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  1. I think it probably has more to do with the fact that we are landing our targets more often than not. Most leaks tend to come from an agent to try to bump up the offer their player is about to sign. So club a and b are interested in a player. The player has decided to sign for club a so the agent releases a rumour about club b in the hope that club a offer a little bit more. In the past we have tended to be club b whereas now we are club a.
  2. Has he been announced for the Italian team yet. It seems a bit odd to me. Usually the recall and the transfer are almost instantaneous as the club that own the player don't want them on their books if the deal falls through. I have no idea but Bolton could be bluffing us or another club who are interested. Get a contact they have in Romania to leak a story about an italian club no one will have a contact out to get them to up their offer. Doesn't seem beyond the realms of possibility to me.
  3. For the next 3-4 games whilst Cov is banned, in the unlikely circumstance that Stone gets injured during a game you bring on the youth keeper (Collinge I think or whoever has replaced him) for that game. If at that point there are any games left of Covolan's ban you get in an emergency loan. Paying someone a wage for a minimum of 6 months to cover a highly unlikely scenario seems daft to me. If Covolan couldn't play due to a long term injury like Visser had then it would be a different story. We signed Scott last year and didn't trust him to play once when Brown lost all confidence and couldn't stop a bus.
  4. I think that is a harsh view to take. Would you be of the same opinion everytime a player pushes someone, puts their head into the opposition or makes a horrendous challenge. These are split second decisions in the heat of the moment. He will be banned for a number of games and the number one jersey should now be Stones to lose. I would hope that Stone is given as many errors as Covolan has before being dropped. If that does happen then Covolan will get another chance. To sign another keeper this window would be very kneejerk especially considering most were more than happy with him 45 minutes previously. I thought he should have been dropped when he let that shot through him months ago. He then saved a penalty and all was forgotten. DC said he shouldn't be hung out to dry and I agree, despite the fact DC kind of went on to do the opposite in his interview.
  5. Lots of owners throw money at trying to get promoted. Sometimes it works others it doesn't. Sometimes you end up flying like Bournemouth or brentford, others you end up plateauing like Mansfield and others you end up plummeting like Notts County or Chesterfield. It's when owners don't understand that there is no guarantee throwing money at it will work that cause problems and you can end up in a situation like the latter 2 clubs mentioned. I like to think that there is more to our owners, they understand that that is the case, they wouldn't get disheartened and lose interest and they wouldn't over commit and put themselves and their business in jeopardy.
  6. The silly thing is I think if Covolan had just got up and kicked the ball up the pitch the ref would have played on. Rolling around play acting on the floor forced the ref to make a decision. I don't think the liner made the decision the ref probably asked him if he saw a reason not to give the keeper a red before making such a big decision. He wouldn't have had this option if the game hadn't stopped. I think its a stone wall red. He went up thinking its an opportunity to leave one on mckirdy, mckirdy pulled out as he wasn't close enough to challenge so Cov followed him with his leg. Silly decision that cost us an opportunity to make a game out of it 2nd half. It was a brave decision by DC which backfired, to play the 2 new guys on the left, and with Harratt often being the player to run the channels in effect meant that we had 3 new signings covering the whole left side of the pitch. A big part of our play this season has been cass and jones joining in the attack and being comfortable on the ball. Hall looked alright but not quite like Jones on the ball. I think people have got a bit over excited. We look good but promotion isn't guaranteed. This year we have a better squad and have improved an awful lot off the pitch. We have had an injury crisis up front and are still in a position where if we win our games in hand we are in the automatic promotion places. We should be there or thereabouts come the end of the season even with the odd slip up.
  7. He has posted 2 photos. You can't just ignore one because it doesn't fit your argument.
  8. Your statement is correct. Quick couple of questions. If you arrive at 2:25 and it takes you 20 minutes to get in how much football do you miss? If you arrive at 2:55 and it takes you 20 minutes to get in how much football do you miss?
  9. Can you imagine the Sentinel writing as many articles about one of our players who is out on loan as the Bolton press have written about Politic. We barely get a story about the first team.
  10. Should we read anything into the fact that it coincides with playing only 1 game in a month? [emoji3]
  11. Regardless of how bad things were on the football clubs side of things those fans that forced their way through the gate should be ashamed of themselves. There is a reason why football fans get treated like crap by people outside of the football community and its people like them.
