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  1. I think it's madness myself but it would appear that Leon certainly isn't on his own in his profession with his views on the vaccine. As others have said whether he should share them so openly is another matter. Vaccine crisis! Some Premier League clubs have just SIX players jabbed | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
  2. I'm not sure that is always the case. By dropping deep it forces the opposition to push up meaning that when the keeper lumps it up there is more space and time to get the ball under control and find a pass. It also means if they win the ball they are further up the pitch. Saying that is a bit like saying you should always throw the ball up the line, there are plenty of reasons to do it and also plenty of reasons not to do it.
  3. I'm with you 100%, I want us to win but would rather see us lose playing in a game full of exciting, expansive attacking football than a load of 1-0 wins with 2 chances a game. They should do away with goal difference and go back to goals for to decide places. I can't understand why we encourage dull defensive football.
  4. Its difficult switching from playing out wide to up front. Rodney has played most of his career wide left and looks at his best there. Central defenders tend have different aspects to their game than full/wing backs, and you are usually tightly marked rather than getting the run at players and don't have the benefit of going on the outside. Rodney has spent most of his career on the left and all of his best performances for us have been there. You only have to look at someone like Antonio at West Ham who was an established player out wide but took a couple of years of poor performances up front before he adjusted and became the player he is today. Rodney may not adjust to playing up front but when he is there it alters the way the opposition play as they art petrified of his pace and drop deeper. Even if he plays badly it can benefit the team by pushing their defence deeper and the extra space it creates in midfield. At least when Proctor wins a flick on, even if he doesn't get on the end of it Rodney is nearby as opposed to the opposite side of the pitch like Wilson always seems to be.
  5. Do we really need another centre half? We have Jones, Smith, Johnson, Martin and Cass who all play centre half We have Worrall, Gibbons, Benning and Hurst who can play wing back (excluding Jones and Cass) If we are really struggling we also have Walker who could drop back as short term cover at centre half. We also have Rodney, Politic and Amoo who could play on the wing if we were in a really bad way and had to switch to 4 at the back. Another centre half feels like a bit of a luxury to me.
  6. What were people expecting. We have 3 good league 2 strikers. Proctor has generally played at a higher level, Wilson's career has been on a downward trajectory but is our main striker and has found a level where he is confortable, Rodney is lively, has potential and did well last year. We aren't going to sign someone to move them down the order. This lad is young was good enough to get 30 odd appearance in the best team in this league last year. None of Cheltenham's forwards scored freely last year. Lets see what he offers, it's very rare for a player that age to play the number of games he has and when they do its not usually until later in their careers that they have the high scoring seasons.
  7. Seems we aren't the only ones with problems. I can't understand why kick offs can't be delayed. Obviously unlike in our case there was tv to take into consideration. Screw Sky and BT.
  8. Feeling a lot more optimistic than last Saturday where I felt we may do ok but would be very dull to watch. I think we have the making of a good team. I would like to see Proctor start ahead of Wilson. Otherwise a good performance against a good looking Tranmere side.
  9. Regardless of the turnstile issues the kick off should have been delayed. Once it became obvious that there was a problem, even if there are no speakers outside the ground, it wouldn't have been difficult to radio round to the stewards to inform them that the kick off was delayed by 15-20 minutes so that it could be relayed to fans queuing. Surely that is preferable to opening exit gates. We have had games delayed in the past due to traffic on the motorway holding up a couple of away coaches. With regards to a lack of turnstile operators there must be some people at the club who could do it for 15 minutes whether it be managers, yts lads, groundskeepers. If not there are lots of unemployed at the moment, surely some agency staff could have been brought in to assist on the turnstiles then transfer to the refreshment kiosks. On the fans side if more could make the effort to purchase their tickets in advance either online or fro the club shop rather than on the day it would make it easier for the club to prepare. They must however have expected the number of fans who came yesterday. Once is just about acceptable but it can't happen again.
  10. I'm not saying that referees shouldn't be criticised but that it should be done in a constructive way. By hurling abuse at them it means that they are less likely to stick at it and improve. It is a hard job. It is however a 2 way thing. The referees association need to be more transparent, they act like a corrupt 70s police force in the way that they will never admit that they are wrong, and twist interpretations to stand behind whatever decision a ref has made. When you hear Peter Walton on BT you know exactly what he is going to say before he says it, "The ref has made the correct decision because.........." regardless of what happened. Referees should be aloud to come out and apologise for decisions that they got wrong. Officials should be mic'd up so that you can hear and understand their reasoning for a decision. You may not agree with their reasoning but it is a lot easier to accept if you understand what they thought they saw and why they came to the conclusion that they did. Referees should be rewarded for good performances rather than punished for individual mistakes in a big game. If they consistently perform badly then obviously they should be demoted. Rebecca Welch got really good reviews from both teams in the game she had with us last season but hasn't had a mens league game since (she has got Barrow & Hartlepool on Saturday). How does that make sense?
