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  1. Or we could ask who will be this season's successes?
  2. SFBT


    Well, let's hope so, as that would be the finalπŸ™‚ Quarter final v Spain, probably, also a tough test.
  3. Something that has been spoken about and needs to be part of the bedrock of progress I think. Players and agents will be keen to come to Vale.
  4. Grimsby. Fantastic view from the top of the Hamil. Possibly higher than the roof is now? Etched in my memory.
  5. Watching the lionesses is a joy. They play with freedom and pace and good skill. Perhaps it's a reflection of the still relatively early development of the women's game. As yet untainted by big money, fear and cynicism. Or it may be that women have a better attitude? Long may it last. It's a good job Vale are on the up (a woman's influence?), otherwise my head could be turned.
  6. Absolutely. I used to turn up and ask who the new players were 😁
  7. Joey Barton reveals transfer wishlist and sends a firm message to his Bristol Rovers squad - Bristol Live WWW.BRISTOLPOST.CO.UK Gas in a similar position. Paying the price of having to replace high performing loan players last season.
  8. First visit to this thread. Looks like a mirror image of the summer signings thread πŸ™ƒπŸ˜
  9. Have to agree that we are short of players, and that having had more signings before the training camp would have been much better for team/ squad building. As it didn't pan out that way, our established and tight knit group has become even more valuable. It should, hopefully, carry us through early season, and also enable latecomers to integrate quickly. When things are not ideal, it's possible, and necessary, to utilise the resources that exist.
  10. As I said earlier today, it's a very strange close season.
  11. Not sure the players and staff would agree though. But it does beg the question of how to keep supporters involved when things are seemingly so under control. Although some will cast doubt about that of course.
  12. Some would say you're clutching at straws πŸ™„
  13. More than made up for it in May though πŸ˜ƒ
  14. This is the strangest of close seasons! Only one player released. A steady outward stream of contracted players where there was some level of doubt, including Gibbo imo, because a player of such influence would surely have been retained otherwise. Very few friendlies. A training camp abroad. Only two signings, with less than 3 weeks to kick off. Clearly, the job isn't completed yet. However, it all seems very steady, methodical and planned. Perhaps this is evolution writ large, and yet another sign of the new professional approach of the club.
  15. Quigley spent a fair bit of time on the bench after that. Thanks. This fits with my initial thoughts when I realised he'd left; that he was being offloaded. Stockport to Morecambe is no step up.
  16. Only one game, but I thought he looked very good when they beat Bolton in the cup.
  17. Nowt to do with Vale, but England women are superb!
  18. Reading between the lines, it's looking like the current squad, plus the two trialists (assuming they're up to the mark), will be what we kick off with. There may be one or two more, but it's looking like we won't have a full complement at the start. Not necessarily a bad thing, as the current squad is a very coherent group, so should be fine. A feature of last season, as predicted by DC, is that different combinations of players were performing at different times, individuals came to the fore. Just what you want from a squad.
  19. What? No queues? πŸ™‚
  20. I guess we'll only know where we stand when new players come into the club. Until then, there's bound to be some concern.
  21. I do wonder how letting him go fits with the notion of developing players. Would a season long loan have been worthwhile, or has he been seen as someone not likely to make it as the club is aiming higher?
  22. And I wonder how many new faces are on the flight?
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