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  1. Our pitch has always been terrible. I remeber some of the drainage being redone years ago as we had large areas that were like a bog after any amount of rain. The one thing ive always noticed with our pitch is that it seems slow and the bounce is very poor.
  2. The way money was rubbing his quad looked like a deadleg
  3. The sad thing is I'll be watching on Saturday hoping for a win, god loves a trier. Odds on ill be moaning at half time how bad we are
  4. Put them all on the transfer list....worked for mickey
  5. Do they actually watch the games back and think christ we were <ovf censored> and we need to do something, I think not. If I was Carol I'd have them all in tomorrow morning and drill in to them what is required and tell them THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE
  6. Sunny player went down cos ball hit him the face
  7. Thats 90 mins ill never get back absolute joke and waste of time
  8. I think we are getting worse every game....very worrying
  9. Ref is not helping that was never a foul by worral
  10. Joyce can't even take a throw in to a vale player for gods sake
  11. Would gladly swap with my wife who is in a covid ward so I wouldn't have to watch this rubbish
  12. Is Cullen having a laugh throwing himself to the ground randomly
  13. I fear its too late and national league us beckoning, really can't see where the next win is coming from, we give absolutely nothing, its soul destroying
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