  11. Reffing at league 2 level isn't a full time profession. They are part time and most do it as a hobbie. These people go and get abused by players, fans and managers. Games couldn't take place if these guys don't step up. The FA are always asking for people to become referees. The ref had an abysmal game last night, I'm not sure if it was a one off or his standard in general. It certainly spoilt the game and probably did us out of a win. I like most left the games incredibly frustrated with him. The thread title asked what we could do about the poor standard of refereeing. I suppose I am suggesting that some of the more competent of us could go, put ourselves out there, and do better. There is a difference between being critical and being too critical. I think saying someone shouldn't be aloud to referee without doing something about it ourselves is too critical. Saying the ref was poor and that I wish there were better refs about is fair.
  12. I suppose some of us who complain about the current refs could always go and get qualified and work our way up through the leagues. I've done it a couple of times on a Sunday morning and certainly wouldn't want to do it myself. I'm as frustrated as the next fan about how poor some of the refs we have are but I suppose without doing something about it myself I can't be too critical.
  13. I take it from comments in the press about arranging friendlies to improve players fitness that we have opted not to have a reserve team again this season. I know we only have a small squad but surely if, as we are told, we want to go down the route of developing youngsters, having a reserve team is key to their development and also enables the few senior players out of the side to keep their fitness levels up.
  14. Watched on ifollow. Critisism of the keeper is harsh. He messed up but if you want the keeper to come out they are going to make a mistake occasionally. If it happens frequently then its a different story.The ball checked and his first touch was poor. Their lad made a great tackle then dived. 9 times out of 10 when you have a keeper cock up in that situation the worst case is a throw. We were ok for the first 10 minutes then they stopped Conlon getting on the ball and we didn't have an answer. We are not going to be very exciting to watch this season. We may do well but it its going to be dull. Those of you who have been asking for teams that win ugly should be careful what you wish for. Its always going to be difficult when you go down to a team like that. It was a goal that happens every so often. Again if you start to concede similar goals frequently that is when it becomes a problem. We desperately need more mobility.
  15. I'm not sure how anyone can make a judgement either way from the video. It looks like his right shoulder swings back a bit. He may have elbowed him he may not. He was certainly ensuring he didn't get clattered by Tyson. I'm not sure why Tyson followed him when he could have gone left once he cleared it, but it would be strange to try and get someone sent off in a friendly.
  16. I though Hurst's form only suffered once he was asked to do a more defensive role. When more advanced he stood out as a bright spark, got into advanced positions and often made space for a cross. When he played more defensively he did his job but was unable to provide the required support in attack, and didn't stand out. I don't think he is that pacey, his legs move quickly but he doesn't cover that much ground with each stride. I am optimistic that he can be developed into a good player but I don't think he is a wing back.
  17. I wouldn't look to much into the comments of making the signings by the end of August. It tells players that we are currently in talks with that we are happy to go elsewhere if they mess us about and are in no hurry to sign anyone. It also quells any fans fears if we haven't signed anyone else in time for the Northampton game. I am sure if the opportunity arrives we would sign the players we require tomorrow but don't want to send the message that we are desperate and be forced to overpay. For all we know we could be chasing a player who doesn't play LW or ST but are trying to send the message to them and their agent that we are prioritising other areas and would only sign them at the right price.
  18. Are we anticipating that we are strong and tall enough in the centre of defence that we can afford to be weak in the full back areas to make gains elsewhere on the pitch? Let the opposition attack and over commit down the wings, win the cross and expose them. Brave tactic however you concede ground somewhere whatever tactic you use.
  19. This really annoys me about Radio Stoke. Why change it? Just say that Vale are always on DAB and if Stoke aren't playing put us on FM too. A number of times in the past I have taken a personal DAB out with me only to find out that we are on MW that week etc.
  20. Does that mean Salford have began to tighten the purse strings or Wrexham with their hollywood owners are out Salfording them.
  21. Could benning play in a more advanced role if needed to supplement the wingers? People have said he likes getting forward. I don't know much about him.
  22. That is generally correct, however I would question fans ability to make a decision like that when they have only seen the player a handful of times (probably mostly from the bench) spread out over a 5 year period. Lots of our fans were similar when we let Dan Turner/James Lawrie go, who both played more for us than he has for Doncaster.
  23. Played OK today. Main concerns are that we don't look very mobile in the middle if anyone with a bit of pace gets past them they will have a free run at the defence. We are very reliant on Rodney and we look low on numbers. I'm optimistic for the season ahead.
  24. I suppose it depends on how much they feature and the experience that the player has. If things go well on their loan it would imply that they have made a meaningful contribution. If things don't work out at their parent club they may take your offer of a contract over one on similar terms elsewhere either shortly after the loan or at some point in their career. If they speak well of their time at the Vale any players they play with or that have the same agent may take this into account when pondering a move. Whilst there are benefits on the pitch there are also benefits from networking. I think some of the more recent loans we have had may sing the clubs praises, I know he has signed now but stories like the one with Jake Taylor and his car will have gone down much better than ones like Norman feeding them with leftover pies.
  25. If you were playing a team as weak as the one fielded tonight would it not have made sense to give the 3 transfer listed players a run out?
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