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  1. I have nothing against Michael Appleton but he is one of those managers who has a great reputation but absolutely no track record to back it up. As a manager he has won precisely nothing.
  2. The majority of comments on here capture my thoughts. Mr Pope did not learn from his first one game ban for twitter comments. He continued to spout rubbish, and that led to him missing the first 6 games of season 20/21. He never recovered from that poor start and his fitness and readiness for games was seriously diminished. Two managers during that season declined to pick him very much, that tells a story. His disrespectful comments about some Manchester City players were laughable coming from a Div 2 player. His post full of fantasy about his scoring 30 or 40 goals a season if he was in the Premier League evidences that he lacks the wit to write clever humour. He has zero humility. Worse of all his continued sly digs at our management and Captain seem to me to evidence a bitter and twisted mindset from an individual who has been found out. I never warmed to him as a person, although I respected him as a player for what he did on the pitch. I believe he was a negative influence in the dressing room because although he was a major presence his standards for fitness, lifestyle, use of social media and PR did not set the right tone for young players who are easily influenced. If Mr Pope wishes to be seen in a positive light by fans in his retirement from his playing days then he needs to learn from his numerous past mistakes. At the moment he seems intent on repeating them. As a lifelong Port Vale fan and our second ever highest goalscorer he still has enormous credit in the bank, he needs to ensure that goodwill does not slip away by his peevish comments.
  3. I met Phil a few times when he was at Southend and I was doing some corporate work with the club. He is a nice guy, passionate, articulate but verbose. I imagine that it is this latter quality which confuses his players. Since he stopped working with Brian Horton as his right hand man things have not gone well for him. I do not see him adding any value to Barrow. Their appointments since Ian Evatt left have been pretty dire. David Dunn, Michael Jolly, Mark Cooper and now Phil Brown. The only success in that time has been Rob Kelly in the various times he acted in that role. I guess he does not want to job and is happy being assistant at Wigan.
  4. No we were not champions under Gordon. The last manager to take us to a championship was Norman Low
  5. Gordon Lee was the most magnificent manager for Port Vale. He saved the club from slipping into oblivion. He took up his first management post for us in 1968 just after we had been booted out of the league. He stabilised us, and in his second season we won promotion. He took players who had been at the club without too much success but transformed them. Clint Boulton was a reasonable half-back who Gordon converted into the most wonderful goal scoring right back. John James was a slow defensive midfielder who Gordon converted into a striker who was a hero to thousands of us. Ron Wilson enjoyed the best years of his career under Gordon. The main man, Roy Sproson, credited Gordon with prolonging his career. Under Gordon, Roy was at the heart of an incredible defence. Roy played 22 seasons, but his best two seasons for goal scoring were under Gordon’s leadership. Gordon scoured non-league for gems. Some of his best ever signings were from Gorleston, Alsager, Hednesford. That shows the range of games he covered and how he could spot a diamond. Gordon’s enthusiasm, hard work, and commitment have not been bettered by anyone at Vale Park. He will rightly retain a place in history amongst the greatest of Port Vale managers. If he had not been enticed away from Vale Park in 1974 then I have no doubt he would have taken us to greater things. In his 5 full seasons he always led us to a higher finish in the league than in the previous season. Gordon went quietly in his sleep. I believe he continued to play golf and enjoyed life by the seaside. Any Vale fan of my generation will recognise the brilliance of the man. RIP Sir, you have left a host of memories, all good.
  6. I note some people see this appointment as being of high quality and reference is made to a proven manager at a higher level. I would like to know on what basis he is assessed as being a good manager. Mr Hughes' managerial honours amount to.....................nothing, although he did once win manager of the month. Mr Adams, who made way for him, as a manager has won 4 promotions. In the process he took Ross County and Morecambe to their highest ever league placing. Every team he has managed has won promotion under him, except Bradford City,who sacked him without having a full season in post. Mr Hughes' overall win rate is 37%. Mr Adams has a win rate of 41%. When comments are made about a proven track record, the only proof appears to be that he was there, at the top level as a manager, without actually doing anything of note. For me, this is a strange appointment and I will be surprised if it works out well, time will tell.
  7. He will be playing with Luke Joyce and Danny Whitehead for the rest of the season.
  8. How on earth did a man with his CV, and at his age (with obviously limited experience) get a job as Chf Exec at a club like Bradford City? I know it is a rhetorical question. He is a media and PR man with no background in business, finance, management, marketing, operations, facilities, catering, retail, events or HR. One would have thought some kind of proven track record in at least some of those disciplines might have been helpful. The people in football make some very strange appointments. Whoever appointed Mr Sparks needs to review their thinking. I suspect he talks a good game, well they all do don't they!
  9. There is a serious problem at Bradford City. The rate at which they sack managers is ridiculous. The money they spend for little outcome is further evidence of gross mismanagement deep into the DNA of the club. Let's see who is the next sacrificial victim. I suspect Derek Adams will have a very nice pay off, and he will get another job at a team similar to Morecambe where expectations are not quite so high.
  10. Essex Vale

    Kurt Zouma

    Like all decent people I am shocked at this video. The content is bad enough, but to make a video, to present it as fun, and to do so with what appears to be a child there as well must chill all of us to the bone. Sadly his behaviour sums up all that is bad about some young super rich footballers with time on their hands, and no moral values who seek to do as they please. His later insistence that his cats are fine and healthy is further evidence of his abdication of humanity and a conscience. I am sure that he will face the full force of the law. His dreadful behaviour is a blot on his club, West Ham. The Hammers manager, and star man Declan Rice, showed all that is good in football at the weekend with their response to, and praise of, Kidderminster for their brave FA cup performance. It is dreadful that this man is associated with his club.
