. I would also like to see time wasting tallied in a game without holding up play. Something like the ref waving a pink card in the air without talking to anyone. This could be tallied over a season and a point deducted for every 5 or used before goals scored to decide position if points
  22. I would say the situation is more like a snooker player asking if the balls are touching before making their shot.
  23. I suppose it will depend if someone is prepared to offer him a similar wage despite the fact he has gone from a first choice striker at Colchester to not being registered at Vale. At his age money will be a big factor unless he sensibly made investments in his championship days.
  24. I suppose it depends on how people want to live their life. I want to enjoy the moments I can in life rather than dwell on the bad. When people are happy they tend to make a post and move on with their life. People who moan tend to bang on and on about it in what often appears like an attempt to make others as miserable as them. Maybe it would be nice if when people want to have a whinge about the vale they restrict themselves to 4 or 5 posts on that subject before moving on to the next subject they want to complain about. Each to their own I suppose but sometimes it would be nice to come
  25. I like many others here support the Vale for enjoyment however few and far between those moments are. I mainly come onto ovf to read about Port Vale who I follow for enjoyment. Sometimes I will post something if I feel it adds a different perspective to the discussion. Facebook did a study a while back where they only showed some people negative posts and other positive posts. The people who they showed the negative posts generally began posting negative things themselves and the ones who had been shown positive posts generally posted positive things. I stopped using Facebook regularly about
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