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  1. 23 minutes ago, Breadwinner said:

    It's 11 men v 11 men nothing more nothing less .
    I'm glad they have won there last 2 home games convincingly hope they take us lightly .
    We will have a very good away following probably sell out at them prices by time of the game
    My lad was supposed get mine yesterday but he didn't end up going (too cold for him )lol .
    With support from each and every one of the travelling support we are very much in it the cup that is let's hope thats the case this time next sunday .

    We could do with winning if only for the reason that FGR at home is 3rd round day. 

    Prefer to play them on a sunny April evening with all our players back fit. 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Breadwinner said:

    So happy to hear Ryan Johnson had a very good game looks to me on stats cause thats all I can go on as was not there that bringing the 4 players in worked a treat .
    Walker plays we get a clean sheet yes I know he ain't the goalie but he certainly toughens that midfield area up only good for the club that the squad players are hungry enough step in and show there value .
    Pett and Garrity I think they are brilliant be interesting see team chosen for Burton because should walk back in I do not think he should and neither should Smith (a clean sheet was very needed and very deserved by the stats ).
    How many clean sheets is that this season.
    Let's get Rodney's head up we need something special for the very good away following next week let's hope he can give it us (he can I'm.sureof it and doesn't it take a few games get back up to speed ).
    Somebody give me tge ratings in there opinion of players yesterday not tge sentinels thanks .

    I'd say across the board 6.5 for everyone. 

    Garrity Pett Walker and Martin vying for Star man with 7 to 7.5 .

    Lucas had literally nothing to do all game .

    We were functional whilst nowhere near our best so we can use that as a positive.

    I'll be a devil and plump for Garrity just as he came back really strongly after his poor performance in the week and the horrible interview he gave where he was clearly upset . 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, valeparklife said:

    Rodney has recently had a baby so we don't know what's going on in his life currently.

    It might be linked to his performances. It might not. He might not be getting much sleep. He might be supporting his partner more than usual. He might be going through a rough time personally. We don't know.

    He hasn't become a bad player overnight though.

    Like others have said, he probably just needs our support more than ever. And needs a goal more than ever.

    Doesn't bode well for Smithy then. He'll need matchsticks to keep his eyes open. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Iron Curtain said:

    Another cracking example of how football fans don’t help themselves.

    It was said before the game on radio Stoke, can’t remember who by, that Devante Rodney is the type of player who needs to feel the feel the love to be confident and play well.

    I would be willing to bet that if the crowd collectively got behind him and supported him and encouraged him he would benefit massively and get his confidence back.

    Would that be good for him - yes

    Would that be good for the vale - yes

    Would that be good for the fans - yes

    Will the fans do it - no, the opposite in fact


    Agree with your post. The thing with potteries support having listened to praise and grumble on many occasions we are a knee jerk lot. 

    The only thing I'd say about Rodney is it is also a two way street, he needs to get people off their seats with that flash of brilliance or even using his big frame to barge someone over even if it means a foul . His style of play is laid back and almost a free spirit. I can barely recall his last noteworthy effort on goal. 

    There's one heck of a player in there , maybe just maybe he needs to show a touch more appetite for it. 

    I think the fans are frustrated because we've all seen what he can do .

    None of what I've said excuses any moronic booing of the lad as that is counter productive. 

    As a footnote I think people saying 5/6 weeks without Proctor and Wilson are very very optimistic. 


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  5. 3 minutes ago, PV1973 said:

    A player running a ball out or giving the ball away at some point isn’t the sole defining moment of their whole 90 minute game for me. There were many more positive moments to outweigh those minor negatives I felt. Overall I thought as a whole we did enough to get through the game, we didn’t really  hit any real highs or any real lows. It was just enough to see them off. 

    I agree I was more questioning the MOTM award. Could think of Garrity ,Pett, Walker and the much maligned Martin who were all possible candidates. 

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  6. Just now, PV1973 said:

    Personally my Motm was either Garrity or Pett. But your definition of terrible must be set at a low bar I thought gibbo was driving us forward up the pitch when we needed to. Linked up well with Rodney. Kept it simple. Unlucky not to score and put in a couple of decent balls first half (arguably one he should have taken on himself). The main thing I’d say was a negative was running it out of play a couple of times first half. The positives far outweigh any negatives for me and I thought he was steady and did enough to get us through the game. Equally on the other side Worrall was pretty much the same too. But show me a player on the pitch who didn’t give the ball away at some point. 

    Yes terrible by his standards I should of said. Which are very very high. I thought he was really poor today myself. Twice took the ball out on the touchline and once when we were under pressure gave an awful ball straight to them. 

    As always he's passionate and energetic I just felt today he lacked quality. I realise that is very harsh. It's because he's been so good.

