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  1. That is the extension. 4 days after the final match for teams in the play offs.
  2. Well, we'll know tomorrow. That's the deadline.
  3. That's a really good call imo
  4. Harratt was pivotal in winning the play offs imo. He stretched the defences and created the gaps. We need that to continue...
  5. I'm not sure that she has always made the right decisions. However, she has the good sense, and humility, to listen to others views before making decisions. I sincerely hope that there are others in the club who know the territory and will be consulted with. Your arguments on this issue appear to me to be sound.
  6. Black shorts for me 😊
  7. I guess those two replies emphasise the challenge 😊
  8. Wow, that's a really useful summary of the impossibility of the system when you're a club like Vale. Yet another example of the gross inequalities that exist in football. I guess the challenge is in finding ways to make the system work for Vale, and bring it in line with the culture of looking after people that is the best part of the present Vale set up imo.
  9. Tom Pett is a good example of how difficult decision making can be. Guaranteed to be staying after a very good season I would expect. However, he played 44 games in Lincoln's promotion from league two, and only 2 in league one, before dropping back to league two with Stevenage. He's also 31.
  10. My view too, although the gold looked great under the floodlights.
  11. There's the rub. We get academy loanees in to play for us, and they have a massive leap. The gap between youth and first team squad is even bigger. It's set up for failure, not success. So what's the point? It's just building up hopes that won't be fulfilled for the youngsters, and a waste of resources for the club. No doubt I'm being naive again, but I just don't get it.
  12. Good point. I assumed he was coming to the end of his career as he was only signed for one year!
  13. I bumped into Ellis Jones and his mum on the tube after the match on Saturday. They told me that Ellis and Eden Bailey have been released as the club don't have the set up to keep them on. In spite of this, there they were, supporting the club on their big day. They must be gutted, and it casts some doubt over the upbeat nature of this thread.
  14. Seems a well run, well thought through system 🤔
  15. Stone is a good shot stopper. Not commanding enough for my liking, and his handling errors on Saturday are still giving me palpitations! He's very young though, and it was a very big occasion...
  16. Seems a shame that the side opposite the cameras was very sparsely populated. I'd have expected it to be the first one to be filled. I'm guessing it's reserved for players families etc? It's also the best place to see celebrations. It took me a while to work out where the presentations were taking place from the opposite side of the pitch!
  17. It's also the best way to get promotion! Such drama, such spectacle. Pure theatre.
  18. 30th July. When the new season starts 📈
  19. Our neighbours have put bunting out. Didn't even know they liked football 🤔
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