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  1. I'm not so sure about players not hearing collective moans and groans, and it was that I was referring to. It's often said that fans are the twelfth man when encouraging players/ the team. I believe it works against the team when fans are groaning, as I'm pretty sure it comes across.
  2. Whilst players do have to learn to accept moaning and groaning, I'd like to see fans control themselves better as well. That too is in the best interests of the club and more likely to achieve the positive outcomes that people want.
  3. I'm intrigued that he has been recalled by Leeds from Fleetwood and loaned to Vale. Does this tell us anything? I just don't know...
  4. Not a chance. There's a heatwave coming to South Yorkshire 🙂
  5. It's a common discussion when players return from injury. It takes a few games to get up to scratch.
  6. Gibbo could be our top scorer if he carries on like he is
  7. Well, on paper, that looks a pretty potent pairing to me!
  8. That's a really important observation. See it through the eyes of young people, of parents. Time to move on. Create an atmosphere conducive to young people. As a kid, I spent much of the game in the footwells at the bottom of the terrace kicking teacups around! A long time ago now, but it kept me coming back when I was older. The actual game is a small part of the attraction for young people.
  9. I reckon this is part of the reason why good runs of form come to an end. With the levels of scrutiny employed, opponents work out strengths and weaknesses and devise ways of stopping opponents. Hence Smith gets to see lots of the ball yesterday, whilst other defenders are closed down, and pathways to midfield are blocked. Football is more like chess these days!
  10. Really pleased to see that Scott is being given another opportunity.
  11. Not read the whole thread, but we were up against a decent team today who gave us a stiff test. Some of the play was outstanding, some average, some poor. We came through intact, could have won, might have lost. A good reminder that we will always be a work in progress. No matter how good we get.
  12. Really looking forward to today's game. I love it that we're now worrying about being on too good a run 😃 Far preferable to worrying about staying in the league or ever winning again.
  13. DC is almost as passionate as Breadwinner 😁
  14. And he should have won it once last season. An impressive return in, what, 6 months of fixtures?
  15. Yep. The kind of energy and menace of an Andy Porter or a Griff. The ability to disrupt opposition players by getting in amongst them. Precious resource.
  16. I certainly remember playing Rochdale in a snowstorm and the keeper getting pelted with snowballs. I seem to think it was a night match and we won 5-1.
  17. And the current run the longest since Bruno. Who'd have believed it?!
  18. Great opportunity to show how far we've come. Burton are the ones to be worried.
  19. I think Coleman got so much stick for his first interview because of the ugliness of his team's approach, personified by Pell, who was utterly ridiculous. I'm all for Vale standing their ground, but I abhor much of the gamesmanship that prevails, so hope that we don't overdo the skullduggery. I want to be entertained, not cheated.
  20. Ah. So someone else did see the early incident. Missed by the officials.
  21. Am I the only person who saw the same player elbow Smith, in front of the empty Lorne St end, in the first 10 minutes? He got away with that one. Red looking the other way.
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