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  1. And you thought Pugh played well. I'd pack in if I was you.
  2. Number 10 for us was a bit powder puff too. Saw him take two long range strikes which were Basically back passes
  3. Did you face the pitch? He was woeful. Scary that brown gave him the captaincy.
  4. A good work out. Stand out performers for me were Barnett. Fantastic finish for his second. Green. Looked tricky and skillful. Montano was different gravy. De freitas looked good. The left back first half was a good player, the rest probably need a stiffer test as they looked OK, but against poor opposition.
  5. Better than Pugh. Seeing as we have one old useless sod signed we need some legs.
  6. Tom walker ex Bolton and bury, only 21. Someone called gaytam and someone Nicholas trialling aswell. Had heard tonge was training with us, hope we don't give him a contract. Danny Green would be a good signing
  7. Norms a bit daft. For all those who think they are in the know about accounts and trying to disect these. You have all missed the glaringly obvious problem that these accounts don't agree to the accounts submitted to companies house. Therefore these aren't final accounts signed off by smurf. End of thread.
  8. Known IS recruiters to be beheaded on return to the UK.
  9. Im hoping for another couple of signings before saturday, otherwise we will be fielding the academy team against congleton vale. A winger, a full back and an attacking midfielder would be brilliant.
  10. Pope and Barnett up front will be a handful for any defence. Just need a nippy striker to change it up if them pair arent working. Also some wingers to cross it into them!
  11. Apparently the players were saying stuff to him like "our gaffer shagged your mum" .
  12. I would sign at least two wingers , however isnt Andoh still training with us?
  13. I remember us taking anthony grant off them two years ago and he was their highest paid player. Whats your point?
  14. So are the SNP, yet nobody ever describes them as that.
  15. I read a case a while back in the senile about a white 60+year old bloke being attacked for driving through Etruria/ cobridge and a group of Asians kicked his car and said this is our street get off it, he stopped his car and was set upon for driving down their street...... This wasn't reported as a racist attack. Just an attack, it works both ways it's just highlighted more by recent events. There was an acid attack in a club a few weeks back, that wasn't a racist attack, perhaps we should let the police carry out their jobs before jumping on the band wagon.
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