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  1. I live in the Blackpool area and worked with some Blackpool Fans, this is a few years ago I know, but they all said he was the best young player they had seen in years and were gutted when he went to Stoke. For some reason he obviously didn’t do the business at Stoke although he was there for quite a while. He could be another James Wilson who will benefit from our current management and find his form again.
  2. I totally agree with your list of signings required. UTV
  3. Don’t want to appear negative but it seems a large number of players retained. Darrell has said he prefers a Smaller Squad which if so, doesn’t leave much room for Incomings. The Fitness of some of those retained, based on this past season is also questionable . I just hope we get some more Pace in the Squad and a Little More Quality. UTV
  4. You seem to be an Expert on Coronavirus don’t you. If I want to wear a mask I will wear a mask and if someone like you asked me why, I would tell you where to go. I will then go for my Psychiatric Treatment, Myself and others seem to need, according to your opinion.
  5. Yeh I quite agree, I live up North West and it’s like being in a Pub in the Potteries. Thanks Bez and Jonny, keep up the Great Work. Also the fact you keep mentioning Mental Health Issues and the advice you give and that you are available for people just shows what 2 Great and Caring People you both are. Take Care Lads and all the best to you and your families. UTV
  6. Let’s hope we get the West Stand Next Season then. UTV
  7. Early season with Cass and Jones as the wide centre backs we produced some of our better performances. I feel with Gibbons and Hall playing those roles we are even better, they certainly are defensively sounder and have better engines. UTV
  8. Mansfield have senior players like Quinn, Perch, O’Toole, Hawkins is relatively slow, Longstaff doesn’t apparently cover the ground either so Wembley might suit us more than them. If we have a repeat of Thursday’s effort and performance then we stand a Good Chance. UTV
  9. Quite agree, we are playing right up his street. Come on Vale Fans, we are better than this. Some Fans let the club down after Thursday’s match. Let’s do Carol and the club proud at Wembley on and off the pitch. UTV
  10. Thanks Mate for your comment
  11. I thought in the ground it was a blatant handball but outside the area. Was expecting a free kick. I've not seen it back though. Thanks Rory I was beginning to think I need to go to Spec Savers.
  12. I wasn’t sure that it had hit his foot first. If that’s the case then it isn’t a foul, if the ball hits another part of a players body first then hits the arm it isn’t a free kick or a penalty which ever. At least that was the law in 2021.
  13. Just listening to the Swindon 2nd Leg Review. Bezza says we got away with the Penalty regarding Mal Benning’s So Called Handball. I have watched the TV Replay over and over and no way is it a penalty, he is clearly outside of the penalty area. Am I the only one with this opinion ?
  14. Brilliant Vale, at long long Last we have some justice done. Harry McKirdy !!!!
  15. What a great post, I totally agree with everything you have said. So long as we play like we can, then what will be, will be. If we lose I will be disappointed but not as much as I was with the 3 defeats in a row, where we missed out on automatic promotion.
  16. I have to disagree with Andy being the successful manager. Don’t get me wrong, he did a good job, but the team didn’t seem to flow as well, we seemed to be making hard work of some of the games. Crosby is a coach, Clarke is a manager. I feel a lot more confident about Thursday with Darrell back in Charge. Just my opinion of course, I don’t want to upset anybody. UTV
  17. I feel Garrity has really missed Conlon in the side, since Conlon’s absence he has been asked to play different roles, which he isn’t used to. You certainly can’t complain at the Lad’s effort though.
  18. Well said Tony, somebody with a sensible view.
  19. Yes, I am certainly a Vale Fan and of course I want them to win everything match, as I have for 60 years and will till I die. Lighten up man, it was a question not a Wish. Are you telling me all Vale Fans never think they will lose, I bet Carol and David Flitcroft are planning for both League 1 and League 2, that is the nature of the game. I introduced a topic for opinions that’s all.
  20. Yeh well said Darren, Milford was a **** and we have had a lot like him this season.
  21. Great Answer, Yeh that day at Brighton does take some beating. What an away crowd and atmosphere, it was Brilliant.
  22. No, very true but I know reading their Forum, they didn’t want the Play Offs at any price.
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