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  1. Ay up mate. Didn't know if was doing right thing. His post on other site was worrying. He has had a meltdown on there before.

    Having experience of suicide , I only went audley cemetery the other day to visit his grave the last thing I was expecting see was someone suggesting they were going to kill themselves.

    He clearly in a bad place let's hope he gets through it

    Happy new year by the way and things are rosier under Aspin, new belief .

  2. Hope you got link ok

    Sorry if caused mither.

    Happy New year too !!

  3. Hi melv. Hope not alarmed folk. Genuinely worried his post was disturbing. He has had issues on there before with rival fans where he had a meltdown.

    Just hope he is alright

  4. Hi mate. Hope not caused any mither but genuine concern for him. His post in one football forum was quite disturbing. Last season he had a meltdown on there alluding to mental health issues with a fan from another club.

    Just hope he is ok

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