  12. I think there are 2 pretty obvious reasons for this. First to avoid forgeries. Modern equipment means that it would be pretty easy for someone with a £20 printer and a £30 2nd hand laptop to create indistinguishable forgeries. Second and probably more important to allow people to purchase tickets without having to go to the ticket office. Technology is definitely the way forward, but it needs to work. I can't understand why they have so few turnstiles open. I realise there must be difficulties employing people to work for 30 minutes on 4 or 5 occasions when we are busy a season. However there mist be some people about that they could use. Perhaps use some of the academy players etc. Also with regards to the time it takes to scan, you can see the turnstile operators manipulating their arms to try and get the scanner at the correct angle to scan. It is different every time. IIf they were fixed in position you would be able to work out which angle, zoom and distance to hold your code at.
  13. Can anyone else remember when we signed Nicky Maynard?
  14. Good business providing a league 1 club doesn't persuade Newcastle to recall Cass and send him to them for the remainder of the season. Having said that even then I think we should be able to cope with Smith, Jones, Legge, Martin, Walker and possibly Amos. Cass would be a big loss though.
  15. What do people complaining expect the clubs to do. They are restricted to small squads and there is a global pandemic going on. Rules state that they have to test players. They can't call the games off early as they have to get permission from the efl. It is a shame that people have lost money on hotels etc, which they can still go and stay in. There is currently much worse going on all over the world.
  16. Wages are confidential and should stay that way. When they are discussed it causes discord amongst employees, gives the players on lower wages a stronger negotiating position and increases agents influence. If 10 players manage to get just an extra £100 a week that an extra £50000 or 160 season tickets we have to sell, or an average player instead of a star player.
  17. What happens if you have a 2 or 3 week break and exactly that happens anyway? I think you have to get the games that you can in when you can otherwise we could end up in a situation where it isn't possible to complete the season. As a fan you can always choose not to go if you feel you are at risk. Maybe ifollow should be opened up to uk viewers again woth season ticket holders allowed to get a pass if their ticket isn't used.
  18. The majority of people admitted to hospital haven't had the vaccine. 70% of the population have had 2 doses and the figure is higher in the older age groups which account for the vast majority of admissions. If the vaccine had no effect then the amber bars would be more than twice the height of of the blue bars instead they are a fraction of the height. If you are vulnerable to illness you would assume that you are more likely to have the jab so the amber line would again be even higher if it had no effect. Maybe if all of the people had had their jabs when suggested we wouldn't currently need any restrictions in the first place.
  19. When buying a weeks pass on the bus the app turns the camera on so that you can't just show a screenshot of someone else's pass. This makes it fast and simple to check it as they just have to glance at it. This has been in use for years and means that the driver can check the pass without delay. The government covid pass has a QR code that can be scanned (presumably on a scanner that is only sold by a tory minister's mate's company). Without buying a scanner you have to check the pass against ID to ensure that it isn't a forgery and even then it would be simple to forge. Both take time and if you don't want to purchase costly scanners means that to let people in in a reasonable time you aren't going to perform sufficient checks to ensure that people aren't using other people's passes or expired passes. The pass is on the NHS app not the Covid app. Considering how long it took them to even set up an app it all seems really poorly thought out.
  20. I'm sure I heard somewhere that the international deals for the FA cup were agreed before ifollow was around and were done for all games. So whilst ESPN etc only decide to show a specific game they have the rights in that country to all of the games and they can't be shown on ifollow. I'm not sure if this is also the case for domestic screenings. Whether it will be changed when the current deals expire I don't know. It wouldn't surprise me if it continues as it is a case of the FA trying to get as much money for the broadcasting rights as they can and not really caring about the EFL. So rather than selling the rights to a choice of 2 or 3 games each round they sell the rights to every game each round despite the fact that most will never be shown.
  21. With regards to Legge being in the side and losing. I think it is more to do with the fact that we don't have Cass and Jones playing either side of him. We offer a lot more going forward as both are comfortable taking the ball out from the back. He is also often on when one of the usual wing backs isn't on. Also I don't think we are currently endearing ourselves to the officials. We time waste from early in games and the keeper has been down injured more often than every other keeper I have ever seen play combined. Refs try to be impartial but are less likely to give us the benefit of the doubt when we spend the entire game taking the micky. We will be getting a reputation.
  22. They are the sort of decisions I hate. Refs should be able to give a penalty and not send the player off. Good for us though.
  23. I know we joke about shoving immobile lumps up top but I would be tempted to shove Cass or Martin up top and go 4-5-1, just for a bit of presence without Rodney
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