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  1. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/05/31/article-2644593-1E59DDE300000578-633_634x422.jpg HAHAHAHA! scotland is getting pathetic and whiny, they must have alot of secret vale fans, if they did leave the union they would be 100% bankrupt, they cannot join the EU without leaving the union and it could take at least 2 years to join hense they being called "greece without the sun" and why would the EU want them to keep them afloat when its already struggling with its existing member states, all this leaving crap is unrealistic blackmail. they had a vote, they voted to remain, they need to be given the veiny sausage of shut the **** up right across the face, i think growing resistance to the SNP will form soon due to how they are reacting now, you can already see some loud anti SNP voices on twitter saying "not my vote" and "they are trying to speak for us and ruin our country".
  2. exactly, well said mate, less not write him off before the season has even started please...
  3. I basically summed up your post, its not my fault it sounds stupid, this is the problem with people like you on these boards, they say ridiculous nonsense things then go out on a rambling attack because they look stupid, theres being narrow minded as you put it then on the other side theres being a flat out tinfoil hat unrealistic conspiracy theorist. Great that you have some "knowledge of the technical side of things" i have years worth of I.C.T qualifications and have been using PC's for 15 years nearly everyday and i still think the claim is still utterly ridiculous, also please stop targeting and dragging in other posters, thank you.
  4. so you are saying hackers hacked his account to post 1 tweet, then deleted it, now he has full control again?
  5. more negativity, hes had very little game time and usually get called in for a sub as far as i know from 2014 to now hes played 31 times and scored 7 times after being out the game for a year, he just needs stable and constant play.
  6. if thats true its interesting why hes insulting his potential teammates on a return back to the club, some people have said pope could be a backroom leader for the new guys and the team in general... lol.
  7. the harm is the fact it costs the club money and takes another striker out of play who could be alot more useful long term for the club or even better than him, hes also not inform and might not able to operate at this level or operate at a high level ever again giving his recent performances so its a risk even taking him back. id prefer short contracts for both pope and tyson but would pick tyson over pope as he has more potential.
  8. where are they now all these 140 year olds? if we had all this cash coming in we would of been in a much better shape for decades, most likely wouldnt of fallen victim to these crook vultures and wouldnt of needed norman today, if he didnt give the club a method for getting cash loan or not, we would of been in alot worse of a situation and our quality of player would of dropped massively, we have a few players now worth hundreds of thousands under contract, realistically we can stay in div one and aim for championship, we would of probably struggled to stay in mid table div 2 without norman lol. you guys live in a different reality and a different age, i dont know anyone as a guy in my 20s who buys the sentinel that is my age, not even alot of the previous generation i know buy the sentinel. no one really cares, apart from the older generation in the past of the whiners who will cry about anything and everything.
  9. i think you underrate our new social media division, theres some banging stuff coming out on snapchat
  10. propaganda? LOL! is smurf kim jong un? just saying if vale was to report its own matches they would be very positive to give the club a good image even if we lost, i know positivity is kryptonite to guys like you, we arent in the 1930s now lads, welcome to the new age. lol why are you butthurt because 1 sports team doesnt have a direct link to a local paper, dont cry dude, my point is the sales are low and their profit is made from other ways, even if they excluded vale completely the paper missing one small news paragraph and a player piece on vale which is about 1-2 pages isnt exactly the end of the world is it.
  11. who cares about the sentinel, its sadly a dying local paper, i heard they give it away for free at the bus station, the only reason its alive is because of local advertising and announcements not on actual paper sales. why do we need them? the club isnt dependent on them in any way, if vale actually do get to the championship are we going to need the sentinel? any information on vale can be found faster online on here or on the clubs social media, all this crap is many people over 40 moaning about how the past used to do things. the only thing that would be nice is a neutral write up, but the sentinel wasnt neutral and the reports wasnt exciting anyway, the match player scores for example was always off and clueless, hopefully vales social media division can do match write ups and cut them out all together lol.
  12. its like winning the lottery and then saying you are no longer motivated in life, utter nonsense
  13. we already have browne for that with greater experience on and off the pitch in terms of management as well, he also has smurfs trust
  14. friendies arent really about winning but them not having a stable situation should help us a bit
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