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  1. I have spotted a tweet from Martin Tideswell regarding Tom Pope testimonial. Anyone seen any details?
  2. Does anyone know if Darryl can lead the team out with him being sent off against Swindow?
  3. Keep the faith. Mine just completed. Took 50 mins.
  4. Well got tickets, payment taken from bank. Screen frozen for 10 mins. No email to confirm!!!!
  5. Ive got thru to the ground plan. But is keeps asking me what concession I want & doesnt go anywhere.
  6. Still cannot find an answer. No answer at ticket office, not unusual. Ive tried the Twitter thing as someone else suggested. But it has not been replied to, not used to Twitter. Is there anyone who does use it who would ask the question for me. Ta
  7. Has anyone seen how many tickets non ST can buy for the home tie. I normally buy 4 tickets online.
  8. Can't believe it was that long ago.
  9. If I remember correctly did this not happen a few years back when Wolves came last game of the season?
  10. Totally agree. We queued from 5.45 for Exeter tickets and were no. 30 in the queue, when we got to the ticket office there were no seats left. We bought the standing tickets only because we had queued so long. Due to a bad back standing not really a good idea but after advertising for days managed to swap my standing for seats with someone who didnt want to sit. I dont have a problem with people getting free tickets but agree club should inform us how many are actually for sale on the day.
  11. I have 2 standing tickets which I am desperate to swap for seat tickets due to having a bad back & dont fancy standing up all match.
  12. I have 2 Exeter standing tickets which I need to swap for 2 seat tickets. Obviously I will pay the difference.
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