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  1. Once again a big thanks to PVFC fans for your support. The shyster Smurthwaite and the convicted criminal Alick Kapinkaya, aka Alex May, were only interested in getting hold of the lease to Meadow Lane - if and when we entered administration. Fortunately our great benefactor, the Haydn Green Estate who have a partial-controlling interest in the ground lease, intervened and forced the sale through, preventing administration. The new owners are a Danish consortium who own Football Radar, a football analytics company. They hope to run Notts using the same business model as used successfully at Brentford and Brighton, by similar football analytics companies. Time will tell if this works or not but today things look a lot brighter for us Pies.. All the best for this season!!
  2. As a long suffering Notts County fan I just want to thank the Vale fans who have taken the trouble to send messages of support for our club and very clear warnings about that evil shyster Norman Smurthwaite, who had positioned himself for a possible takeover if the club went into administration. A fair few of our fans were prepared to welcome him as our new saviour but I always believed he was a lot worse option than our exiting chairman: the loud-mouthed, incompetent clown Alan Hardy. This evening we have been taken over by a Danish consortium. Hardy is no more and Smurthwaite can crawl back and rot under his stone. Time for beer, beer and more beer. Once again a big thankyou to PVFC fans and all the best to you this season !! https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2019/july/reedtz-takeover-statement-260719/
  3. You know for me the most striking similarity between Vale's and Notts' experiment was the tsunami of optimism that swept through both clubs at the start of the close season. Day after day we both signed a new foreign player that nobody had heard of and yet the majority of us gullible fans were convinced that these unknowns were going to fast track us to the promised land, rather than failure and relegation. I guess us supporting Vale and Notts, rather than Stoke and F*rest, suggests that we are all eternal optimists. Shame the dream couldn't happen to us - just the once hey !
  4. Realistic Notts County fan in peace - we have absolutely nothing to crow about so please be gentle!! I came on here last year to make comparisons between Notts County's failed experiment, led by the Dutchman Ricardo Moniz and Vale's decision to appoint Bruno Ribeiro and sign lots of overseas players. Like our try at building a team, comprised largely of overseas players, your season seemed to start well - plus you seemed to sort out the defensive side of things much, much better than we did. So what really happened? Was it that the players couldn't settle in the Potteries? The weather? The physical nature and speed of English lower league football? I know that we were not going to get relegated under Moniz and that we played some great attacking football but we couldn't defend for toffee. When the sh !t hit the fan both yours and our chairman took a real mauling from the fans but part of me was glad that we had tried something different. We've now got rid of every single overseas player off our books and have reverted to a solid, organised, gutsy style of football which is more suited to this league BUT in truth pretty boring ! Where do you find the balance between entertainment and success? I don't know. Any way, all the best for next season and I hope you turn it round. For gawd's sake don't do a Tranmere and go for two successive relegations - we need the extra pennies that come from local derby matches !!
  5. Evening Vale fans. I hope you don't object to me having my two-penny-worth? As a Notts County fan watching developments at your club with keen interest, I am experiencing major league deja vu. It's uncanny how Vale seem to be going down almost exactly the same road as Notts County did last season. Your signings have the same 'scatter-gun' look that ours did. Many of the overseas players we signed were unknown outside the countries they played in, or came from. They came recommended by agents, or agencies, often with impressive video footage of their skills. The problem for us was how do you judge a player from the Dutch, Belgian, French or Slovenian second division? How do you assess whether they will be able to cope with with life in our fiercely competitive lower leagues. Indeed shortly after the season started, several of our imports commented on social media about how amazed they were by the difference in pace of the English game and the physical challenges it presented. With hindsight I would have only signed our imports after a lengthy trial which included friendly matches against half-decent opposition who would provide a realistic physical challenge i.e not minor local league teams. As I said in an earlier post, of the 8 overseas players we signed, 5 have already left and only 1 of the remaining 3 has a realistic chance of starting a game this season. I hope that Vale do a lot better than we did. It's a very brave step you have taken and i'm sure there will be good and bad moments along the way. Hopefully in your case the good will seriously outweigh the bad. My best memory of our experiment was banishing hoofball - I've seen enough of that to last several life times !!
