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  1. Has anyone collected their Exeter tickets from the club? I've left numerous messages on answerphone at ticket office. One message asking them to update the Portvale ticket page but that hasn't happened. UPDATE Just collected from ticket office
  2. Well it seems no one can book tickets on the website. So how come all the seats in grey are already sold?
  3. Anyone managed to book Exeter tickets? Mine says Im purchased maximum amount of tickets No I have not WHAT A JOKE
  4. I think we will still see our history. But points at the moment should match to your season ticket or membership. But looks that is not happening in some cases.
  5. THIS IS A REPLY FROM THE CLUB Thank you for your email. The loyalty scheme only started this season so any points from last season will not be counted. The club are working on integrating the shop and ticket office but at the moment, points are not allocated for purchases made in the shop. The loyalty points are allocated to each individual account even when purchased in a group. In terms of away tickets, it will still be 1 ticket per season ticket holder.
  6. This system is clearly flawed. I wonder how many people have been given too many points and others not enough.
  7. This is exactually what I am thinking. This is not right. How does your mate buy an away ticket on his membership if he has no points?
  8. Did you give your mates email address in. If so ask him to check how many points he has. If he has no points then he will not be first in the queue for away tickets. I am just emailing the club as this needs addressing before the season starts.
  9. Just been to collect my season ticket. No points are carried over from last year because the scheme was not running then. They didnt understand in the ticket office why me & my other half had different loyalty points but both purchased a season ticket.
  10. Neither of us had season tickets last year. But I did buy a lot of match tickets home & away.
  11. Even more confused I have 280 points. My other half has 140. Both have season tickets. So something not quite right. Can someone check their points to see what they have please.
  12. Ive tried to phone ticket office this week but cannot get through. I purchased 2 season tickets together using one email address. So how many points should show on the account & will I be able to buy two away tickets on this account. Just wondered if anyone has found this out?
  13. How many of these people who want the home end switched actually sit in the Bycars? I sat in the Hamil for the Swindon match & in my opinion the view is not so great. The atmosphere was created because of the match & not because people swapped stands. All these people banging on about a bar. I go to watch the football & not stand in the concourse drinking. Im sure the tea bar at the back of Bycars could sell beer. Ive purchased my season ticket for Bycars & would not be happy if I had to move. But maybe Im in the minority.
  14. I have spotted a tweet from Martin Tideswell regarding Tom Pope testimonial. Anyone seen any details?
  15. Does anyone know if Darryl can lead the team out with him being sent off against Swindow?
  16. Keep the faith. Mine just completed. Took 50 mins.
  17. Well got tickets, payment taken from bank. Screen frozen for 10 mins. No email to confirm!!!!
  18. Ive got thru to the ground plan. But is keeps asking me what concession I want & doesnt go anywhere.
  19. Still cannot find an answer. No answer at ticket office, not unusual. Ive tried the Twitter thing as someone else suggested. But it has not been replied to, not used to Twitter. Is there anyone who does use it who would ask the question for me. Ta
  20. Has anyone seen how many tickets non ST can buy for the home tie. I normally buy 4 tickets online.
  21. Can't believe it was that long ago.
  22. If I remember correctly did this not happen a few years back when Wolves came last game of the season?
  23. Totally agree. We queued from 5.45 for Exeter tickets and were no. 30 in the queue, when we got to the ticket office there were no seats left. We bought the standing tickets only because we had queued so long. Due to a bad back standing not really a good idea but after advertising for days managed to swap my standing for seats with someone who didnt want to sit. I dont have a problem with people getting free tickets but agree club should inform us how many are actually for sale on the day.
  24. I have 2 standing tickets which I am desperate to swap for seat tickets due to having a bad back & dont fancy standing up all match.
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