    As a footnote am I alone in thinking that Johnson has a bizarre running gait ?

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  7. Not really related to the match but sat on the car park at my lads work after the game to get him from work.  Blakeman did my head in. Must of said at least 3 times that Vale have a fortnight off League duties. No we don't Lee , how about doing your proper research or looking at a website first you plank. 

    Awful journalism and don't start me on Angela 😂

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  8. It was all about the result. They were absolutely appalling , possibly the worst side I've seen . However you can only beat what's in front of you and we did that. 

    It was at a canter in reality but 1-0 is always open for an equaliser. 

    Again the MOTM was staggering, Gibbons , I nearly fell off my seat he was terrible today with his distribution and first touch. 

    Positive is the clean sheet although I think my granny would of coped with what they offered . 

    Vital result today. And a smirk as Smallsall after their biggest win for 100 years plus the other night lost to Carlisle. Not so genius like tonight for Taylor. 

  9. 14 minutes ago, Joe B said:


    Cass Legge Smith

    Worrall Pett Walker Gibbo


    Proctor Amoo


    Only issue is that I don't think there's any left footers in there sans Jones and Conlon. 

    I've never been convinced by Taylor but I think if we're going to commit to him long-term, we need to use him properly - a number 10. He doesn't get involved enough in the middle to play as a proper CM, but he is very good at timing runs and has positional awareness. Get him working in the space that Proctor and Amoo will create. Pett and Walker can hold down the middle and have an excellent passing range. 

    Clarke said Taylor out a couple of weeks Joe 

  10. 52 minutes ago, Breadwinner said:

    Unfortunately the saga over Wilson not going off then going off as had a damaging effect on the team since if only that minute hadn't happened who knows the winning run may still be in motion.
    Still think if we perform a higher level of performance there will plenty more wins this season to come it's all about the performance only tues and v Mansfield have the levels of performance not being at a level they should be and even if then we managed a draw and only lost tues because I feel the Walsall players had the ref in there pocket as the amount of time wasting they did during the game was shithousery of the highest order .
    If the game was allowed to flow 9 times out of 10 we would beat that kind of opposition.
    Burtons a massive game let's get some confidence from tomorrow and I believe we can give them a game .


    Still baffled how he got his injury. Was it in scoring maybe contact with the keeper , was it during the celebration of the goal , was it on resumption of play ?

    Answers on a postcard please . 

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  11. Whether it's women's or men's there has to be a restructuring of the system. 

    Bald eagle mentioned San Marino. I'm sure I heard on commentary they've only ever won once in about 180 games over 20 odd years. 

    They should have their own preliminary group with the other minnows which then puts them into the main qualification groups. 

    Whether it's England, Germany, Belgium I can't see the point of 4 qualifiers against San Marino and Andorra etc. 

    And yes if Northern Ireland women can win 11-0 away, a small nation themselves, what is the actual point ? 

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  12. 31 minutes ago, Breadwinner said:

    I see our current form has stopped this being a sell out mind you when go on general sale whenever that is I think they only have 400 more sell

    Amazing what a couple of losses does . Had good vibes and atmosphere in the queue, lots of excitement from people. 10 days later and everyone feeling as flat as a witches t** . I do hope we can sell out. 

    Love to get through but I'd willingly trade the Accrington victory for a win against Oldham or Walsall instead . 

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  13. 2 minutes ago, Paul6754 said:

    If he's fit Jake Taylor has to start on Saturday to provide some creativity. In the absence of Conlon and if DC plays 3-5-2  I'd play Smith Legge Jones at the back, Taylor, Pett Garrity as the 3 in midfield with 2 from Lloyd, Rodney, Politic up front if Proctor isn't fit enough for 90.

    If DC goes 4-3-3 Then I'd play Gibbo Smith Legge Jones at the back, Taylor Pett and Garrity, Wozza Lloyd Rodney/Politic again if Proctor isn't fit and look to get Walker some game time whatever formation is played.


    According to Clarke he's out for a couple of weeks 

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  14. Again though people are basing their opinions on Johnson on what ?

    45 minutes at Northampton and 10 minutes at Sutton ? 

    At Northampton he was hooked at half time having had a dodgy start to his Vale career. Not the greatest of debuts. 

    He came on at Sutton but we didn't lose because of him , same as we didn't lose at Oldham because of Legge. 

    His stats last season were mightily impressive and he was a mainstay of a promotion winning team. 

    I don't go to the Paint pot games so can't say how he played in the 3 games but we did have 2 clean sheets albeit one against Liverpool toddlers. 

    I aren't writing him off yet and until he gets at least a 5 game run in League games neither should he be. 

