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  1. Are you retarded? I said press where did I mention sky? Two undefeated boxers uniting a belt or a has been and a chancer. The point being hearn is ruining boxing. Still don't miss a chance to try and criticise one of my posts that you have misread. Sad really.
  2. Spot on Paul, Thurman Garcia was given no where near as much press as haye bellew.
  3. If people enjoyed that hearn has won. A has been v someone who won a boxing licence out of a packet of kelloggs. Hearn has mugged you off, the hatred they spoke before the fight, the non entity of a fight and then the post match love in. I thought after the match haye was going to get bellews cock out and start sucking him off if was so cringeworthy. Then bellew starts talking about how hes in control and everyone will want to fight him, joshua would beat the pair of them if the three of them fought at the same time.
  4. Eddie hearn mugging punters off again. Haye is spent. As shown three rounds in. Bellew is toss should have knocked haye out but didnt have the power. Anyone who paid tonight should take a long hard look at their lives. Far better to waste money on.
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