  11. For me it was 15 December 1962, a 2-2 draw with Wrexham. Our scorers were Colin Grainger and Bert Llewellyn. We were 2-1 up at half time, but Wrexham equalised with a magnificent diving header that their striker Brian Anderson curled round Ken Hancock in our goal. How odd that I have such a vivid memory of their equaliser. This was the last home game before the big freeze of 62/63, we had to wait until 9 March 1963, 3 months all but a week, for the next game, a 2-0 win against Carlisle.
  12. Not a dream Roy scored against us for Villa in that famous 4-4 draw, see the link below for the Sentinel summary: When Port Vale shared a thriller with Aston Villa, 46 years ago today - Stoke-on-Trent Live WWW.STOKESENTINEL.CO.UK
  13. Blackdog, look at the second post in this thread. I give a detailed account of the goal. It was not his second debut, it was his second game in his third spell, and his last every game for Vale.
  14. Southend deserves a much better football team than it has. I look at the model put in place for the new Bury FC, based on the German idea of fan ownership, with financial input from a backer and a sympathetic local authority which helps incorporate the club into local life. That is the way to go. Southend ought to be able to attract good ownership, but I feel that Ron Martin, the current owner, has fended off other people. over the years. In some ways he reminds me of the late Bill Bell. Both achieved great things for their club but they did not know quite when to let go. Backing Phil Brown to lead them out of non-league was a desperate measure. I am not entirely sure what Stan Colleymore will bring to the table, other than publicity.
  15. I suspect Bolton will recall him. It works both ways. We sent Jordan Hugill on loan to Gateshead, he did well, we recalled him, then he did well for us. That's how it is
  16. Good draw, a home game, and a chance to test ourselves against a team in the higher league, it is what the Cup used to be about
  17. Salford were quick to off load him. My view is that John Askey panicked a little bit in pre season 2020 and he was not willing to wait a bit longer before trying to get Jake Taylor on loan for a second time, hence we lost out to Scunthorpe. I think Askey signed Danny as a bits and pieces player would could fill in at defensive midfield, full back, and occasionally attacking midfield. So what we had was a player who has never really cut it in the FL signed as a fill in. Whilst he could do a job in different areas on the pitch he was never going to excel. Our current manager quickly worked him out. Nothing against Danny, I think his level is national league, and that is a good level to play at. I hope he gets his career back on track at Altrincham.
  18. This is shocking and dreadful news. I live in Essex, although not in Sir David's constituency. In a previous job I spoke to him on a number of occasions, sometimes about issues around Southend United, but mostly about issues around street crime in his constituency This incident is absolutely awful. Whatever we think of our politicians, now is the time for the traditional MPs surgeries to be held in abeyance until appropriate security can be provided. RIP Sir David
  19. I agree with the previous posters. I hope he gets the job, it is a good fit for him with location and he knows that level well. Telford are, in non-league terms, an under performer. They should be higher, let's see.
  20. He came across as a good team player, who is committed to work hard. Andy Crosby clearly knows him from Northern Ireland (despite Danny's strong Yorkshire accent) so he must have recommended him to the gaffer in the first place. To stay around on trial for a couple of months says a lot for his resilience. Let's hope he has a good career with us.
  21. Joe Cardle, remember him, made a bit of history yesterday by scoring the first goal in the Scottish League for Kelty Hearts in their derby against Cowdenbeath. Joe looked a real menace on the left wing. He has had a long career, he made his debut for us 16 years ago. Never quite made it for us but he has had a good career in Scotland.
  22. RIP Derek, although the semi final took place before I was born I saw Derek play in the 1964 testimonial for Roy Sproson and Selwyn Whalley. Jacko, I think you will find that the oldest living former Vale player is Bily Bingham.
  23. It is a blight on football that a man with more than one criminal conviction for violence, including violence in a football environment can be employed as a manager. Added to this is his wanton disregard for the internal rules on gambling in football. How can any football club reassure parents of young players that their son (and daughter) will be well looked after, supported, and valued by any club that seeks to employ someone with this record of past misdemeanours in its most important and prominent position in the club. He is not being victimised for a one off lapse of judgement, or a one off action when the red mist descended. The Football Association should have a fitness to manage test before agreeing that anyone can be appointed to such a position by a club within their purview. For those who say innocent until proven guilty, I am not talking about his current arrest. My comments are based entirely on his record to date for events for which he has been proven guilty. The current situation is a case of domestic violence where the victim has not formally complained. That happens often in domestic violence cases where the alleged perpetrator has a record of past violence and the alleged victim is too traumatised to formalise a complaint. Without any doubt at all, Mr Barton's profile matches that description. That man needs some serious counselling to change his behaviour. Unless, and until that happens, he should not be holding the position that he does at any professional football club.
  24. Ernie Moss was a good footballer, who did not quite have the natural ability to get right to the very top of his profession. His physical and moral courage on the pitch were at the highest possible level. His commitment to his team was total. His reliability was beyond question. I first saw him in 1969 playing for Chesterfield. He stood out then as a strong leader of the line. A man of great tenacity, a wonderful header of a ball. A man who was unflustered in front of goal, who knew how to score. When he signed for us in 1981 I could hardly believe that we had managed to get him. On the field his legs were not particularly fast, his brain was superfast and got him in the right place at the right time. He was with us for only just over 18 months. The fact that he is remembered with such fondness, and held in so high a regard underlines his qualities. Port Vale have been blessed over the years to have players with the heart of a lion, and the honesty of a saint. No one epitomised these qualities more than Ernie Moss.
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