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  15. 34 minutes ago, Breadwinner said:

    Obviously Dc would have watched the game back and it's on to the next project Hartlepool at home think last time I saw us play these we lost 2-5 at home many moons ago that have no wish to remember the scorers for us or them all I remember was it was a snowy night I think it was on a tues surprise surprise .
    Going away for the weekend so will not be there as going for a night in Fareham.
    Team well who would you choose ,three iffy last performances but before then tremendous performances attacking wise anyway .
    Cass Smith Jones
    Worrall Pett Garrity Walker Gibbons
    No point rushing Proctor back ease him in slowly and I'm.not dropping Jones because apart from a few gash balls v Bradford and Walsall in the games ive seen he as been quality we always play gash v Walsall so I'm not going drop or rest everyone just think tues was a blip concerned about tge manner of last saturdays defeat but tues even though we were extremely poor throughout we only lost because we were the team who made the big error if Worrall puts his chance away instead of wrongly trying pass to Amoo we would be the team benefitting from a error and maybe tues bogey team would have somehow turned out differently but wasn't to be .
    So that's my team should be a lot of players breaking from deep and that can only be a good thing if we pass the ball the way we know we can

    Enjoy your weekend away. 

    I'm not advocating 6 changes and wholesale carnage but I think it doesn't send out a very good message if some of those keep their place. 

    Hate naming individuals as it does appear as scapegoating but I'm afraid maybe taking out of the firing line will refresh Jones . He simply can't be selected after Tuesday . 

    Walker also has to come into consideration. He's played about 4 games this season and probably would of played nearly every game had he not got injured. For me he's a first team player and was for the first few games. Been written off by some on here but his Vale career hasn't got going yet. 

    If there aren't at least 3 changes I'd expect that Clarke will be answering his door with regularity. 





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  16. 10 hours ago, Beech said:


    I think he would be better for having someone physical around him. If we're playing a midfield three you want them to have as different qualities as possible, in my opinion. Ours do to an extent - Pett keeps things simple and ticking over. Conlon is the one that can score from outside the box, and produce the odd moment of magic. Whereas Garrity is a pure grafter and does most of the running. But none of them are destroyers in the slightest. I'd love someone like Anthony Grant in there to give us another dimension, especially when we're up against a side that tries to bully you such as Walsall. Add the fact that Worrall, our best player along with Conlon, hasn't been playing as a winger for most of this season, I just think we're crying out to go 4-3-3. I'm not feeling Amoo as a striker either. He'll always be a wide player to me.

    Said myself about Amoo. Even now his most dangerous work is out wide. 

    The Bradford goal, causing the OG at Crawley. Excellent crosses across the 6 yard box at Oldham. 

    He was decent up front against Accrington but overall the vast majority of his decent stuff is out wide and he affects play more there . 

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  17. 4 minutes ago, PV1973 said:

    On the other hand would a players dad tell a random fan what their sons true feelings and plans are?

    Possibly not but I've spoken to him at Swindon and Crawley , didn't know at Swindon that it was his dad . Seems genuine bloke to me , can only take him at face value. 

    Whereas Sproson has ulterior motives. Wasn't Toby Edser the best thing since sliced bread according to Sproson too ? 

  18. Just now, ValeForever. said:

    During the Oldham game he was asked about Jake Taylor & he couldn't have been any less subtle about Taylor's frustration at not starting games & getting match time. He basically alluded to the fact Taylor wasn't happy & if things continued, would be open to a move in a couple of months time.

    For me he shouldn't be commenting on Taylor & his situation on live radio. It's a poor question to ask him from Radio Stoke's perspective, but Sproson needs to pipe down. He's mugged Taylor right off because as soon as DC got wind it was never going to end well, hence him being out of the squad last night. I'll be amazed if he makes the squad on Saturday but Conlon's absence might force DCs hand.

    Which contradicts totally what Jake's dad says. Some of you might know he goes to all of the games on the official coach. Nice guy his dad is. Had a lengthy chat with him at Crawley and he said Jake fully aware he's not going to get in a winning team and has to take his chance when it comes. 

    I've no reason to doubt anything that was said to me and given the fact we only lost at Oldham on Saturday maybe soon Jake will get his opportunity. 

    Sadly over the last couple of years Sproson is tarnishing his status at the Vale with his biased bile . 

  19. 18 minutes ago, SuperHuman said:

    4,700 home fans when we were third in the league and in arguably the most anticipated home fixture of the season. Not good enough.

    We’ve been saying for years that the crowds will return with better owners and when we’re doing well. I’ve been disappointed with our crowds this season on the whole. 


    I think they've been ok as there have been some pathetic away followings. 

    However last night was baffling. You aren't telling me 500 season ticket holders were on noons .

    Where were they all . We had 1500 more home fans when it was live on Sky the other week. Really disappointing attendance and a bit bemusing. 

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