  6. Paul, I couldn't agree more. Spain have had a lot of success with this possession style of play but it is so dull to watch that i'd rather regrout the shower than suffer another 90 minutes of it. Moniz tried to bring the Dutch version of 'total football' to Notts. A much more direct style, with lots of goalmouth action and plenty of skill on show. When it worked it was fabulous to watch but more often than not we were let down by a tragic defence that crumpled under pressure and conceded goals from set plays with alarming regularity. IMO it's about having the right mix of continental flair and British grit, determination and organisation - maybe Vale will find it.
  7. I don't predict disaster but I think you will need a lot of patience while the imports adjust to the frenetic style of play and the physical challenges of English lower league football. A year on, 5 out of the 8 overseas imports from the Moniz experiment have left the club and of the 3 remaining, only 1 is likely to start for Notts this season. They were found wanting in physical and mental strength - what overseas player will have had to do battle with the likes of Ade Akinfenwa in their previous career?
  8. It was very, very early in the season i.e. Villa weren't bottom. My point being that we didn't 'park the bus', we took the game to Villa on their own pitch from the kickoff and some of the football we played was pretty special for a fourth division club. As usual our defence crumpled under pressure and we lost, despite giving as good as we got or better.
  9. You just never know fella. Vale have been brave enough to experiment, to move away from season after season of the tried and tested formulas. Maybe you'll get lucky where we didn't Total football in the Potteries - why not !
  10. If anything slightly worse. We don't separate football topics from non-football topics. Most of our football threads have been swamped by referendum-related threads, which frankly bore me to tears !
  11. All of Ricardo Moniz's backroom staff were British, all ex-players in David Kevan, Dean Yates, Richard Dryden and Mike Edwards. A major bone of contention amongst our fans was the use of a 'recruitment panel', used to help Moniz because of his lack of experience of the English lower leagues. In the end I think this proved to be more of a hindrance than a help to Moniz.
  12. Thanks Essex Vale. I wasn't sure how my post would be received. Trust me we have plenty of the: "the childish rubbish from immature keyboard warriors" on our own board !!
  13. That settled defence maybe the key difference. Ricardo Moniz would've played with a rush goalie if it was allowed - he was so committed to attacking football. In the league Cup, we led 3 times at Aston Villa, who played most of their ' star ' names but then we succumbed to defensive errors. As for this season, I am happy with our experienced signings but i'm keeping the optimism on a slow burn - we've had so many 'false dawns' !
  14. Notts County fan here in peace - honestly IN PEACE!! I'm fascinated by what's happening at Vale. (1) the appointment of Bruno Ribeiro on a 3 year contract - a manager with no experience of English football. (2) the exit of many players based in the UK who are experienced in English league football . (3) the recruitment of relatively unknown overseas imports, with no experience of English league football. The parallel with Notts County's experiment last season, is uncannily similar. We appointed the Dutchman, Ricardo Moniz, on a 3 year deal. He had coached at Tottenham but had no managerial experience of English football and minimal knowledge of lower league football. We shipped out a lot of older experienced pros and replaced them with relatively unknown overseas imports from Holland, Belgium, France and Slovenia. Three of the players were ex-internationals: Julian Jenner, Gill Swertz and Stanley Aborah. To start with the vast majority of our fans were wildly optimistic. Some of the players were great to watch, great skills and technique but always at the back of your mind was a nagging little voice saying: aren't they a bit light-weight for the lower leagues. We played some really exciting, attacking football, particularly at home. The away form was poor and it soon became clear that our overseas imports were not really up for the fight, not fit enough to cope with the intensity, all action and physical challenges of lower league football. The defending at times was kamikaze in its carelessness. Defending set plays became a nightmare. We could batter a team for 75 minutes, play them off the park and then let in a soft goal from a corner or a long throw. As you know Moniz was sacked after Xmas. I for one was sad to see him go. For me, his team was a breath of fresh air. I loved the entertainment, the gung-ho all out attacking football but that old cliché that football is a results game, proved to be his downfall. I shall be watching Vale's results - the Ribeiro experiment - with great interest. I genuinely hope it is a success. I for one am sick to death of hoofball - i've seen too much of it. One thing is for sure, under this new setup, Vale will try and play football . Good luck this season, I hope your bravery pays off !!
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